Every Thing You Need To Know About Shapewear Fabrics

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One of the most magical fashion essentials today is shape wear, that helps smoothens out every unflattering bulge on your body. Its almost like someone has photoshopped your body in real life making it red carpet ready every single time you wear it. However, as this garment makes it to every closet in the world, an impending issue about the arrays of styles and fabrics make it complicated to pick. So the dilemma that everyone faces is which fit will work best for your body, which, which style will compliment your wardrobe and which fabric will iron out your look. 

I have earlier written about the fit and style of shape wear that needs to be considered, and so today I tackle an important question…. the fabric of the shape wear that is very important as it plays a huge role in comfort and benefit of the article. 
Just as the name type, seamless shape wear blends into your clothing like skin to give you comfort and confidence all day long. The best slimming bodysuit are seamless as they not only hide the bulges and make the edges smoother but also are extremely breathable.
Silicone Lining: 
No matter what part of the body is needed to be shaped, silicon lining offers undetectable edges with no curls while holding the garment firmly in place. All types of shape wear including tummy tuckers and thigh shapers are available with silicone lining which will make you feel confident in every move. 
Xtra Stretch: 
One of the best fabrics to opt for is the Xtra Stretch with a healthy mix of Spandex and Elastic. This fabric is mostly used in waist trainer shorts as it can be stretched repetitively and recover its original shape. There will not be any case of the shape wear becoming overstretched or sassy over time. 

Having said that, every body is beautiful in itself and yet we choose to see how unsatisfying it is to our own eye. And as body makeup, shape wear surely stands out and helps boost your body confidence. Most of my shape wear is from FeelinGirl and I picked my shapewear after reading some amazing FeelinGirl reviews online, so just trust me and just pick up the best products available for their website. 

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