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Anaheim, the Southern California city located between Los Angeles and San Diego, is a leading leisure and business destination. The mission of Anaheim is to develop the city as the most sought after, vibrant and progressive international destination for professional meetings and conventions benefiting the economic vitality.
Convenient Convention Center
Image Credit: Michael Dunn~! via flickr
The city constructed the beautiful Anaheim Convention Center (previously known as Anaheim Arena) in 1967. The center, which spans over 1.6 million square-feet of flexible, multipurpose exhibit space, is the first choice for most organizations seeking a venue for their large-scale visibility events. ACC offers world-class facilities, a broad infrastructure and support to host a successful event. Apart from business visitors, the city of Anaheim also sees a lot of leisure travellers due to its close proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego.

Most business travellers extend their stay to explore the city, which has plenty to offer. However, to make the most of the trip, travellers must consider the following.

Weather Conditions
Anaheim experiences a Mediterranean climate of warm winters and hot summers, perfect for any outdoor activities year-round. To know exactly what travellers must pack for their holiday and plan their intended itinerary, the city weather forecast can be checked prior to the travel.     

Moving Around
Anaheim is one of the most well-connected cities both by air and road. The city also has immense provisions for local travel, where visitors have the option of renting mobility scooters or opt for local car rentals. There is also a variety of services and transportation facilities for travellers with special accessibility needs.

Make Reservations
Anaheim is close to two major cities with an estimated 17 million visitors expected this year. Additionally with the city being in close proximity to four major airports, there is always a lot of accommodation requests. It is the wisest thing to make reservations in advance and pick from a spectrum of stay options the city offers, including luxury resorts, boutique hotels, homestays, farmhouses, and more. 

Tourists have plenty of experiences to choose from including beautiful beaches, lush green golf courts, trendy restaurants and eateries, sleepless nightlife and unlimited shopping. The city is dotted with contrasting historic landmarks, art houses and fast paced family attractions that should be planned in advance to be able to get the best deals and offers. Numerous sites offer guided tours with a host of services including the best experiences for each group at the lowest prices and fast and easy booking options. 

So whatever your reason to travel to the sun-splashed Southern California city is, enjoy your time exploring the world-renowned Disneyland Resort and the Anaheim Convention Center. Discover the city’s revitalized downtown shops, food hotspots, and award-winning craft breweries while exploring cozy places to stay like the Staybridge Suites and many more, either close to Orange County’s beaches, golf courses, luxury shopping, arts and culture. Never miss anything happening in and around Anaheim. 

So start planning that business trip that can be extended to a leisure one.  
- Heena

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This post is originally from IHG's Guide to New York City.

New York City is the most popular destination in the world, and for good reason. With first-class entertainment options, world-famous landmarks, buzzing street activity and nightlife, it is an epicenter of culture, diversity and excitement. Your choices are seemingly endless when it comes to hotels, which means deciding which hotel to book can be a challenge, as options range from hostels to ultra-luxurious global chains. IHG® can help you find accommodations that cater to your wants and needs while you explore what makes NYC so unique.

Things to See
New York City is home to a multitude of world-renowned landmarks, so prioritizing your time during your visit is essential. For the ultimate sightseeing adventure, consider one of the hotels in Manhattan, home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Wall Street and the 9/11 Memorial. Manhattan can easily fill your itinerary with must-dos, and a short boat ride across the harbor takes you to the Statue of Liberty. After a day of sightseeing, a stroll through Central Park is an excellent way to unwind.

Hotels in New York City
New York City hosts almost 55 million visitors each year and offers an incredible array of destinations and attractions to explore. Regardless of when you go, where you stay or what you do, there are plenty of hotels to fit your specific needs, and by booking through IHG, you are assured a great stay while you explore New York.

Where to Stay
When considering hotels in New York City, first choose your ideal borough, since each has its own character, advantages and charms. You may want to be closer to the multicultural cuisine of Queens or the tree-lined streets of Brooklyn. Midtown Manhattan is a prime location for visitors wanting to be within walking distance of Broadway plays or 5th Avenue shops, although they can be expensive. If you want to be in the middle of the action, look for a Times Square hotel location. Luckily, there are many reasonably priced hotels inside and outside of Manhattan, and getting around is easy.

