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Friday, August 10, 2018

Posted On August 10, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

All You Need To Know About Nasal Congestion In Children

As a parent, I’ve been learning all sort of baby things each day for the past few years …. from how to talk to how to walk to even how to breathe. With the advent of monsoons, mums like me feel all the more concerned due to the onset of health issues like flu, cough and cold. These are pretty easy to tackle now, however, the first time #PrincessHeer suffered from a cold and a blocked nose, I had some crazy days and restless nights. 

Newborns and young children are ‘obligate nose breathers’, means they can only breathe through their noses. Nasal congestion is the body’s way of getting rid of germs, however, the congestion also forces newborns and young children to breathe through their mouths which in turn makes them restless and cranky. As mothers, in our haste to bring comfort to our children, we tend to go to unnecessary lengths, when actually a simple thing will do the trick. One of the safest and most effective methods to help relieve a congested baby, and help him to breathe easy is to use a mild nasal decongestant like nasal drops.

Of course, there are numerous home remedies for nasal decongestion, but instead of any trial and error, it is best to seek the consultation of a paediatrician and opt for a nasal decongestant. Nasivion offer nasal sprays and drops that contain a low-dosage active ingredient, ideal for newborns and young children. Nasivion® Baby Nose Drops has 0.01 mg Oxymetazoline (active ingredient) in a buffered aqueous solution and 0.3 mg Benzalkonium (as a preservative) that offers up to 12 hours of easier breathing. However, it is imperative to follow the administration method and the dosage advice as per the age of the child. Paediatricians advice to instil a single drop of solution in each nostril 2-3 times a day for a child up to the age of 4 weeks and for children over 5 weeks its 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day.

The most effective way to administer the nose drops is to: 
* Clean the child’s nose
* Lay him in a lying down position and tilt the head slightly backwards 
* Squeeze in the decongestant from the bottle into the tube
* Squeeze out the decongestant to instil the prescribed dosage in the nostril

It is equally important to keep a close eye on the child, as he may easily become dehydrated and up the chances of catching pneumonia. If your child becomes feverish or loses his appetite it is time to see a doctor. However, if your child is breathing hard, in short-quick breaths, shows signs of distress, or turns pale it is best advised to rush to the ER for nasal congestion in some serious cases hinders mental and physical growth. 

To know more about Nasal Congestion visit here.

Until next time,
~ Heena

Disclaimer: I have shared information as per my knowledge and experience with the infection, and I do not assume any liability. The blog post is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor consultation, nor is it a medical recommendation or prescription of treatment. Any reader of this blog should specifically consult his/her doctor for the same and follow the suggested course of treatment.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Posted On August 08, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

I’ve been a pretty responsible and accountable person all through my growing up years and even today, with a few days of utter madness and chaos thrown in here and there. However, as I stand at the threshold of some huge developments in my personal life, I’ve time to reflect where I am versus where I would like to be. Don’t worry there isn’t going to be any major upheaves, just a few changes that will make me more of truly what and who I am. Over the years I’ve always accomplished everything I’ve set my mind on, from going on an educational tangent to obtaining professional freedom to solid financial planning to achieve my desired goals. However, over the years what has been a tad bit in the background are the crazy things that I’ve always wanted to do. 

So earlier this year I sat down to pen things that I wanted to do for myself without a care in the world, and set out to work towards it… But before I started I put some pointers in place, because anything that is possible in your mind is possible in life too when thoroughly thought through… 

1. Be Inspired
One of the people who inspired me the most to go for it was none other than my 6-year old #PrincessHeer. Her quest for experiences, her ability to express and achieve them fearlessly pushed me to realise what I wanted to do and it helped me ‘live in the day’ as opposed to keeping it reserved for another day. 

2. Dream Realistic
The thing that is most important is to set realistic goals for yourself. Do not dream of ‘Travel the World’, ‘Write a Book’, etc.; make it more specific so that the chances of them happening are far higher than not. If the goal seems too large on a given day, break it up into smaller achievable goals that would help you slowly headed in the right direction. 

