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Monday, July 15, 2019

Posted On July 15, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

One of the most special things about a wedding is asking a close friend or a relative to play an important part in the wedding. I’ve been a bridesmaid for 3 weddings and trust me it is one of the best feelings helping the bride-to-be to plan one of the most important days of her life. However, when it came to my wedding it took me a while to figure out what exactly to do and to entrust my besties with tiny details. And it also took me a while to actually figure out shopping for my bridesmaid dresses, with a huge debate on whether to get short bridesmaid dresses or long ones.

In all the three weddings I was a bridesmaid, we did go back and forth about the length of the dress and the final decision rested depended on the season, location and theme of the wedding. So after a lot of discussions with my family and friends, I picked short bridesmaid dresses for my wedding from BMbridal, however, you can make some informed decisions with the pros and cons of each type I scribbled below:

Long Bridesmaid Dresses
~ A more elegant option, especially for formal weddings and black-tie affairs.
~ A popular choice for all body types, except very short girls.
~ A style that covers the feet hence can save on the footwear expenses.

Short Bridesmaid Dresses:
~ A more fun option, especially for informal and intimate gatherings. 
~ A popular choice for all body types, fun and sweet.
~ A style that allows flaunting beautifully coordinated footwear.

And if you are still undecided, let your bridesmaid pick for themselves as mismatched bridesmaid dresses are also gaining a lot of popularity these days. However with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, ensure that you already have two or three hues you know you’ll be using in the wedding, and work from there.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Posted On June 27, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

10 Things You Must Have While Travelling To Thailand

Thailand has evolved to become one of South East Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Whether it’s the beautiful white sand beaches, thrilling water sports, an array of shopping options or its exciting nightlife and cheap travel possibilities; it seems like Thailand is suited for just about anyone from solo back-packers and couples to families and friend circles. 

Now, whether you’re travelling there for a quick time off, family holiday or a solo adventure trip; we guide you through the ten things you must take with you during your trip to Thailand:

Sturdy Backpack
Whether you’re going on a backpacking trip or not, you will still need a sturdy backpack that you can use on your trips to the temple, hiking trails, island hopping or even just when you’re going by to the nearest beach!

Travel Insurance for Thailand
You probably never think about this, until it’s mandatory. However, it may just be one of the most important things you’ll need during your trip. One of the most cost-effective ones in the market includes the digital insurance company, Digit Insurance. For example, for a 7-10 days trip, it would cost you less than Rs 500 to insure yourself against all unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances that could arise during your trip. This broadly includes:

~ Cover for any loss of belongings that may happen, including loss of passport. Unfortunately, Thailand is home to many scams that could lead to loss of money or belongings. 
~ If you fall sick during your trip, the travel insurance will cover all medical expenses and emergencies. 
~ Minor mishaps like flight delays, delay of check-in luggage and baggage loss too are covered as part of Digit’s travel insurance policy.  
~ Coverage for Adventure Sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, zip-lining, etc; as long as you’re not going in for a long-term course or the like. 
~ Other unplanned situations such as trip abandonment, political unrest, legal bail and bond, etc. would be covered as well.

Always go for online travel insurance that is easy to claim and access. Additionally, we also recommend you carry copies of your passport; you may need it at some places and it’s just safer to carry copies during your day trips instead of carrying your passport everywhere!

Slip-On Shoes
Two of the most common places to be at in Thailand are the beaches and the temples. What’s common between the two, is that you’ll need to keep taking off your shoes while visiting them. Therefore, it’s necessary you carry a good pair of slip-on shoes or slippers you can use while moving around the many beaches and temples. 

Mosquito Repellent & Sunscreen

You’ve probably already heard this before and it’s true, you’re going to need mosquito repellent during your time there! Whether it’s at your hotel, the beach or while you’re just meandering around town, it’s always better to be protected against bites that may only ruin your little holiday.

Beach Essentials

If you’re visiting Thailand, you just cannot miss the beaches! After all, that’s the highlight of it all. Beautiful white sand beaches and the quaint blue waters; Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and you want to make sure you make the most out of it! So, make sure you have all your beach essentials in place. Right from the right swimwear, water gear, hats and sunglasses to your beach towels, sunscreen, and beach slippers. 