How to Get to New York City
The New York City metropolitan area is served by three key airports: John F. Kennedy International Airport, La Guardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, which is only 15 miles from Manhattan. Those visiting the city by rail will enjoy the iconic Grand Central Terminal or Pennsylvania Station, the city's two main railway stations. Travelers with shorter stays may find New York City hotels near major transportation hubs more convenient and more budget-friendly.

The thought of getting around the city can be intimidating for first-time visitors, but traveling throughout the city and its five boroughs is surprisingly easy, thanks to the extensive Metro subway system. Along with its low cost and vast network of routes, the Metro is an efficient way to explore the city. In addition, you can easily hail a cab for a direct route to your destination.

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I decided to bring in my 2017 clutter-free and that called for replacing stacks of cardboard boxes full of photos, video cassettes and documents that once crowded my study by a more space efficient and convenient substitute. External hard drives have today turned into this space efficient substitute, that are not only faster or technologically better, but also easily portable and absolutely value for money. 

I’ve used the Western Digital My Passport Ultra at work and swear by the sleek and powerful device for its innovation and reliability. Thus when I was looking for a home-solution for all the photos, videos, music I’ve saved, I opted for the Western Digital My Passport. My Passport is the redesigned version of the highly popular My Passport Ultra range, and priced slightly higher.

WD My Passport First Impressions
WD has launched My Passport in India in four of the six colours available internationally. The brand has stuck with the most popular colours white, black, red and blue for their India debut. The new look, designed by FuseProject, a design firm founded by the legendary Yves Behar, has an amazing visual appeal. The latest version of My Passport Portable Hard Drive comes with a WD Backup, WD Security and WD Drive Utilities software, an installation guide and USB 3.0 cable. The drive is segmented into two halves, with the upper half plain and the lower half featuring a diagonal scalloped pattern; a port and LED on one side with tiny rubber feet at the base. Though the design does nothing for the overall functionality, it does set it apart from all the competition. 

WD My Passport Performance
WD has made available the My Passport in 1-4TB variants, all of them pre-formatted for Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating systems. Since I use a Mac, I reformatted the drive easily. The sequential read/write speeds clocked in at 114.3/114.1MB respectively, making it relatively good at the write speeds, especially for large files. 

The entire focus of this product is on the software with all three niche aspects of WD Backup, WD Security and WD Drive Utilities thrown in. WD Backup is the basic folder synchronisation tool offered, which lets users select folders on the PC or to/from a Dropbox/Baidu account to back up automatically as per the pre-defined scheduled. WD Security lets users set up the drive’s 256-bit hardware encryption feature to a password, to recognise and synchronise with registered machine, preventing unauthorised access. Finally WD Drive Utilities lets users do a quick SMART status check and run diagnostic tests to identify errors if any and prevent drive failures that otherwise would take several hours. 

WD My Passport Conclusions
WD has been known for its range of products, and My Passport offers oodles of storage, good performance, password protection and a two-year warranty. With a price tag of between 7 and 17k, it’s a product to recon with. Though the drive is a good choice for the portable storage needs, the only glitch is that the password encryption doesn’t prevent the drive from being reformatted. Yes users might lose the drive but they can be rest assured that the content will not fall into the wrong hands. 

WD My Passport Rating (Out of 5) 
Look and Feel - 4
Performance - 4.5
Price - 3.5

If you are looking for a portable hard drive, my suggestion would be to compare your selected product with WD My Passport before you seal the deal. 
- Heena

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The air we breathe today is getting worst by the minute; and with each passing day the air quality is hitting a new low. All around the world people are falling victim to failing air quality; which directly or indirectly is affecting their health. No one can really escape the air pollution especially in the Indian metro cities that is deteriorating day after day.