3. Plan Ahead
Working towards your goals is not an easy feat, there are many things you must consider while trying to achieve your goals. While starting a business may require a strong investment plan, whereas for making sure your loved ones live a comfortable life after you, you need a life insurance. This way you can ensure your future finances are planned in case of any contingencies. 

This is just the start, and since each day I am evolving as a person, I plan to add new things to my list. It is funny how things that had little or no significance a few years ago are a priority today and this is the kind of change I expect going forward. Slowly my ‘bucket list’ will evolve as I evolve making it an individual perspective. Do not look at what others what to do, or what others what you to do, look at what you want to do. So slow down and live the life you were meant to live.

Until next time, 
~ Heena 

About Aegon Life:
With a complete product suite of life insurance plans, superior technology, and customised service, Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited launched its pan-India operations in July 2008. As a joint venture between Aegon – world’s leading financial services and Bennett, Coleman & Company – India’s leading media house, Aegon Life Insurance adopts a local approach to facilitate customer interaction. Our vision to be the most recommended new age life insurance company has enabled us to leverage digital platforms that bring transparent solutions to customer needs. Our financial planning and investment solutions include term life insurance plans, pension plans, unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs), health insurance plans, child education plans, and more.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Posted On August 07, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

Stylish shoes are the most exciting part of any outfit. For women with a vintage-inspired fashion sense, the right pair of retro shoes is a must-have. Not only will they allow you to look the part, they also will give you a feminine and confident feel that ensures you will walk a little taller everywhere you go. 

How To Style Lillian Retro Shoes

Our Lillian Retro Shoes are one of our most exceptional styles. With a subtle but ultra-elegant appearance, these shoes prove to be anything but ordinary.

What They Are
The Lillian Retro Shoes are an incredibly wearable pair of pumps with a vintage-inspired sensibility. Made of a soft leather exterior, they feature a slight heel for a luxurious look that is further enhanced by their single strap and button closure. 

Available in Sage and Navy colour combinations, they feature a stylish two-tone appearance that ensures that they enhance rather than overpower your personal sense of style. They are an easy way to give any outfit a retro-inspired sense of style while still being comfortable enough for everyday wear. 

Dress Them Up
When you want to create a polished look that is perfectly on point, these heels are the perfect fit. Pair them with a soft, silk blouse and a structured A-line skirt that hits below the knee. This silhouette will give you an authentic look that channels popular styles from the past and has a certain sophistication that is sure to impress. 

Dress Them Down
While these shoes are beautiful for dressed up occasions, they also can be paired with more casual looks. Channel the look of your favourite retro style stars by pairing these shoes with the perfect pair of pants. A fitted blouse or bodysuit and a pair of menswear-inspired pants with an exaggerated wide leg will give you an incredibly feminine look that mimics the androgynous style of starlets like Katherine Hepburn or Greta Garbo. 

Pair Them With
When wearing the Navy / White colour combination, opt for jewel tones to enhance their elegance. A floral top in a rich, fall palette, a brown or camel coloured skirt, and a stylish pair of tights transitions perfectly into fall. Or, heather grey trousers and a vintage white blouse will create a look perfect for the office and beyond. Pair the Sage / White colour with other pastels tones for a bright and beautiful Spring look. A floral skirt, white top, and retro sunglasses give you a flirty, fashion-forward look that everyone will want to copy.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Posted On August 04, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

Every evening I find myself too tired to go through the extensive routine to remove my makeup and cleanse my face as is required. Some days I make the effort to do the needful while there are days when I head straight to bed with my makeup still on. Yes, I know it is harmful to my skin and that my skin will need much more work in the future to repair the damage that is caused. But I’ve still not relented. When my sister heard about this, she suggested I start using wipes for my makeup routines to make my life simpler and easier. 

However, before venturing into the world of wipes as a beauty tool, I spoke to a few makeup experts whether or not wipes were a good option for skin cleansing. Most experts were of the opinion that if one wears light to medium makeup, skin-friendly natural fabric wipes are perfect to cleanse the skin and suggested to invest in water-based wipes. as they are formulated for sensitive skin and do not leave any residue after use. An important point that is to be ensured while using wipes id to use the proper swiping technique that is from the centre of the face and moving outwards, making sure that no part is missed including the hairline or jawline. 

