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The last year has changed our lives in many ways however; the one thing that has tied everything together seamlessly is technology. We’ve seen path-altering platforms emerge and make notable shifts in different spheres of life, education being no exception. Schools took the technological route for learning, making the experience interesting.

While I stood up to the challenge and navigated through e-schooling my daughter, I kept looking for avenues that would help broaden her horizon and give her an edge in a technologically advancing world. And my search leads me to ‘Coding’ a new-age skill that seems to be the need of the hour.

Well, very simply put 'Coding is the backend language of computers that when communicated with helps perform a specific function resulting in what we see at the frontend'. Just like any form of communication, there are numerous ‘coding languages’, which have their own individual set of rules, and are to be written specifically to obtain the outcome.

So before jumping onto the bandwagon I asked myself, ‘Why is it important for my child to know this language?’. As I read up on the benefits of coding, I soon realised that not only is coding a new form of literacy but also a path to holistic development that brings personal and academic benefits such as:

Logical Thinking 
Children today are born in the digital world and possess an innate ability to understand coding. A course allows them to use linear thinking and apply logic to break down, set and sequence instructions in a methodical manner to achieve desired results. It inspires them to look at and experiment with different permutations to see how each different set of instructions change the results.

Soft Skills
Children tend to move from one thing to another very quickly, but with coding, they improve on the most crucial skills needed to succeed - Consistency. Coding pushes them to continue to try again differently, especially when faced with a dead end. Consistency also enables them to realise other soft skills like communication, execution, leadership and teamwork.

Coding may look like a very technical activity, but it encourages creativity as it requires finding avenues to achieve the desired result. So in all essence coding helps children to think differently, as they set out to turn a vague idea into something effective, something visual and something that works; through trial-and-error, by taking risks, and by applying their learning of the new language in new innovative ways.

So now the next important question is, what course do I enrol my child to? The internet is full of brands, platforms and courses, and so after rounding up a few options and researching about the courses offered on each platform I zeroed in on the Leapwaters Coding Camp.

Leapwaters is a learning platform that offers high quality, affordable, live interactive classes on essential digital skills in multiple Indian languages for children and young adults. The curriculum has been designed by a team of global experts and academicians, in a manner that is easy to absorb and fun to execute. The Leapwaters Coding Camp courses are outlined through new age teaching methodologies that make each of them highly interactive. I choose Leapwaters for:

The courses offered are for different age groups that have relevant topics that are age-appropriate and which increase from one group to the next. As the child grows older the courses offer continuity, with an appropriate advanced structure that is important for children.

The convenience of online classes makes attending the live session easy either from any place with internet access. Also, the Leapwaters Coding Camp courses provide lifetime access to video tutorials in multiple languages, academic articles and notes. The instructor-led, student-centered courses ensure better understanding and involvement.

Even though the duration of each course is one month with a pre-set of topics to be taught, children are also involved in live projects with an amazing opportunity to make six coding projects, four apps, four games and two artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

The courses are easy and stress-free and also offer an option of catching up if a class has been missed. Apart from this it also provides free guidance counseling sessions if required by a student. An added is that every student is entitled to membership to The Leapwaters Entrepreneurs.

The Leapwaters Coding Camp courses are valuable and that goes beyond the price of the course; which is extremely affordable and pocket-friendly, with an additional advantage of 10% discount on enrolling in Leapwaters Coding Camp righaway. The value the courses bring to the child with their quality programs, education experts, and community building initiative; makes it one of a kind.

Don't we all know that knowledge is power, and coding is the futuristic power that children will need to excel in the years to come? Whether they choose to use this power or not is completely upon them, however, we must equip them with this power today.
So don't think twice, enrol your child today to the Leapwaters Coding Camp, and if you can do gift a course to a child who may not have access to it.

Until next time,
~ Heena

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  8. Leapwaters codeing is a very good platform for learning and Learning something in early age will help kids to be ready in this competetive world.

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