As a home-maker, especially a mother I feel the immense need to make the environment healthy for my little one. Unfortunately there is very little I can do about the situation outside our home, but I can sure do some things that can improve the environment and air quality inside our home with much more than just air fresheners for home

Some of the easiest things I do to improve the air inside our home are: 

Purify Indoor Air

One of the most basic things that I do to clean the air and eliminate odours at home is to tackle the issue areas. The troublesome areas in my house include the kitchen and the bathrooms, so I make sure to give special attention to negate the direct odours with air fresheners for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ventilate The Environment

The main reason for the poor quality of indoor air is the hight moisture levels. To counter this problem the easiest and least expensive method I have adopted is to install trickle vents and exhaust fans that offer tiny ventilation spaces for natural air purification without much fuss. 

Grow Houseplants

Plants are natural purifiers that can rejuvenate the air, providing the much needed protection against the toxins in the air. I've planted indoor plants like Peace Lily, Lady Palm and English Ivy that are powerful filters that can purify air naturally, especially in enclosed spaces for a safer, cleaner atmosphere.

Light Scented Candles

Beeswax ionises and neutralises air while improving air quality by removing allergens like dust, pollen and told from the air. So I like to fill my home with beeswax scented candles not only for its therapeutic properties but also as pure beeswax candles burn slowly with practically no smoke.

Spray Air Freshener 

At times I like my home to have my signature scent that overrides all other smells and odours. Scents that I prefer are light and fresh which I either make from natural ingredients that are all available in my kitchen or I use air freshener sprays from an organic brand. 

Let me know in a comment below what you do to purify the air in your home? 
- Heena

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The fast approaching wedding season brings to the fore hustling brides-to-be looking for the perfect bridal ensemble. The yearning to stun all eyes overwhelms the need to switch pause. It is not incomprehensible either as weddings are events that create memories for life, memories that are passed down to future generation as inspiration.

Jewellery forms one of the three core components of the wedding ensemble; bridal attire and footwear being the other two, and therefore it is not surprising to see brides on a look out for the perfect jewellery to go with the rest of her attire. Amidst all consuming whirlwind of wedding preparation, we try to simplify the jewellery shopping experience by providing brides-to-be a dictionary of necklaces along with tips on who should pick what.

Chokers: Measuring between 14 to 15 inches, chokers settle high on the neck. Women with swan necks should totally go for these as they enhance their look considerably. Women with shorter or wider necks should go for necklaces with a length of 18 inches and longer. The shape of your face is also a factor in determining whether or not a choker would be a good idea. Women with round faces should avoid chokers as they make their faces look rounder. Instead, they should opt for something that forms a V around the neck. Those with oval or heart shapes faces, on the other hand, can carry these really well.

Mango Haram: This neckpiece style originally belongs to the South Indians, the biggest patrons of Gold. While traditionally, mango harams are made exclusively of gold, contemporary designs do have gems embedded into it. The length varies, so depending on your torso and face cut, you can pick the one that suits you the best. Besides, these look outright gorgeous with silks and so if you are wearing a gorgeous Kanjeevaram for your wedding, nothing can beat the charm of Mango Harams.

Meshwork Jewellery: This style departs from the traditional style in a major way, however the high chic quotient makes it a perfect pairing with rich and royal outfits. Depending on your taste and attire, you can choose from a touch of embellishments of valuable gemstones. Additionally Meshwork jewellery is complimentary with your western outfits; so you can team it up with your lehenga or your evening gown.

Rani Haar: As the name suggests, these necklaces impart a glorious touch to the overall look. Usually crafted in Kundan, it is embedded with emeralds and uncut diamonds. At Hazoorilal Polki Jewellers, you can find royalty imbued in every piece. The kind of Minakari and polishing required is often the domain of only the best craftsman.

Satlada: Woven with multiple sided filigree, the neckpiece is woven into seven layers of pearls or gems, the style is usually 30 to 35 inches long, beginning at the neck and working upto the navel. 

Styling for a wedding is a complex equation that combines personal choice with individuality. Since weddings are a lifetime affair, you must check out the latest Polki Jewellery designs, at jewellers in South Delhi. The area is known for its fine craftsmanship, often a product of legacies passed on to future generations, that never fails to stun in terms of design and durability. Since the right neckpiece can help you enhance your look considerably by highlighting your features and setting off against your skin tone choose your jewellery wisely with these tips. 