No sooner did I start using wipes I realised that there are so many more advantages to using water wipes as a beauty tool and how they can transform the beauty regime and become a must-have skincare essential.

Natural Ingredients
All wipes, especially facial wipes are produced with mild cleansing ingredients that would work perfectly to remove makeup. Since water-based wipes are recommended, the goodness of pure water and natural plant fabric cotton make them the most skin-friendly and eco-friendly product to use. 

Water Wipes are made from natural plant fabric and the absence of harmful ingredients like alcohol and parabens ensures that they are mild and gentle on the skin, and prevents any allergy and rashes. Additionally, I prefer products that are Dermatologically Tested and Clinically Proven to be hypoallergenic and have pH balance properties. 

Hydrating Mask
Water Wipes also work as a hydrating agent for your skin while cleansing it as the water content in the wipes ensuring that the skin doesn’t become dry. Leave a wipe over the face for 3-5 minutes, gently pressing it into the skin for a skin-benefitting gorgeous glow.

If you’re still not convinced you should use Mother Sparsh’s 98% Water Based Wipes in India and see the difference yourself. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Friday, July 27, 2018

Posted On July 27, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

With a full-on monsoon-summer mode, I’m always looking for a good body lotion especially one with a tantalising fragrance. And for that flawless skin that's going to be on show, I’m practically looking to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised, and I found the perfect product when I chanced upon Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. With Cocoa Butter extracts, Palmer’s Body Lotion smells like I’m dipped in chocolate sauce. 

The body lotion enriched with cocoa butter and Vitamin E claims to be fast absorbing while providing 24-hour moisture. The product also soothes dry and damaged skin, making it smooth, supple and beautiful. The texture of the lotion is creamy in pale yellow colour and initially, the fragrance is similar to that of a strong coffee which tones down to chocolate in some time. A 400 ml bottle costs INR 545 and has a shelf life of 5 years. The product is widely available on all online platforms as well as retail shops. 

There are a number of reasons I’d recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Body Lotion but the most relevant one would be that it instantly moisturises and hydrates tired skin making it feel healthy and supple. As it is cream based, a gentle massage ensures that the product is quickly absorbed into the skin and thus doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin. Over the last month or so since I’ve started using the product I’ve noticed that the skin is more even-toned with marks and scars lightening, discolouration fading away and pigmentation being corrected. Moreover, it is an all-weather product and can be used even in the summers as it creates a protective barrier across the skin and locks in the moisture ensuring skin health. 

Apart from these highs the packaging and price point both work as an advantage, making Palmer’s Body Lotion a sought-after product. 

Have you tried Palmer’s Body Lotion, if not what are you using to keep your skin hydrated? Let me know your go-to products this summer in the comments below. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Monday, July 23, 2018

Posted On July 23, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

Green Tea Seed oil, scientifically known as Camellia oil has remarkable benefits for the human body. Traditionally for centuries, it has been used for cooking for the nutritional value it brings to the food, however, more recently the oil has found its way into numerous beauty products for its anti-oxidation properties. 

In skincare products, Green Tea Seed oil serves as a powerhouse antioxidant which promotes collagen synthesis while protecting the skin against air-borne radicals. The high concentrate of oleic acid in the oil helps lock in skin moisture while the epigallocatechin-gallic acid in the oil helps decelerate the ageing process. Read all about 'the importance of anti-oxidant skincare in your 30s' by Beauty Blogger Jhilmil D'Saha.

There have been numerous studies about the benefits of Green Tea Seed Oil on both skin and hair including: 
- softens skin, with visibly reduced dryness
- heals scars, including acne scars and aged wounds
- adds an additional shield when used in sunscreens
- reduces pigmentation and dryness in fold areas of the skin
- reduces wrinkles and fine lines 
- apply warm oil to hair to improve scalp blood circulation
- boosts hair growth

Many beauty brands have included this magical ingredient in the products to bring in its benefits. Korea's 1st natural skincare and beauty brand, Innisfree launched in 2000 has put in immense research in the last 10 years to study the best green tea variety and cultivated it on the Jeju island to moisturise, hydrate and regularise all skin types. The Beauty Green Tea range is infused with 16 kinds of amino acids, 3.5 times more concentrated to bring the world of hydration to its users. This summer I tried their advanced Beauty Green Tea Range that promises to restore clear and dewy skin with its Dual-Moisture-Rising Technology of fresh green tea water and seed oil. I picked a CTM routine to check its effect on my skin with the gel-to-foam cleanser, seed serum and cream. Beauty Blogger Rajshree Sawant too swears by the Beauty Benefits of Green Tea and her takes us through her skincare routine. 

