Repair your Skin with NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Skin Cream

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After using almost all the products from the NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Skin and Hair care ranges I was excited to try the newly launched NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Hair Oil and NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Skin Anti-Ageing Repair Cream.

Carrot Seed extract is a newly discovered however widely used ancient beauty ingredient that is highly beneficial in skincare as it:
Supports Anti-oxidation: the extract is rich in antioxidants, which is vital in fending off skin-damaging free radicals.
Stimulates Cell: the extract is a precursor to Vitamin A, which is responsible for cell regeneration, turnover and repair. 

The NEUD Carrot Seed Premium Skin Anti-Ageing Repair Cream is high in Tocopherol that acts as an anti-oxidant to scavenge free radicals, prevent collagen damage, lower pigmentation and mute uneven skin tone. Additional the protein in the cream promotes skin repair, reduces scarring and speeds up skin healing. And above all Ducol and Carotol in the cream forms a natural shield against skin infections.  

Apart from the natural carrot seed extract, the cream is also infused with Aloe Vera Extract, Soybean Extract, Manjishtha Extract, Vitamin E, Honey, Almond Oil, Light Liquid Paraffin, Glycerine, Glycol Monostearate and Stearic Acid. This great concoction, ensures that the cream is:
~ naturally pH-balanced and free from harmful chemicals
~ prevent wrinkles and collagen breakdown and eases skin inflammation
~ prevent skin cell damage caused by free radicals, UV radiation and pollution

So here’s my experience of the NEUD Premium Skin Anti-Ageing Repair Cream…. I’ve been using the cream as directed. I liberally apply and massage the cream twice a day, gently on my skin until it is fully absorbed. My first impressions about the cream is amazing… The cream is fragrance-less and very light coloured. The texture is super light and it does not weigh, and is easily absorbed without any stickiness or residue left. I absolutely love how the cream inspite of being so light keeps my skin moisturised and hydrated for almost the entire day. 

Since the cream is a skin and body cream I used it as a moisturising face cream too and it worked amazing well. I’ve noticed slowly how my skin texture has improved with the reduction of breakouts, lightening of acne scars and age spots. I’m finally on the way to achieving a healthy, clear and even toned skin with the cream. As a body cream the NEUD Premium Skin Anti-Ageing Repair Cream has worked wonders for me. I have a beautifully hydrated skin, with no signs of tan or skin discolouration. 

I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a great cream to try the NEUD Premium Skin Anti-Ageing Repair Cream and each of you will just like me, absolutely love your skin.

Until next time,
~ Heena

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  1. Oh wow! I am so glad this has been working well for you and you've noticed a difference. That is wonderful <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. This sounds like a great product.