Rain & Waterproof Gear

Depending on what part of the year to plan on visiting Thailand, there can be occasional light showers even in the driest of weathers. Therefore, make sure you carry an emergency raincoat or umbrella, and some waterproof gear for your gadgets (works even when you want to capture your water sports!) 


Basic Medical Kit

This is a must for all your travels, no matter where you’re going! You never know when you might just need it. Moreover, with all the street food and water activities in Thailand, you can be prone to minor illnesses like a common cold, cough, sea sickness, etc. Therefore, it’s always better to be prepared and carry a handy medical kit that includes basic painkillers, Band-Aids and medicines for the common cold, headache and sea-sickness.

Thailand Power Adapter & Portable Charger

While you might just find this at the airport or the local Thailand stores, you may end up paying more than it’s worth. So, it’s always recommended you carry the required adapter and converter beforehand. Additionally, a portable charger can come handy as you’re mostly going to be spending your time outside and the last thing you want is a dead phone! 

Forex Card
The one thing that will drive most of your time in Thailand. While you may already have cash in hand or, your credit/debit card...the advantage of a Forex card is that you can withdraw or use your car for expenses in the local currency itself. This way you save up on the exchange rate and extra international charges! 


This may sound a little cliché, and you are probably like “what’s google for?”, it’s always nicer to have a guidebook while you’re travelling to a new place. Moreover, you won’t really have access to the internet all the time. So, before you travel- get a guidebook you like and let it help you make some beautiful memories on your trip to Thailand.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Posted On June 20, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Today, the millennial consumer wants complete control over the products he purchases as he is armed with a fearless purchasing power that no previous generations enjoyed. With the power, he has set his demands and the one that he strives for is customised products which allows him to put her individuality on his things. Be it handbags, clothes, or shoes; the millennials want everything stamped with their uniqueness. 

Even though jewellery has always been considered a personalised purchase, a bespoke commodity, over the years it has lost its value due to mass production and set design patterns. The swelling product lines offered affordability that previous generations loved. The very concept custom-made pieces violated, and thus long gone were the days of interchangeable elements, multiple wearability, and at best consumers engraved pieces with a little personal symbol or message to call it customised. 

However, with the new dawn, consumers are no longer afraid to demand what they want and willing to pay a price for it. This has enabled the personalised jewellery category to re-evolve, creating an ‘emotional connection’ to every piece designed. The easiest way to create this memory is to get name necklace for a loved one, which is unique yet not very complex to achieve. Personally, I love custom made jewellery from earrings to rings and necklaces, for good reasons, and I'm sure most of you will agree with me on this. 

A customised piece allows a wearer to use interchangeable elements like beads, charms, rings, etc to create a style that resonates with them. Even though the elements are usually manufactured on a large scale, no two individuals will use a similar combination to design a piece of jewellery, thus rest assured no two pieces will ever look the same and so the purchaser will always have a winner at hand.

A customised piece also allows the purchaser to add unique features to the piece such as name engraving, personal message, fingerprint, photograph or even DNA, that ties it forever to the wearer. Many brands these days also offer breastmilk jewellery, blood jewellery, placenta jewellery and much more, to make an occasion memorable and forever lasting.

A customised piece always involves a lot of thought, discussion and insights; which gives a clear background into a purchaser's character. A lot many people are involved from start to finish, checking options, looking at ideas from the new arrivals, and more; especially if they are looking to purchase star sign and birthstone jewellery.

A customised piece gives complete control of the buying process to the purchaser. Not only is the person involved in buying, but also the selection of materials, shape and size of gemstones and above all the time duration and final cost. For example to get name necklace 1034 the purchaser will select fonts, discuss placement of a gemstone, deliberate the combinations depending on the total cost, etc. 

Subconscious everyone wants to own things that actually matter, and thus personalised jewellery is becoming popular and meaningful as love and precious memories never go out of fashion.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Posted On June 19, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Heer has a love-hate relationship with her school. She loves going to school and wouldn’t want to miss it even for a day but hates waking up at dawn to be in school by 7:30 am. We love her summer holidays; however, over the years I have experienced that summers lower Heer’s immunity and she suffers from health issues like dehydration and diarrhoea. Though most of the conditions are easy to manage at home, managing and treating diarrhoea is challenging. I've noticed that during diarrhoea as her little body defends to flush out the bacteria, it loses body fluid, electrolytes, and nutrients, making her vulnerable and weak.