Skincare and Haircare Benefits of Green Tea Seed Oil

Simply put, I loved the effect of the products on my skin. The all-in-one cleansing gel absolutely melts into the skin, foaming into a rich lather while keeping the skin moisturised and healthy. The bubbly texture ensures no dryness or stretching of the skin even around the delicate skin. The seed serum offers great absorption creating a moisture barrier for the skin to breathe in while keeping the harmful radicals out. Finally, the seed cream offers additional hydration for the dry and flaky parts of the skin and even outs the skin tone, giving the skin a much needed brightened dewy look. 

Innisfree has a range of products that you can use for a personalised #SkincareRoutine to ensure the best results. To know more about the Beauty Green Tea range and which products are right for your skin type, head to their stores now.

Until next time,
~ Heena

Friday, July 20, 2018

Posted On July 20, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

Jewellery is an integral part of the choices a woman makes, it is personal, it is prolific and yet it is what accentuates ‘her’. Making heads turn with opulent jewellery pieces is a relatively easy task, but the catch is to be subtle with your jewellery choices and yet be the cynosure of all eyes. Personally, I wear my heart on my sleeve and one statement piece of jewellery that perfectly reflects my inner spirit.
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Timeless Timepiece
When it comes to accessorising I vouch that nothing is more stylish and more timeless than a unique watch. Timepieces are my go-to statement pieces that I alternate between depending on the occasion, my mood and my outfit choices.
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Personalised Necklace
When it comes to adorning the neck is very easy with personalised necklaces and pendants, as it takes my outfit to the next level. I’ve invested in a few caratlane gold necklaces that are traditional with a modern sleek design twist to bring out my personality. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Dressy Brooch
When it comes to attention-seeking, I think nothing works better than a dressy brooch in eye-catching colours and forms. The very fact that brooches serve a purpose while being complimentary of a variety of outfits makes them an instant winner. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Pearl Studs
When it comes to being classy yet stylish, I know nothing works better than pearls. A pair of pearl studs ooze out oodles of old-world charm and modern sophistication. I’ve picked pearl studs in understated hues of cream, blush and ocean blue to make them stand out. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Cocktail Ring
When it comes to making a bold statement, I’d grab a cocktail ring to dazzle. With unlimited design, metal and stone options, I will always manage to find cocktail rings that seem an extension to my personality and can be worn with practically any outfit. 

Mixing jewellery pieces too can be a lot of fun, however, I tend to keep a few pointers in mind to keep my look stylish yet subtle.

* Never let a piece overpower your personality
Wear a statement piece and two others that compliment it
Don’t clutter or stack pieces of jewellery, let each shine independently

So what is the one piece of jewellery that you vouch for? Let us know in the comments below. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Posted On July 11, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

Maintain Infant Hygiene With Water Wipes
Image Credit: Todays Parent

A baby is as delicate as a butterfly’s wings and so taking care of a little one is one of the most challenging tasks. Apart from proper nutrition, interactive time, new moms should rank hygiene as a top priority for their newborns, and their day-to-day development. Merely massaging, showering and diapering are not the only factors that sum up newborn hygiene. The most crucial aspect of hygiene is maintaining cleanliness 24/7, that ensures that the baby’s skin remains supple, moisturised and healthy. 

Traditionally women would use cloth wipes dipped in lukewarm water to clean the tiny monsters at home, however, these days moms are constantly on the go, and cleaning a baby by the book may not be the most suitable option. Thus opting for baby wipes for cleansing whether during diapering, feeding or just about at all times has become the new mantra. However, my biggest concern about using baby wipes was the safety of usage over a prolonged period of time. 

