How To Travel To Thailand in 2022

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How To Travel To Thailand in 2022 - iCynosure

Thailand has evolved to become one of South East Asia’s most popular tourist destinations for its beautiful white sand beaches, thrilling water sports, an array of shopping options and exciting nightlife. And add to these amazing features; low-cost airfare, inexpensive accommodation and even a huge selection of Indian food chains make Thailand a suitable getaway for just about anyone. 

Over the years, I have travelled to Thailand for quick time off, a family holiday or a solo sporting trip and just early this summer we travelled to Thailand for a kiddie trip, an entire article coming up on it in a couple of days. 

One thing that I've noticed is that the Thai Government has time and again tried making small but meaningful alterations to travel guidelines to make it convenient for travellers from across the world. However in the wake of the pandemic when we travelled to Thailand, I received a lot of queries so here's a quick update on the new guidelines to travel to Thailand in 2022:

Step 1 – Check Travel Eligibility
Thailand is open to travellers, however, it is a must to check your travel eligibility to the nation so that you can apply for the appropriate visa and understand the new Test and Go, Sandbox and Quarantine programs.  

Step 2 – Apply for the Visa
Thailand offers visas by way of visa exemptions, tourist visas or special tourist visas with an option for extension, and also visas on arrival. Ensure you check with your travel agent or Visa Services to begin your journey fuss-free.

Step 3 – Confirm the Trip
The three current requirements for a trip to Thailand especially for a tourist visa are confirmed flight reservations, hotel reservations and proof of financial means for the duration of the stay in Thailand. 

How To Travel To Thailand in 2022 - iCynosure

Step 4 – Insure the Trip
You probably never think about this, until it’s mandatory. However, seasoned travellers will reiterate that insurance is one of the most important, cost-effective things you’ll need during your trip. Insurance not only covers travellers against unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances but also covers: 
~ loss of belongings, including loss of passport
~ medical expenses and emergencies. 
~ minor mishaps re delays or overbooking
~ coverage for short-term adventure sports
~ unplanned situations re political unrest or legal aid

Step 5 – Buy a Forex Money Card
The money you set aside for Thailand never seems enough, and though you may have cash in hand and a credit or debit card, the advantage of a forex card is unparalleled. Forex cards allow withdrawals and use in local currency that is devoid of expenses of exchange rate and international charges.

Now that you have a document checklist, start putting your travel itinerary together. 

Until next time, 
~ Heena

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