Now Battling Diarrhoea Is Easy With Enterogermina - 1

I've recently read that every year there are over 1.7 billion cases of diarrhoea globally, of which 1.3 billion people succumb to the disease. The statistic is scary, and it can be changed with a little bit of information about the condition. That’s the thought team Enterogermina had when they planned the #HappyTummiesMeet in Mumbai with parenting bloggers.

Now Battling Diarrhoea Is Easy With Enterogermina - 2

The focus of the Enterogermina meet was to help mothers understand how to manage diarrhoea and put the word out to educate other parents about the causes, treatment and prevention. As the event progressed, I learnt numerous little details about diarrhoea from Dr. Zinal Unadkat, a leading paediatrician from Mumbai and I’m sharing them with you.

Now Battling Diarrhoea Is Easy With Enterogermina - 3

What is diarrhoea?
The child's digestive system is sensitive to dietary changes and when unfamiliar substances enter the body, digestive problems occur, the most common of which is diarrhoea, which is an infection in the intestinal tract. It results in loose or watery stools that occur frequently and are accompanied by stomach ache, fever, headache, nausea and loss of appetite.

What are the common forms of diarrhoea?
Diarrhoea can either be viral or bacterial. Viral diarrhoea or stomach flu is very common and runs itself out in a couple of days. However, bacterial diarrhoea is caused by consumption of food or water that has become contaminated with bacteria or toxins.

How to manage and treat diarrhoea? 
Since diarrhoea in a child causes rapid dehydration, it is important to keep her hydrated, by constantly offering plenty of fluids, including water, fresh fruit juices, broths and soups. It is also advisable to give the child a probiotic like Enterogermina to help balance the good and bad bacteria for quick recovery. 

When to visit the doctor for diarrhoea?
Most times, diarrhoea in children can be treated with home remedies and Enterogermina, Paediatrician's No.1 choice. However, if the condition lasts for more than two days it is advisable to seek medical attention. Also if the child has severe abdominal pain, a fever of 102°F or higher, rush to the doctor immediately.
Now Battling Diarrhoea Is Easy With Enterogermina - 4

One of the best parts of the meet was the Good Food-Bad Food activity organized for the children, in which they participated with gusto. Heer was the most curious child at the meet, asking many questions and getting her food queries resolved. As we headed home, I knew I had to make Enterogermina a part of my children's daily routine for #HappyTummies. I’m always keen to incorporate new things to keep my children healthy and germ-bacteria free.

Now Battling Diarrhoea Is Easy With Enterogermina - 5

Check the brand’s new TVC  to know more about their products.

Until next time,
~ Heena

Disclaimer: The information shared and the views and the opinions expressed in this article are personal, the brand nor the blog assume any liability for the contents. The article is a public awareness initiative and not a replacement for a doctor’s consultation, or a medical recommendation or a prescription for treatment. All readers are advised to specifically consult a doctor for more information and follow the suggested course of medical treatment.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Posted On June 18, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

There are some things that I just need in my closet like it a little black dress, a blue boyfriend jeans, a tan handbag and a red lipstick. Similarly, there are five tops that I absolutely need at all times to mix and match looks, to create never-ending fashion combinations and never run out of options. 

Scroll down to know the must-have ladies tops in my closet, that even when repeated ensures a second glance. 
Basic Tees
A basic white tee is an essential in every closet, for both functionality and style. I prefer to always have a scoop neck, v-neck or crew neck white tee as it works splendidly for my body type and can be easy to pair with jeans, shorts, skirts and more.

Silk Camisoles
A silk camisole is a go-to to go from day to night look within minutes. I love to dress up my silk camisoles with pants for an office look and throw in a simple blazer for effortless style. I pick camisoles with lace details and zigzag straps.

Halter Necks
A halter neck top is a perfect pick to look trendy while keeping it simple and casual. I love halter neck tops as it allows me to flaunt my back without much fuss, is super flattering and is also an ideal choice in the Mumbai weather. 