Having heard some terrible stories, I did dive deep into everything wipes and found that two persistent side effects of using baby wipes were Skin Irritation and Allergy caused by the chemicals, alcohol and preservatives used in baby wipes. These ingredients tend to cause issues like itchiness and soreness, rashes and burning sensation; especially after repeated use. 

Yes, as a mother I am extremely careful about what I use for my baby; including products that are in direct contact with her skin, including wipes. Buying products can seem to be a daunting task, but it can be an easy thing if you read the product details and choose the right one that ticks all the necessary criteria. With the number of variants available in the market, I knew that any product I use for #PrincessHeer should be unscented, hypoallergenic, alcohol and paragons free. 

And I found that not all brands think about profits and margins, but also understand the concern of new moms and cater us with products that actually care for our little ones. One such brand is Mother Sparsh, who offer Water Wipes that offer chemical-free, eco-friendly wipes that are skin-friendly and loaded with limited or zero preservatives. Another very important factor that helped me decide on Mother Sparsh was the fact that the product is biodegradable that puts the least pressure on the environment, making it a green product which is the need of the hour. 

My experience with Mother Sparsh Water Wipes has been amazing as they are the purest form of wipes that can be used for newborns, designed using the rules of ayurveda with 98% purified water. The wipes are the gentlest product available, making them safe and effective for regular use without having to worry about diaper rash, skin allergies and irritation. So if you are looking for baby-friendly and mommy-approved wipes, look no further, Mother Sparsh is the perfect solution.

Do you use eco-friendly products for your little one, if not its the time to reflect.  

Until next time,
~ Heena

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Posted On July 08, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

The Indian Monsoons are here, and as the drizzling rains and cool breeze replace the sizzling summers, you need to relook at your wardrobe. It's the time to swap all the summer essentials with your monsoon compatible fashion finds. I’ve found Rosegal, a leading global online shopping destination that provided a wide range of high-quality clothing, footwear and accessories at factory direct prices. With numerous products at affordable, I just couldn’t contain my excitement and kept adding to my wish list for the monsoons.5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Shorts and Capris are a summer staple, but can easily transcend into the monsoon season with finesse. Opt for fabrics that pretty much dry quickly while giving you that comfort fit; also go for fun and quirky prints that uplift the mood when the weather becomes a little gloomy. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Tank tops make the ideal companion for shorts during the humid monsoons. They are super airy, light and comfortable to wear all through the day while being stylish and fashion forward. Opt for graphic prints or solid colours to make them versatile. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Footwear compatible with the monsoons is more of an essential item, so ditch the heels and opt for rain boots or open toe strappy sandals. Opt for footwear that would give room to wet feet to breathe easily. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Bags are a must-have in all seasons, but during the rains, it becomes essential to carry waterproof bags to safeguard the contents. Waterproof Bags are available in a variety of style singling crossbody, backpacks and totes. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Fashion accessories can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary; and just because it rains don’t leave the accessories out. Opt for colourful bracelets, headbands, hair clips in funky colours and patterns. 

The brand is also having an amazing Rosegal 5th Anniversary celebration where there are additional discounts on all products and the overall amount that you spend on the shopping. So don’t wait, head to the online store now and shop to your heart’s content. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Posted On June 27, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

During the summer holidays, #PrincessHeer enjoyed the real-life role-playing activities at an interactive indoor theme park that helped her learn about careers, work and money. She slowly understood the financial dynamics as she completed each activity, realizing the value of money, earning and spending avenues and means to effectively manage it. At the end of the day, she headed for the banking activity at the theme park, where she first had to apply for a savings account and then deposit the money earned in it. As she completed the activity she turned around and asked me if she has a real bank account too.

Luckily these days, we don’t really have to wait until children turn 18 to open a bank account for them; and we had opened a savings account for Heer when she turned two. At that time banks offered an instant savings accounts for minors, as per the directive of the Reserve Bank of India. I believe every individual irrespective of their age should hold a savings account, however, parents have a few questions while opening a savings account for a minor. 

What is the right age for a child to have a savings account?
All banks offer joint ownership to parents while opening a savings account for a minor. This facility allows parents to operate and manage the account until the child turns 18, post which the minor account is converted into regular savings account that can be managed by the child on his/her own. Some banks also offer different types of minor accounts, one for those children below 10 years of age and another for those children between 10 and 18 years. 

