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Jewellery is an integral part of the choices a woman makes, it is personal, it is prolific and yet it is what accentuates ‘her’. Making heads turn with opulent jewellery pieces is a relatively easy task, but the catch is to be subtle with your jewellery choices and yet be the cynosure of all eyes. Personally, I wear my heart on my sleeve and one statement piece of jewellery that perfectly reflects my inner spirit.
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Timeless Timepiece
When it comes to accessorising I vouch that nothing is more stylish and more timeless than a unique watch. Timepieces are my go-to statement pieces that I alternate between depending on the occasion, my mood and my outfit choices.
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Personalised Necklace
When it comes to adorning the neck is very easy with personalised necklaces and pendants, as it takes my outfit to the next level. I’ve invested in a few caratlane gold necklaces that are traditional with a modern sleek design twist to bring out my personality. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Dressy Brooch
When it comes to attention-seeking, I think nothing works better than a dressy brooch in eye-catching colours and forms. The very fact that brooches serve a purpose while being complimentary of a variety of outfits makes them an instant winner. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Pearl Studs
When it comes to being classy yet stylish, I know nothing works better than pearls. A pair of pearl studs ooze out oodles of old-world charm and modern sophistication. I’ve picked pearl studs in understated hues of cream, blush and ocean blue to make them stand out. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Cocktail Ring
When it comes to making a bold statement, I’d grab a cocktail ring to dazzle. With unlimited design, metal and stone options, I will always manage to find cocktail rings that seem an extension to my personality and can be worn with practically any outfit. 

Mixing jewellery pieces too can be a lot of fun, however, I tend to keep a few pointers in mind to keep my look stylish yet subtle.

§ Never let a piece overpower your personality. 
§ Wear a statement piece and two others that compliment it. 
§ Don’t clutter or stack pieces of jewellery, let each shine independently.

So what is the one piece of jewellery that you vouch for? Let us know in the comments below. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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Maintain Infant Hygiene With Water Wipes
Image Credit: Todays Parent

A baby is as delicate as a butterfly’s wings and so taking care of a little one is one of the most challenging tasks. Apart from proper nutrition, interactive time, new moms should rank hygiene as a top priority for their newborns, and their day-to-day development. Merely massaging, showering and diapering are not the only factors that sum up newborn hygiene. The most crucial aspect of hygiene is maintaining cleanliness 24/7, that ensures that the baby’s skin remains supple, moisturised and healthy. 

Traditionally women would use cloth wipes dipped in lukewarm water to clean the tiny monsters at home, however, these days moms are constantly on the go, and cleaning a baby by the book may not be the most suitable option. Thus opting for baby wipes for cleansing whether during diapering, feeding or just about at all times has become the new mantra. However, my biggest concern about using baby wipes was the safety of usage over a prolonged period of time. 

Having heard some terrible stories, I did dive deep into everything wipes and found that two persistent side effects of using baby wipes were Skin Irritation and Allergy caused by the chemicals, alcohol and preservatives used in baby wipes. These ingredients tend to cause issues like itchiness and soreness, rashes and burning sensation; especially after repeated use. 

Yes, as a mother I am extremely careful about what I use for my baby; including products that are in direct contact with her skin, including wipes. Buying products can seem to be a daunting task, but it can be an easy thing if you read the product details and choose the right one that ticks all the necessary criteria. With the number of variants available in the market, I knew that any product I use for #PrincessHeer should be unscented, hypoallergenic, alcohol and paragons free. 

And I found that not all brands think about profits and margins, but also understand the concern of new moms and cater us with products that actually care for our little ones. One such brand is Mother Sparsh, who offer Water Wipes that offer chemical-free, eco-friendly wipes that are skin-friendly and loaded with limited or zero preservatives. Another very important factor that helped me decide on Mother Sparsh was the fact that the product is biodegradable that puts the least pressure on the environment, making it a green product which is the need of the hour. 

My experience with Mother Sparsh Water Wipes has been amazing as they are the purest form of wipes that can be used for newborns, designed using the rules of ayurveda with 98% purified water. The wipes are the gentlest product available, making them safe and effective for regular use without having to worry about diaper rash, skin allergies and irritation. So if you are looking for baby-friendly and mommy-approved wipes, look no further, Mother Sparsh is the perfect solution.