Turtle Necks
A turtle neck is a form-fitting top that makes the arms look slimmer and the upper body leaner. Though most turtle necks are available in full sleeves, my favourite is those in sleeveless styles which lend a sophisticated alternative to basic tops.

Crop Tops
A crop top can either be a tight fitted one that is best paired with loose bottoms or relaxed fit which works best with high-waist bottoms. I have a few crop tops but I love to pair a slim fit one that sits just above my natural waistline with a balloon skirt. 

Peplum Tops
A peplum top is a perfect option for a formal look, for a more structured look. I love my peplums for their nipped-in waists and forgiving flares and pair them with almost all bottoms for a stylish and comfortable look. 

Button-Down Shirts
A button-down shirt is a staple for formal wear and is a must-have in multiple solids and patterns. I prefer to always pair my button-down shirts with formal pants, jeans, shorts, a skirt for a smart and tailored look.

Wrap Blouses
A wrap blouse gives an illusion of a dress, highlighting the neck and upper body. I love to style my wrap blouses with simple leggings or slacks for a fun evening look. 

Denim Shirts
A denim shirt gives a peek into a stylish wanderer girl who loves the outdoors. I usually layer one of my many indigo-hued denim shirts with my silk camisoles or basic tees for a night out. You can also create novel looks with denim shirts.

Statement Tops
A statement top or two are the only ways to personalise the style and stand out in a crowd. I pick statement tops that speak to me in out-of-the-box colours and prints. I also stock up on party tops that are blingy that make bold statements and are the cynosure of all eyes. 

All-in-all each of these ladies tops make styling my looks easy breezy and fun. Let me know which of these are your must-haves. 

Until next time, 
~ Heena

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Posted On May 23, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Apply for PANcard via PANSeva.comIndia traditionally has been a cash-driven economy and most Indians prefer to transact in physical money to avoid the new-age banking hassle. And thus the need for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card was never crucial until the government’s stringent financial plans came to light in the last few years. From demonetisation to GST and many more financial reforms in the pipeline, the importance of the PAN card has significantly increased pushing numerous Indians to to tie in all of their financial dealings with the ten-digit alpha-numeric number issued by the Income Tax Department under the supervision of Central Board of Direct Taxes, for the Income Tax Act of 1961.

A PAN card is a unique identification number that is required by the holder to open a bank account or invest in mutual funds or deposits; to buy or sell property or even as a proof for other important documents like aadhar card, passport etc. With all the ongoing reforms, the government has also simplified the process of obtaining a PAN card:

An Indian citizen can apply for a PAN card either offline or online, with a duly filled form and the relevant documents as per the application form. No matter what method of application you choose, ensure that the vendor is verified and trustworthy. 

The average time taken for a PAN card allotment is 15 working days. However, once the number is allowed, a physical card is sent immediately and will reach the permanent address as mentioned on the application within 2 working days.

An issued PAN and the card is issued by the department remains valid for life and individuals need not apply again. However, if the card is lost or misplaced, a duplicate can be regenerate and reissued within 2 days, unless a change is required in the card information. 

A fee of INR 110 is to be paid to obtain a PAN card of which INR 93 is the processing fee. 

Just a couple of years ago I needed to update my marital information for my PAN card and I tried talking to some agents who promised to help with the reissue. However, I wasn’t comfortable handing over personal documents to a complete stranger and thus I decided to take the online route. My CA suggested going through PanSeva, a site that enables individuals to apply for PAN card from the comfort of their homes. The team strives to make the application process easier, accurate and cost-effective. The statistics reveal that the team has processed over 13 million PAN card applications with 24*7 support in 12 different languages all across India. They have even been awarded the best site by Recent Trends Media and best support company in 2014 CNN IBN Awards.

As I completed my online application and received updates, I found the entire process so convenient and reliable. I can with personal experience highlight a few advantages of an online PAN card application with PanSeva as follows:

I uploaded all my personal information, photo and proof scans directly onto the website and did not have to share any documents with an agent. 

I checked the cost with a couple of agents and they quoted an exorbitant amount of money while the same through PANSeva set me back by a mere INR 289. 

I received regular updates as I processed my application step-by-step; and uploaded the required documents, proofs and visual identity. 

I was able to constantly keep a track of my application with my registered details and received my reissued card at the address mentioned in the application. 