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Life is a journey with a definite destination.

However what's more important than reaching the destination, is the manner in which the journey is undertaken. And in today's chaotic world full of #IfsOfLife, everyone must be equipped with the best of life tools to make this journey comfortable and enriching even in the most unplanned and most unpleasant situations. Everyone has a long list of, varied things that would make the journey called life, sail through. No matter what you have on your list the two things that you should make it to your list are Health and Financial Security. 

The two things, that are as diverse as chalk and cheese are very difficult to bring together. But one brand has managed this major coup to bring us a term plan that combines the benefits of health with the security of wealth. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance launched their progressive eTouchOnline Term and Health Cover plan, that is a regular premium payment, pure term and health cover plan.

The plan sure stands out from what the competition offers in a number of ways. The e-Touch Online Term and health cover plan intertwines both health and term insurance in a single product. With e-Touch Online Term and health cover plan you get the advantage of having a term plan coupled with benefits on accidental death, accidental total permanent disability and 34 critical illnesses till the age of 75. Additionally the plan offers varied options to receive policy proceeds and lower premium for leading healthy lifestyles. The brand not only tracks your health but also equips you with the tools to maintain it, using the recently launched B-Fit app. 

The B-Fit app is a pledge you will make to set your health goals, track your activities and earn rewards for achieving your set targets. The app tracks all your calorie intake with a monitor diary, acts as a food guide and recommends food items as per your lifestyle, creates a Health Profile on the basis of the information you update on it, keeps a count of your daily steps via the tracker and also curates content that help you achieve your set goals.    

A unique concept as such, sure needs to be explored; and I'm all set to chart my financial planning in a worry-free manner.

What about you?
- Heena

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It's 2017 now…. a brand new year that offers a brand new calendar and for a stationary freak like me a brand new diary too. But just as I bring in new things, I make it a mission to let go of things that I have no use of. It’s an extremely difficult project as I tend to think I will need ‘it’ sometime in the future, however that need never arrises and I end up with so much clutter. 

To counter this important issue I tried out the renowned KonMari method, that is pegged to be ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying and Banishing Clutter Forever’. Well it didn’t work for me. What really worked was my husband saying… Keep it  versus Discard it. 

So, so, so many clothes, some that I havent worn in the last six months; so we decided to let them find new homes. Initially it is very difficult to put them aside to give away because of the old-age excuse of 'maybe I'll wear it more this year'. But giving away clothes to people who actually need them makes me feel wonderful.

Beauty Samples
2 of 4 drawers of my vanity table are full of product samples and these keep increasing every month. Some of these are from brands that I know I shall never use, but still I don't know why I've stashed them. It took me less than half an hour to sort them out to give away to family and friends. 

Being a blogger has its perks which include a zillion freebies, of which almost 30% are electronic items. When I cleared out my bed drawers last week, items that I had to get rid of amounted to over a hundred pen drives, 4 power banks, 7 bluetooth speakers and as many as 15 handsets. All of these have gone on Olx for some quick cash. 

One can never buy enough toys for their little ones and that has been the case with us. For the last 5 years, there has been an insane amount of tous we have brought for #PrincessHeer some of which she has not even cast a second glance at. These and many more toys are going to a charity that will surely bring a smile to little faces. 

Irrespective of the number I have, I have never parted with a single book until this New Year. Even before we began, my husband made me promise to give away atleast half the books I owned. Over 400 books went packing to a local NGO that works towards educating the girl child and sponsoring night schools. 

Doing this, there seems to be some weight lifted off my shoulders and a lot of free space in my house. Have you done your New Year cleaning as yet? 
- Heena

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Jashn a renowned name in Indian ethnic wear has created a niche in the marketplace for the fusion of textile detail, refined luxury, and meticulous tailoring. Every piece coutured is a diffusion with Indian sensibilities and International appeal, through its unique styling that reflects ancient traditions of indian craftsmanship in a contemporary fashion. 