Do you use eco-friendly products for your little one, if not its the time to reflect.  

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~ Heena

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The Indian Monsoons are here, and as the drizzling rains and cool breeze replace the sizzling summers, you need to relook at your wardrobe. It's the time to swap all the summer essentials with your monsoon compatible fashion finds. I’ve found Rosegal, a leading global online shopping destination that provided a wide range of high-quality clothing, footwear and accessories at factory direct prices. With numerous products at affordable, I just couldn’t contain my excitement and kept adding to my wish list for the monsoons.5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Shorts and Capris are a summer staple, but can easily transcend into the monsoon season with finesse. Opt for fabrics that pretty much dry quickly while giving you that comfort fit; also go for fun and quirky prints that uplift the mood when the weather becomes a little gloomy. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Tank tops make the ideal companion for shorts during the humid monsoons. They are super airy, light and comfortable to wear all through the day while being stylish and fashion forward. Opt for graphic prints or solid colours to make them versatile. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Footwear compatible with the monsoons is more of an essential item, so ditch the heels and opt for rain boots or open toe strappy sandals. Opt for footwear that would give room to wet feet to breathe easily. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Bags are a must-have in all seasons, but during the rains, it becomes essential to carry waterproof bags to safeguard the contents. Waterproof Bags are available in a variety of style singling crossbody, backpacks and totes. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Fashion accessories can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary; and just because it rains don’t leave the accessories out. Opt for colourful bracelets, headbands, hair clips in funky colours and patterns. 

The brand is also having an amazing Rosegal 5th Anniversary celebration where there are additional discounts on all products and the overall amount that you spend on the shopping. So don’t wait, head to the online store now and shop to your heart’s content. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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During the summer holidays, #PrincessHeer enjoyed the real-life role-playing activities at an interactive indoor theme park that helped her learn about careers, work and money. She slowly understood the financial dynamics as she completed each activity, realizing the value of money, earning and spending avenues and means to effectively manage it. At the end of the day, she headed for the banking activity at the theme park, where she first had to apply for a savings account and then deposit the money earned in it. As she completed the activity she turned around and asked me if she has a real bank account too.

Luckily these days, we don’t really have to wait until children turn 18 to open a bank account for them; and we had opened a savings account for Heer when she turned two. At that time banks offered an instant savings accounts for minors, as per the directive of the Reserve Bank of India. I believe every individual irrespective of their age should hold a savings account, however, parents have a few questions while opening a savings account for a minor. 

What is the right age for a child to have a savings account?
All banks offer joint ownership to parents while opening a savings account for a minor. This facility allows parents to operate and manage the account until the child turns 18, post which the minor account is converted into regular savings account that can be managed by the child on his/her own. Some banks also offer different types of minor accounts, one for those children below 10 years of age and another for those children between 10 and 18 years. 

Which features are available in a child’s savings accounts?
A savings account for a child is similar to a normal saving account, however there are a few features that are added in saving accounts for minors such as ‘No minimum Balance, ‘Maintenance Free’, ‘Better Interest Rates’ and fun features like ‘Personalised ATM cum Debit Card’ and ‘Personalised Cheque Books’. 

What protection is offered for a child’s saving account? 
A minor savings account is similar to normal savings account albeit a few tweaks. Some banks offer Personal Accident Insurance Cover as well as Lost Card Liability and Purchase Protection Liability that safeguards against unauthorized card transactions. 

Opening a bank account for a child enables him/her to build saving and inculcates good money habits. However, it is very important to teach children the importance of banking, and for that, it is imperative to take the child to a bank. Include him/her in opening an account that enables to familiarize with the environment and make him/her feel part of the process. Begin that perfect start to your child’s financial journey by opening a Children’s Bank Account today. 

Until next time, 
~ Heena

Monday, June 25, 2018

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Mumbai is a land of dreams, the city that never sleeps, is a dynamic, electrifying, exciting concrete jungle. The chaotic life Mumbaikars lead with an insane amount of hustle and bustle every single day calls for an escape that leads to nature to calm the nerves. And the best way to achieve that kind of inner peace is to take a weekend away from the city and spend some quality time with your family or friends, or maybe even on your own. Apart from the zillion things that make Mumbai the 'it' place to be at, an additional positive is that it is close to numerous weekend getaways that allows you to #ExploreNature. Resorts near Mumbai are easily accessible both by road and rail, starting from Karjat which is a mere 60 km from Mumbai to Phaltan that is 250 km. It is easy to plan your weekend getaways from Mumbai for its naturally gifted and beautiful landscapes by the Western Ghats.