I was advised that I could use my application reference number and request for a duplicate card in case of loss, which would be provided free of cost. 

All in all I would say that PANSeva is a much better and secure way to apply for an important document like the PANcard, and anyone who needs it, must first check the site before trying the offline method. 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Posted On April 11, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

All I ever wanted to be was, not just a mother, but to be the best mother. By expecting too much from myself, I was quite overwhelmed at the time when I was pregnant with my first child. I couldn’t wait to begin my motherhood journey, with poster perfect mom-baby images floating in my head. I waited for the tiny feet to walk into my life, and after hours of anxiety and a sleepless night, my bubble burst when the wait came to an end, with the arrival of my princess. Don’t get me wrong, it is by far the most memorable - most cherished day of my life; but what happened in the following few weeks, was something I wasn't prepared for. 

Princess Heer would cry for long spells and no matter what I did or didn't do, the crying wouldn't cease. I tried breastfeeding, rocking, swaddling, and literally everything anyone would suggest without much success, I didn’t know what had hit me. I was so ashamed to acknowledge that I didn’t know what I was doing or what I was expected to do nor what I needed to do. The only thought that came to my mind was that I wasn't fit to be a mother as I had no idea how to take care of my own baby. Precious snuggles with my little one kept me going through the tough times, comforting me more than what I was giving her.

Finally, when I couldn't take it anymore, I sought medical help. Princess Heer was at that point diagnosed with a case of baby colic. Colic, I learnt are baffling bouts of crying in otherwise healthy babies, that has no solution and passes in time. This fussy phase goes on for hours at stretch, sometimes late into the night and worst of all are extremely difficult to help calm the baby, which compounds to frustration, worry and exhaustion. Most bouts peak at around 6 weeks and then typically start to taper off by 12 to 15 weeks. By three months most colicky infants seem to be miraculously cured. The colic may stop suddenly or end gradually, with some good and some bad days, until they are all good.

However, that didn't mean anything, as listening to my princess cry was heartbreaking and upsetting to a point that it took a physical and emotional toll on my wellbeing. And at that time, I did what I knew best, joined a moms’ group and spoke about it. I received a lot of encouragement and support from other moms who could relate to the issue and some who had faced similar situations. Some calming remedies that were suggested worked their magic most of the times and I was able to help my little one calm more often as the days went by. It was just the therapy I needed to be a sane mother, especially the second time around. 

SC Johnson's All Out releases film #MujheSabNahiPata, an ode to tough moms.

Being part of the moms' group made me realise that there were a lot of moms who had the courage to seek help and be better at motherhood with each passing day. It is the very thought that SC Johnson's All Out® applauds in its latest campaign #MujheSabNahiPata, which celebrates strong mothers who acknowledge that they don't know everything. During the release of the film, a panel discussion was organised between actress Sonali Bendre, renowned Paediatrician Dr. Samir Dalwai and Child Psychologist Dr. Rupal Patel which centred around the societal expectations of a mother in India. The most important aspect as Dr. Dalwai mentioned is not the issue itself but the alertness of a parent to the signs and changes in an infant’s behaviour, which could enable a quick resolution. Instances where a small insect can cause severe damage by spreading dengue can be arrested and fought off with timely intervention by being a vigilant mother and seeking help from experts.

Let us join this movement and like olden times tie a knot at the end of our attire to remind ourselves to share our #MujheSabNahiPata stories which can help other moms be more prepared for their beautiful journey. Looking forward to hearing your #MujheSabNahiPata stories in the comments section below.

Until next time,
~ Heena

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Posted On April 06, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

The world population has been growing at an alarming rate directly impacting the world's natural resources for basic necessities such as shelter, clothing and most importantly food. One of the food demands is met by animal meat, however, the supply of animal meat impacts the environment negatively putting pressure on the land and water while emitting greenhouse gases. One of the primary reasons animal meat is required in abundance is for animal-based protein that plays a crucial role in many bodily functions, including building bones, muscles, cartilage and skin; producing blood, enzymes and hormones and repairing body tissue.