Having heard so much about the refreshing range of trendy, affordable inso-western fashion pieces, I made my way to their store in Oberoi Mall today. My first impression of the store was the vibrant distinctive use of colours, artistically set intricate embroideries and a gloriously rich Indian aesthetic. Apart from their amazing range of festive and wedding lehengas, sarees and salwaar kameez, the brand also has a Jashn Pret line thats perfectly unconventional and peppy; designed to appeal to working professionals with a penchant for style. The designs in the Pret collection are voguish yet comfortable, and perfectly complimentary with cigarette pants or palazzos or even denims.

The latest ‘Made with Love’ collection is a riot of gorgeous colours, perfectly tailored to fit the Indian silhouettes with a dreamy fabric fall designed for ‘the quintessential woman'. 

The Jashn collection stands out from the numerous others available in the Indian market for their unusual fabrics, textures and detailing, fusion of styles, patch work and gorgeous embellishments. The collection has been exclusively designed by in-house designers ensuring the cuts, fabrics and silhouettes that not only look great but also flatter the Indian body type. The colours and fabrics used are right for the Indian weather making the pieces must-haves in your wardrobes. 

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Every Year on the eve of New Year most of us tend to make numerous resolutions of what we should be doing to make the New Year count. However at iCynosure we realise how every year, every other person we’ve met has never been able to keep their resolutions. So where did this idea really come from? 

According to Wonderopolis, “The tradition of New Year’s resolutions dates back to 153 B.C. when the Romans realised that the mythical two faced god ‘Janus’ — with a face forward and a face backword symbolised the reflecting the past and looking forward to the future as a mark of making promises for a better future and forgiving past mistakes. The Romans believed Janus could forgive them for their wrongdoings as they promised to be better in the future. And thus the idea resolutions was born.’ 

Anyways, at iCynosure we have realised that resolutions just like rules are meant to be broken and hence this year we refrain from making any. However if you are one of those people who want to make resolutions, stay clear of the ones listed below... 

Wake Up Early
For an insomniac like me, who refuses to sleep at night and cannot make it to witness the sunrise in the wee hours of the morning, this is the resolution I used to make every year and fail to fulfil. 

Excerise and Improve Health 
Whether it’s joining the gym or a zumba class; I’ve tried this year-on-year only wasting money. This year is the one that says hell with wanting to be a fitness freak and enjoying life as it comes.

Transformation Myself
Promising to be a better version of myself, making up for the all the follies I’ve committed in the year, etc. etc. Hello I’m actually pretty awesome and already the best I can be. Who can improve perfection?

Take A Digital Detox 
Last year one of the most prominent resolutions I made was to switch off. However considering my work which is largely social media driven it was to fail right from the start and it failed within a few hours. 

Start Keeping A Journal 
How silly was it for me to make a resolution as such? Isn’t my blog a way of expressing myself through my writings? So the beautiful notebook that I purchased to pen my journal is still sitting pretty in my book case. 

Multi-Task With Finesse
Go mad doing 10 things at the same time and be frustrated to world’s end. I’ve multi-tasked a lot and am very good with it too. However if you ask me, I’d prefer to live in the moment, concentrate on what’s at hand and then move on to the next task. 

Learn Something New Everyday
Like really? Every day! What all can you bundle in a year to ensure you keep this resolution?  It will ensure you are adequately stressed every single day and feel wasted. 

Complete the Incomplete
When I see something that has remained incomplete for a while I know that the reason to it is basically it doesn’t merit to be completed. So if I abandoned it midway after careful considerations, I don’t believe it is worth a second shot at. 

Let go of Grudges 
As much as I like to believe I am capable of complete forgiveness, let’s be honest I’m not and so are most of us. And as letting go isn’t possible, I personally steer clear when the situation arises or better stay away from the endless cycle. 

Stop Making New Year Resolution 
Hahaha, really! What fun would it be to actually sit out and be the person who can keep that resolution? And who doesn’t really make any resolutions for the New Year? 

What about you? Made any resolutions and broke them instantly? 

Let me know which is the one resolution you are absolutely sure not to make this new year. 
- Heena

Saturday, December 24, 2016

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Jewellery is a matter of personal choice, however for me it will always remain a symbol of love. #JewelMe does ring true when the first move towards commitment says, ‘Let’s Put a Ring on it’. And with the holiday season around the corner, there would be many promises and a little help to seal the deal with the right jewellery will be perfect. 