So for International Father’s Day weekend, when Sterling Holidays invited us to experience one of their prime eco-friendly properties, the Nature Trail Resorts, Durshet Forest Lodge, we threw caution to the wind and headed out. For the two-day getaway, we checked into the place that offered a quaint and serene place to unwind and get close to nature. The lodge merely a few hours from Mumbai is set against the stunning Sahyadri mountain ranges and beautifully caresses the Amba river to give a glimpse of what tranquillity really is.

During our stay, we lodged in a super luxury tent cottage with the best of urbane comforts and breathtaking views. In case travellers are looking for varied accommodation options, the lodge also offers Cocoon and Cottage rooms, Dome Tents and Dormitories. It boasts of a perennial waterfall and a 35-acre natural forest that serves as a nature trail for adventure activities like rappelling, kayaking, zip lining, Burma bridge, and much more. These activities are covered within the room tariff and can be enjoyed free of cost. However, if travellers are looking to enjoy just a day-out, the lodge also offers a ‘Nature Break Without Room’ adventure option. There are numerous activities for kids as well as adults that will keep you away from all your gadgets for the day. To know all about the tariff plans and activity costs, check here.

The father-daughter duo hiked up the hilly terrain with gusto and participated in the thrilling activities, much to my amazement.

As we retired for the day, it was wonderful just to sit outside the cottages sipping some green tea, gazing into the night sky counting stars.

The next morning we headed to the Kundalika Rafting Camp in Kolad to experience the White Water Rafting over Kundalika river, for a stretch of 13 km. The rafting activity is coordinated with the release of water through the dam controlling the river flow. Once the water is released, the rafting experience is nothing short of enticing with sailing past the mountain ranges of the Sahyadris, creating Grade 2 and Grade 3 rapids. Apart from rafting, activities like rappelling, kayaking, river and valley crossing, etc are also offered under the supervision of an expert. Since the activity is for kids above the age of 12, we decided to let Daddy enjoy the Kolad Rafting activity while momma and princess went on to explore the other offerings of the Nature Trails. The company operates properties in four unexplored yet easily accessible destinations close to Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

So the next weekend, do not let any excuse work in his favour, pack your bags and head to a luxurious property in the lap of nature to #ExploreNaturalTrails. 

Until next time, 
~ Heena

Thursday, June 14, 2018

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Stress .... that’s the side effect of the urban lifestyle we lead today. The level of stress we face may not be similar in magnitude, but the after effects are identical for practically everyone. Stress builds up knowingly or unknowingly, creates havoc on the body thereby releasing toxic hormones and endangering the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the person. When I feel stressful, I head to a spa or a salon to unwind or hit the gym with a vengeance. Essential oils in a spa, relaxing messages in a salon and the adrenaline rush in a gym work like magic that help me unwind. 

But now all of these time-consuming techniques are no longer needed, as I’ve found a product that helps to instantly relieve stress no matter where you are, the magical Forest Essentials Vaishnavi Stress Relief. 

The product is a synergic blend of pure essential oils that helps ease anxiety and tension, and claims to uplift and destress the senses. The product uses aromatherapy to offer a natural and organic way to enhance the body’s senses to lessen stress hormones and their after-effects. The oil is clear, extremely light and feels luxurious and premium to touch and the packaging is by far one of the most gorgeous I have seen. Though the product is priced at INR 850 for 10 ml which seems a bit overpriced, it is justified by the rich ingredient list. The shelf life is 12 months, but considering the hectic lives we lead, it sure will be long over before you realise it.

The Stress Relief is infused with Steam Distilled Essential oils, including Lavender, Lime, Lemon and Peppermint. Lime and Lemon essence brings clarity and focused concentration while Peppermint oil improves mental relaxation and calmness. Lavender Oil widely known as ‘nervous system restorative’ helps to boost inner peace, improve sleep, relieve irritability, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as calm a nervous stomach and body. The best way to use the Forest Essentials Vaishnavi Stress Relief is to spray on one’s wrists and temple points, breathe in the tranquillity of the fresh aromas as the body relaxes and stress gently slips away. 