Which features are available in a child’s savings accounts?
A savings account for a child is similar to a normal saving account, however there are a few features that are added in saving accounts for minors such as ‘No minimum Balance, ‘Maintenance Free’, ‘Better Interest Rates’ and fun features like ‘Personalised ATM cum Debit Card’ and ‘Personalised Cheque Books’. 

What protection is offered for a child’s saving account? 
A minor savings account is similar to normal savings account albeit a few tweaks. Some banks offer Personal Accident Insurance Cover as well as Lost Card Liability and Purchase Protection Liability that safeguards against unauthorized card transactions. 

Opening a bank account for a child enables him/her to build saving and inculcates good money habits. However, it is very important to teach children the importance of banking, and for that, it is imperative to take the child to a bank. Include him/her in opening an account that enables to familiarize with the environment and make him/her feel part of the process. Begin that perfect start to your child’s financial journey by opening a Children’s Bank Account today. 

Until next time, 
~ Heena

Monday, June 25, 2018

Posted On June 25, 2018 by Team iCynosure.

Mumbai is a land of dreams, the city that never sleeps, is a dynamic, electrifying, exciting concrete jungle. The chaotic life Mumbaikars lead with an insane amount of hustle and bustle every single day calls for an escape that leads to nature to calm the nerves. And the best way to achieve that kind of inner peace is to take a weekend away from the city and spend some quality time with your family or friends, or maybe even on your own. Apart from the zillion things that make Mumbai the 'it' place to be at, an additional positive is that it is close to numerous weekend getaways that allows you to #ExploreNature. Resorts near Mumbai are easily accessible both by road and rail, starting from Karjat which is a mere 60 km from Mumbai to Phaltan that is 250 km. It is easy to plan your weekend getaways from Mumbai for its naturally gifted and beautiful landscapes by the Western Ghats.

So for International Father’s Day weekend, when Sterling Holidays invited us to experience one of their prime eco-friendly properties, the Nature Trail Resorts, Durshet Forest Lodge, we threw caution to the wind and headed out. For the two-day getaway, we checked into the place that offered a quaint and serene place to unwind and get close to nature. The lodge merely a few hours from Mumbai is set against the stunning Sahyadri mountain ranges and beautifully caresses the Amba river to give a glimpse of what tranquillity really is.

During our stay, we lodged in a super luxury tent cottage with the best of urbane comforts and breathtaking views. In case travellers are looking for varied accommodation options, the lodge also offers Cocoon and Cottage rooms, Dome Tents and Dormitories. It boasts of a perennial waterfall and a 35-acre natural forest that serves as a nature trail for adventure activities like rappelling, kayaking, zip lining, Burma bridge, and much more. These activities are covered within the room tariff and can be enjoyed free of cost. However, if travellers are looking to enjoy just a day-out, the lodge also offers a ‘Nature Break Without Room’ adventure option. There are numerous activities for kids as well as adults that will keep you away from all your gadgets for the day. To know all about the tariff plans and activity costs, check here.

The father-daughter duo hiked up the hilly terrain with gusto and participated in the thrilling activities, much to my amazement.

As we retired for the day, it was wonderful just to sit outside the cottages sipping some green tea, gazing into the night sky counting stars.

The next morning we headed to the Kundalika Rafting Camp in Kolad to experience the White Water Rafting over Kundalika river, for a stretch of 13 km. The rafting activity is coordinated with the release of water through the dam controlling the river flow. Once the water is released, the rafting experience is nothing short of enticing with sailing past the mountain ranges of the Sahyadris, creating Grade 2 and Grade 3 rapids. Apart from rafting, activities like rappelling, kayaking, river and valley crossing, etc are also offered under the supervision of an expert. Since the activity is for kids above the age of 12, we decided to let Daddy enjoy the Kolad Rafting activity while momma and princess went on to explore the other offerings of the Nature Trails. The company operates properties in four unexplored yet easily accessible destinations close to Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

So the next weekend, do not let any excuse work in his favour, pack your bags and head to a luxurious property in the lap of nature to #ExploreNaturalTrails. 

Until next time, 
~ Heena