Diamond jewellery still rules the roost but it sure can be a costly affair; unless you really know how to buy diamond jewellery online instead of a waddle through numerous stores and boutiques. 

Pick Gold over Platinum 
The ground rule of colour is striking contrast and what better than sunshine golden hues of Gold than dull aching silvery Platinum. Also Gold offers an additional benefit of price comparison and serves as an investment piece. 

Pick Clarity over Grade
There has been a lot of unnecessary hype about the grade and carat of diamonds, which to be honest is invisible to the eye. Opt for a diamond that looks great within the setting, is clear and tugs at your heartstrings. 

Pick Quantity over Quality
The cluster of minute diamonds over a huge rock is what to opt for; for it not only will be more pocket-friendly but also be available in numerous design options. A single huge rock after a point in time will lose its charm.

Pick Options over Selection
The advancement of technology and retail business has offered consumers an opportunity to buy diamond jewellery online in India and the biggest plus of this is the numerous options consumers can browse through before making the final selection. 

So what’s stopping you, get online and browse through some of the most alluring online stores, just like I’m currently looking at some gorgeous Men’s Rings at #AlapattDiamonds.

- Heena

Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Being a new mom comes with a plethora of experiences and emotions. Around-the-clock feeding, new moments to click every day, sleepless nights, one-handed eating, speaking toddler gibberish, and loving someone more than you thought yourself to be capable of, motherhood is one bumpy, joyful ride.

Let’s make this ride a little more special for new moms by gifting them Christmas goodies that will bring a big smile on their faces, and some relief in their tired and topsy-turvy lives. Here are a few ideas:

Make-Up Makes a Wonderful Gift 
Looking good, and dressing up can surely lift one’s spirit. But, this can be a difficult feat to achieve for new mothers. Who has time to carefully apply mascara, when all you have is five minutes to prevent your crying toddler from rolling off the bed and simultaneously get dressed? Make looking good more possible for new mothers by gifting them quick-to-apply cosmetics, like some luminescent powder (it eliminates the need for any foundation) that she can dab on while holding her baby in one hand. Mineral-based eye shadows can literally be applied in a jiffy, and are perfect to bring some sparkle and energy to sleep-deprived eyes. You can put together a basket comprising make-up necessities like eye shadow, powder and the mandatory red lipstick (the ultimate pick-me-up). To make it even more special, throw in a few essential oils, and decadent-smelling sugar scrubs to soothe the post-pregnancy itchiness that many women experience. She may not be able to use these daily, but she can escape in her own home-spa when the baby naps. She will be very grateful to you for being so thoughtful. 

Strollers and Prams Are Practical and Thoughtful
New parents need to create a tiny world for their new-born. Prams and strollers make meaningful gifts for new moms. All new mothers take their tiny tots out in their prams and strollers. They make for thoughtful gifts not just for the kid, but also for the mother, who will get her much deserved outdoor break while strolling her baby. 

Pile on the Pajamas
Just like the rest of the world craves comfort food, new moms hanker for comfort clothes, and nothing quite defines comfort like pajamas. Also, chances are, new moms will pretty much be in their pajamas for the first few months after their delivery because of all the feeding, nappy changing, and sleeplessness. So, gift these super human beings some much-needed pampering with the cutest pajamas you can lay your hands on. 

Food Baskets and Health Food Will Always Make Her Happy
It is not easy to cook when you are a full-time mother. At times, even microwaving a pre-cooked meal can feel like the toughest chore, especially when your partner is not around. So, gifting healthy snacks that a new mom can easily munch on when hunger pangs strike is a great idea. Chocolate bars, small bags of almonds, gourmet energy-snacks like Granola bars, and tangy roasted chickpeas are a few things that new mums can eat while they are on their feet for their babies. Also, if you can whip up a delicious and healthy snack for the new mum, please do it. There’s nothing like home-cooked food for them, and because of their hectic schedule, it makes for a gift they will always cherish.