The Forest Essentials Vaishnavi Stress Relief can also be used in the following ways:
~ in a bath
~ in a compress
~ in an oil diffuser
~ in a body lotion
~ as a massage oil

I have experienced immense stress in the last few months and I’m glad to have tried Forest Essentials Vaishnavi Stress Relief. A couple of drops seem to make me calmer (moms would understand this) and the product works as a real stress buster, it is an experience. And an added advantage is that it smells divine. I would definitely recommend everyone to run a long warm bath, add a few drops of stress relief and lay in sipping on some green tea or red wine. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Monday, June 11, 2018

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Travel for some is a luxury while for others travel is a necessity. For us, the Dhedhis travel has become a part of life, an unending adventure that we want to wake up to each day. Over the last few years since #PrincessHeer expressed her interest in travelling contrary to other kids her age, we have been wanderlust, taking numerous trips each year. We’ve travelled from Sri Lanka to Dubai to Thailand and Paris and even explored Kerala, Phaltan and Kutch. 

This winter we have zeroed in to experience the royalty of Rajasthan for its fascinating, multi-faceted outlook buzzing with historic forts, beautiful lakes, camel carts, colourful bandhani sarees and much more. Spread over the entire northeast region, Rajasthan is enormous and practically impossible to cover in a single trip and most travel guides suggest an itinerary that covers a few cities at a time, so you can actually soak in the grandeur of each region. After numerous discussions we have chalked in our must-visit cities of Rajasthan for our royal sojourn and look forward to a blissful trip.

The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is known for its pink stone architecture that christens it the Pink City. Jaipur never fails to stun its travellers with its royal charm and stunning heritage sites. It is a must to visit the City Palace built in the early 1700’s that still houses the royal family. Other iconic locations that can be explored are the Jantar Mantar, Haha Mahal, Albert Hall, Tiger Fort and Monkey Palace. Another aspect of Jaipur that is worth experiencing is the stay at luxurious heritage Jaipur hotels. Travellers will definitely be spoilt for choice with exotic options like the Lohagarh Fort Resort And Spa, the Royal Heritage Haveli by Niraamaya Retreat, the Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel, The Oberoi Rajvilas and more.

Just a few hours drive from Jaipur is the gorgeous town of Dausa that offers a rural experience that screams Rajasthan hictorically. Of the numerous archaeological sites that the little town has, the one that stands out is the Abha Nagri stepwell which is also known as the Chand Baori. It is the steepest and largest step well in India that was built in the eighth century during the rule of Raja Chandra to store and provide water all year around in the arid regions of Rajasthan. Adjacent to the Chand Baori is the temple dedicated to the goddess of happiness, Harshat Mata, renowned for its rustic yet sculptural architecture. 

Almost untouched by vacationers and tourists, Pali is a must-visit place for those who marvel in temple architecture for its rich heritage of beautiful Jain temples. Especially known for the 15th century Ranakpur Temple dedicated to first Jain Tirthankara Shree Adinath, Pali is among the most revered Jain holi cities in India. Cupped within the beautiful Aravalli mountain range, the construction of the temple lasted a decade, concluding in the early 1400’s. The construction was supervised by Jain Monk Gurudev Shree Acharya Soma Sundar Suri of the Tapa Gachha community.

The ‘Venice of the East’, Udaipur also known as the 'City of Lakes' is surrounded by eight lakes and the lush green Aravalli hills. One of the most mesmerising sites in the city is the Lake Palace, located in the middle of Lake Pichola that glitters like a diamond when illuminated at night. Udaipur is a perfect holiday destination for the entire family with its offerings that include a Biological Park, Fish Aquarium, Vintage Car Display Centre, Hollywood Wax Museum, Temples, Forts, Lakes and much more. Vacationers schedule their trips to coincide with the 'Shilpgram Fair' which showcases ethnic art and craft of the region as well as the lifestyle of the locals. 

Many would argue, that our itinerary doesn’t include numerous places like Jodhpur - the city of Palaces, Jaisalmer - the city of Havelis and Forts, Pushkar - the town of fairs, Dungarpur - the city of hills; that deserve to be visited. But didn’t we say that Rajasthan cannot be covered in one trip, so we plan to reserve the rest for out next visit to the royal state

But feel free to recommend any particular place or experience that should make it to our itinerary.