Comfy and Fun Footwear for Those Tired Feet
With all the alternating between the sitting, standing, walking and even swaying to put the baby to sleep, new moms find their feet getting tired. Having soft, plush footwear can be a real comfort in such circumstances. It will keep the new mom’s feet warm during the midnight potty calls and the 5-AM feeds. So, if you are contemplating cozy and cute slippers for the new mom, you are definitely thinking in the right direction. 

Style-Meets-Sense Clothing Options
Not all of us can look glamorous throughout pregnancy and beyond. Post-delivery dressing is tough, and keeping up with trends can be difficult for even the most energetic new mothers. Gift them pieces that are versatile, sensible and stylish. Think clothing items that can be worn in a jiffy and are figure-flattering. Yoga pants and leggings are perfect for lounging at home, running around after the kids, or just taking them for a stroll. Do some research and come up with fancy leggings and yoga pants that make her look stylish and put-together without spending too much time. Invest in trendy leggings and sweatshirts that are comfortable and made of soft of material. Even if they are priced on the higher side, they will be a fine purchase, simply for the convenience and the comfort they will provide. 

Keepsakes to Treasure Special Moments
Motherhood is considered one of the most special and treasured time of a woman’s life. She can never have enough keepsakes of this precious time. Give her an engraved necklace that reads ‘mom,’ a mug that says ‘best mom in the world’ or digital photo frames, where pictures of her and her baby play in a slideshow. Keepsakes like The-Day-You-Were-Born Box to remind the parents of their child’s birth, paper culture kubelets, or a baby-mommy trunk box to preserve moments and memories from that day are all good gifting options.

Get Her Some Help
It can be truly overwhelming to be a new mother and run a home simultaneously. However, if you can go over to her house and help her with cleaning and doing the dishes, it will be a great gift for her. If that is not possible, send her help for a few days or a week, so that she can relax a while and catch a break. You can make it even more special by gifting her a spa voucher or a foot-massage therapy, just something that pampers the woman in her. 

So, here’s our list of the most amazing gifts you can present a new mom this Christmas. I hope these ideas are helpful and you will make Christmas even more special for a new mother with your thoughtful gift. If you have other suggestions or ideas for gifting new moms, do mention them in the comments section. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Gifting!

Author’s Bio: Korie Cantor is a writer who writes about living and lifestyle. She possesses a great sense of style and loves to share her thoughts about fashion and it’s latest trends.

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In 2009 when Varsha Sheth embarked on her journey into the world of contemporary art, she did not fathom the reception she would receive all along her journey. A professional lawyer, Varsha graduated in LLB from the ILS Law College in Pune, however her interests were elsewhere. She has been drawing and painting as a hobby since her childhood as she was fascinated by the play of colour across spectrums and dived straight into the art world, teaching herself through a strict regime across platforms over the years. 

Driven by immense passion, a keen eye for detail and dedication to her love for the creative’s, Varsha has now completed 40 years in the genre and is at a threshold of showcasing at prestigious galleries rubbing shoulders with equally talented and renowned artists. Earlier this year, her works were showcased at the Jahangir Art Gallery in Kala Ghoda in a show opted titled 'The Spectrum of Colours'; perfectly in time to welcome the monsoons. Here are some of her painting she showcased at the exhibition. 

Just recently she participated in yet another prestigious exhibition 'Colours of Spring' at the Easel Art Gallery, Juhu an art hub and studio a perfect platform to showcase art in all its forms and splendour. I was left mesmerised with the beautiful rendition of the Krishna-Radha stories that conveyed so much more in a painting than the hundred stories I've heard over the years. You can follow her works on her Facebook page

It was a wonderful evening spent at the gallery in the midst of gorgeous art all around me sipping red wine completely complimentary with cheese and crackers. The tone of the evening was set with an interaction with Varsha taking us through the enriching experience of creating a visual delight. In the midst of art lovers and connoisseurs, writers and some first-time appreciators, Varsha cleared numerous misconceptions surrounding around formal training and emphasised on the love for the art which translates the artist's insights and feelings into amazing designs. 

Team iCynosure: What inspired you to take the leap from a corporate career to an artistic one?
Varsha Sheth: My passion for painting was since my childhood as a hobby but my biggest inspiration were my family and friends. They were the ones who encouraged me to take my hobby further as a profession. What else you need more, the love for the art surrounded by encouragement. 

Team iCynosure: Who is your preferred buyer… an art collector or a first-time buyer? 

Varsha Sheth: My paintings are extremely versatile, easy to interpret and expressive, that connects with every viewer. So my preferred buyer would be anyone who loves art and appreciates it. 

Team iCynosure: Who is your favourite artist and what in his/her works appeals to you? 

Varsha Sheth:  Some of my favourite artists are Vaikuntam T, Santosh Chatopadyay and Jagannath Paul. I am intrigued by the personal touch they leave in their paintings.

Team iCynosure: What would you tell budding artists who do not have a formal training?

Varsha Sheth: I would say any art can be learned at any age but to master it you need to practice continuously which will give you the experience and knowledge to improve and give your best. As you start painting on the canvas that will define your experience and your maturity in painting.

In Varsha words, follow your passion and success is bound to follow you. 

- Heena

Posted On 12/22/2016 by Team iCynosure.

What will my little one wear to the wedding? Ahh, it’s a tricky question. What should kids wear to a wedding these days has becomes an important question not only for parents but also for the kids’ themselves. #PrincessHeer is so particular about what she wants to wear that it amazes me. 

I have enough of an issue sorting out myself let alone my little one! But luckily help is at hand, there is more choice than ever when it comes to dressing up the little ones. Especially for formal occasions, one can find something trendy, smart and durable; however the catch is there will be plenty of running, jumping and sliding during the event especially on the dance floor and you need some clothes indeed.

The feeling of running around shops for something I thought would be really simple only to discover, whatever it is, is sold out or is completely non-existent. Did I mention this is a day before the big occasion?
Ofcourse, with online capabilities and time on your hands, you can find the perfect outfits for the kids without any hassle. Who knew! Click on brands like to choose from high quality fashion ready-to-wear kids’ clothing and accessories collection and be ready within minutes. The designer kidswear brand specialise in fusion wear that beautifully incorporates western elements in Indian wear. 

And if you’re stumped for ideas, here are a few tips to keep boys and girls looking hip and trendy this wedding season:

Go for bright pop of colours
Hues of pink, peach, coral and green look good on children in the daytime. If you are attending a night function then carefully choose tones of teal, turquoise, yellows and reds for your tiny tots.

Accessorise for extra cuteness
A pretty satin bow for girls or a bow tie for boys are cool. Add the extra 'oomph' by making them sport some accessories.Young girls would not only look graceful with a pair of earrings but they will also look equally adorable when they wear fairy shoes or sparkly jewellery and big hair bows. You can also opt for princess tiaras or floral crowns to add a touch of grace to the western outfits. Boys, on the other hand look charming when they wear a bow / tie matching their belt, or when they sport cute cufflinks with their favourite cartoon characters on it. Also trade the sneakers and boots with mojris and juttis.

Say same pinch at the function 
Colour or style coordinate your outfit with your kid's to create an outstanding look. You can replicate the pattern and design in your kid’s outfit similar to the way it's styled in your dress. You can either go with the same color combination or same styling to get that perfect wedding party look for your child. 

Go traditional for the girls 
Traditional silhouettes on young girls make for a picturesque wedding scene. Pick between a flower patterned angrakha kurta that would make your kid look ethnic chic or go for a short, colourful sleeveless anarkali kurti and churidaar for a more traditional appeal or you can also opt for ruffled kurta. The task is even simpler through Kidology as up for grabs is a wide range of designer Indian wear for girls.

Set right the Indian Avatar for boys 
Your budding gentleman needs to sport the rich cuts and regal colours for the wedding season. Boys should be dressed in trendsetting brightly-hued kurta pyjama or a pathani kurtas. For a cocktail party, the little monster can be dressed in a smart shirt, half-waist coat and comfortable-fitted trousers.

Hope these tips will come in handy while shopping for designer kidswear for your little ones.