Until next time,
~ Heena

Friday, June 01, 2018

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I am a balanced indoor as well as an outdoor person, so my love for books and board games equal to my love for motorcycles and swings. As an occasional rider, I’ve ensured that my motorcycle is set properly and maintained to the ’T’ by the specialist who clearly know my biking goals, so as to ensure my safety and no compromise to my recreational activity.

After the important set of getting myself the perfect motorcycle, I now need to get my biking gear in place to become the rider I want to be. The two things that I always keep in mind while picking any product is its usability and style, and both these parameters have to be on-point for me to pick the product. As I was looking for some protective and riding gear recently I stumbled upon, that offers the most professional motorcycle riding gear from the best brands in the industry including but not limited to Fly Racing, GMAX, Alpinestars. As I continued to research, I’ve made a list of 5 things every rider must have if you want to seriously pursue motorcycling as a hobby or a recreational activity. Even mommy blogger Jhilmil D'Saha has an inspiring list that you can check here.

A motorcycle riding jacket that is lightweight and waterproof, would be most perfect for a biker. The style needs to be well cut in order to be wind resistant, and compact. 

A pair of warm, well-fitted gloves is perfect not only as protective gear against the weather but also for a firm grip on the handgrip is a must for every motorcycle rider.

A must for any recreational activity would be a pair of sturdy yet breathable shoes that are made from perforated microtex or anti-scratch leather.

Nothing is more important than safety and the first rule of biking safety is a helmet. A helmet with ‘Multi-Directional Impact Protection System' technology, well-ventilated and easily adjustable one is what a biker needs to invest in. 

A high-quality analogue smartwatch that also doubles as a bike computer, that indicates the speed, riding time and distance covered; that can be clipped on is ideal. 

If you are looking for specialised motorcycle apparel, it would be most apt to surf an exclusive online motorcycle riding store rather than a general fashion store.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Summers are all about colours and prints, a frenzy of textures, fabrics and what not. If you look around you will see the best prints this season, some full of colour explosions and some full of perfect prints. However, the catch is to mix and match in such a way that you catch the eye and not your outfit. I’ve identified some of the prints I’d like to flaunt this season, and I'm here sharing a mood board from one of my favourite online brands Shein, for you to emulate.

Floral Print Ruffle Hem Skirt
Micro Florals
A summer staple, florals have always been around, but this year micro florals are the in-trend print. Micro florals are a cute petite, feminine and fresh prints and can be flaunted anywhere.

Pineapple Print Tie Neck Frill Trim Dress
Sunny Tropicals
A notch up from the floral game would be tropical prints of hibiscus flowers and palm leaves, that offer freshness from the mundane. One can go over the top with pineapple prints too.

Letter Print T-Shirt
Logo Mania
This summer, logos have made a huge comeback with everyone sporting solid coloured tees with prominent brand logos. These would be perfect for casual outings or running errands.

Ruffle Trim Polka Dot Shorts
Polka Dots
The tiny print keeps bouncing back from fashion history to claim it’s place every now and then. Polka Dots don’t need any introduction and can be styled in soft pastels or fierce monochromes.

Rainbow Striped Dress
Rainbow Stripes
A summer classic, the rainbow stripes comes back with more sensation each year. The standard print is not standard at all and takes the wearer from brunch to beach in seconds.

Cartoon Print Contrast Striped Dress
Cartoon Fun
The trend of interpreting the classic cartoons for the new age fashionista has evolved over the last few years. The trend becomes fun in bright coloured tees and dresses with ones favourite cartoon characters. 

Flounce Layer Neckline Madras Plaid Belted Dress
Gingham Checks
The Gingham Checks has finally found its place under the sun after hustling with florals and pastels for years. The best way to embrace the trend is to experiment with bold colours and large prints.

Cut And Sew Leopard Yoke Top
Fierce Animals
A trend that has a lot of takers as well as shunners, the fierce animal prints keep reinventing from leopards, cheetahs and tigers to snakes and reptiles. Wear with caution. 

Summers is all about celebrating prints, so don’t go break the bank but shop well to enjoy each print. So tell us in the comments below which is your favourite print to flaunt this summer. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Sunday, May 13, 2018

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Oral hygiene for children is as important as physical and mental wellbeing, but very few parents understand this. Many parents I know believe that since children have baby teeth that they will lose in due time, oral hygiene is not that crucial until permanent teeth come along. Little do they realise that the foundation for healthy permanent teeth is laid during the early years of life with proper oral hygiene. Poor diet, poor food habits and improper brushing lead to tooth decay, cavities and distorted tooth structure in children which affect the permanent teeth. 

Thus, as parents, it is essential to establish a good and systematic routine for children's oral hygiene and make them understand the importance of how oral hygiene and proper diet are necessary for happy and healthy teeth. I set a routine for #PrincessHeer even before her first tooth sprout out, guiding her and encouraging her to adapt to the correct and efficient techniques. We have worked through the no teeth phase into the baby teeth phase and wading through the current phase of losing baby teeth without any dental situations. 

As a first-time parent, I did keep a close eye on #PrincessHeer's routines in the first couple of years of her life. When she had her primary teeth, I began brushing her teeth with a finger brush twice daily and then upgraded to toddler brushes on the eve of her second birthday when she started brushing by herself with a  pea-size amount of children’s toothpaste. A few important things that I've learned with Heer and would recommend to parents to set a great oral hygiene routine are:

~ use a soft-bristle brush so that the child doesn't hurt his gums and teeth
~ use a toothpaste specifically formulated for children as per their age
use a toothpaste pleasantly flavoured that the child will love 

With the benefits of practising good oral habits, I was more hands-on in ensuring my little one's teeth were clean and healthy. Not only did I use Radius Totz Toothbrushes but also MamaEarth's Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for kids that is fluoride free, and infused with aloe, xylitol and stevia.

So don't wait until it is late, start early and be rest assured about the gorgeous smile inside out. 

Until next time,
- Heena

Saturday, May 12, 2018

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Today I want to introduce you to a Monthly Beauty Subscription box called the GloBox. What makes the GloBox different from its competitors is a unique concept, BYOB - Build Your Own Box, that allows subscribers to choose makeup and skincare products that are specific to their individual needs and preferences. Sounds perfect, isn't it? Wait there is more, the price of the monthly GloBox is INR 999. And it sure gets better. Subscribers can opt for a 3-6-12 month plan and make further savings on the costs. That sure makes it one of the must-subscribe to products for all our beauty needs today.

I opted for the May Box, filled in a skincare and makeup survey and voila the box arrived in 2 working days. The box contained a welcome note, referral coupons, 5-full sized products and a few knick-knacks. 

Mond Sub Silk Protein 3D Hanging Ears Face & Neck Mask
The 3 in 1 mask contains Silk Protein, which helps to repair, renew, revitalise, lift and firm the skin and improves dull and damaged skin. The protein and EGF essence ensures a clear and radiant skin. The retail price of the product is INR 250. 

Plump Face brightening Pack
A powder pack infused with the goodness of multani mitt, sandalwood, turmeric, saffron and liquorice; promising to brighten and add a refreshing glow to the skin. The 100gm pack retails for INR 599. 

Nicka K Radiant Liquid Shadow
A highly pigmented, shimmer eyeshadow helps to create stunning party looks. The metallic eyeshadow effect will add sparkle to the eyes emphasising a daring and adventurous effect. The 5g product is available for INR 395. 

Elenblu Precision Liquid Eyeliner
The water-based, smudge and bulge proof Precision Liquid Eyeliner is a weightless formulation to wing the lashes. The water-proof formulation ensures a glossy finish. The 2.5ml product retails for INR 499.

TS Cosmetics Pressed Glitter
A cream-based glitter powder that helps you achieve a glam eye make up look without any mess. The water-resistant formula can be simply dabbed on to the skin to achieve the desired effect. An 8g tub is available for INR 300.

I've recently started warming up to subscription boxes, and Globox stood out for its BYOB concept. Personally, I think the box is a great investment, especially for the price point, brand composition and products offered. I loved the fact that the May box is the balance between makeup and skincare products. 

To celebrate Mothers Day, GloBox is running a Mother's Day Campaign - #GloBoxSuperMom to honour the most influential superhero in our lives, our SuperMoms. Share your Super Mom moments with us via a video and stand a chance to win a GloBox and movie tickets. To know more about the contest rules head to

Until next time, 
~ Heena