Even with the increase in population and a massive demand the traditional sources of protein like meat, fish and dairy still dominate the protein market because of a highly developed industry and the ease of availability. Additionally, these sources have functional properties and health benefits that are supported not only by scientific studies but also by medical intervention. However, since they have a negative impact on the environment scientific studies have pegged plant-based protein as an appropriate substitute. Numerous vegetables and fruits punch in a high level of protein, however, they do not have all the essential amino acids that the human body needs, except for soya beans.

An  EAT Lancet Commission Study has pegged soy protein as a rich source of plant-based protein with an extremely high Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score, making it a sought after food product that is not only well-digested but also has all the essential amino acids to support growth and development. Though there are many myths surrounding soy protein, the one thing numerous research papers show is the environmental friendliness of soya bean production with efficient use of land, water, and energy. Soya bean also delivers the highest protein density for human consumption per amount of fossil energy inputs. And as the demand for protein increases and water and land resources become strained, the environmental sustainability of protein sources, such as soya bean intensifies as it has the smallest carbon footprint compared to other animal sources.

So as the world moves to more sustainable living, soy and soy products would be the best way to start your journey toward an environmental-friendly healthy lifestyle. Soy is the chameleon of foods, and can easily be added to any dish, whether sweet or salty, for breakfast or lunch or a snack or dinner. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get the most out of soy.

Substitute cow’s milk with soy milk 
Use soy oil in place of regular oil 
Blend soy yoghurt to make smoothies
Add whole soybeans to a salad 
Marinate soy for a non-traditional hummus
Swap soy butter for peanut butter
Stir-fry tofu for gravy and vegetable dishes

So in reality, soy is not only healthy and nutritious; but also incredibly versatile and tasty. It also reduces the carbon footprint making a positive contribution to climate change. So it is the time to switch to sustainable, clean eating. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Posted On March 30, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Tips To Choose A Suitable 360 Lace Human Hair Wig

360 lace human hair wig is becoming more and more popular among users of human hair products with its outstanding natural appearance and ease of creating style. When women are new to hair products and wigs, they get confused by the array of choices available in the market. This article will help women understand about the product, options and the best way to pick the most suitable 360 human hair wig.

What is a 360 lace human hair wig?
A 360 lace human hair wig is made from 100% imported virgin human hair, which is high quality and suitable for extended use. These wigs can be washed, bleached, dyed, curled, straightened and restyled as required and can last a minimum of three months with good maintenance. A 360 lace human hair wig is a pre-sewed wig which covers all around the scalp, a 360 frontal and bundles. The benefit of a 360 lace human hair wig is that it is affordable and can meet all types of hairstyle demands. 

How to choose a suitable 360 lace human hair wig?
The following are the main criteria for selecting a 360 lace human hair wig:

Hair Type: 360 human hair wigs can be classified as silky straight, kinky straight, curly, wavy, etc according to hair pattern. Women can choose a wig in any hair texture, and match it to their actual hair type to avoid spending time and energy to change it every day. It is essential to take the wig to a hairstylist for snipping as per the look required before wearing it for the first time.

Hair Length: 360 human hair wigs are available in long, medium-long, medium, and short lengths. Choose a length according to the manner in which the wig is to be worn and styled. Long wavy Brazilian hair wig can provide a sexy and bold appearance and requires a little maintenance while long curly Brazilian 360 lace wig provides a shake-n-go style within minutes. 

Hair Colour: 360 human hair wigs are available in numerous colours, however, it is essential to pick one that compliments your natural skin tone. There are numerous suggestions for warm and cool toned colours as per the overall impact needed. However, most women prefer selecting a wig that matches the natural hair. The best way to get a match is to view the natural hair and the wig hair in the same lighting and pick the one that blends in perfectly. A wig can even be coloured or dyed at home or at a stylist. 

Where to buy the best 360 human hair wigs?
When looking for 360 human hair wigs, whether straight, wavy, beach waves, natural wave, or curly, the one place you can count on is the Hair Company.

Get in touch with them today to try the products and see just how much a hairstyle can change looks and positively affects confidence. The brand is renowned in helping keep hairstyles fresh and offer the latest trends to keep chic and have good hairdos.

Posted On March 30, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Ways To Choose The Best Hair Extension

Amongst a variety of styles, the Brazilian hair extension is considered to be the best hair extensions available. Though it is important to gauge the authenticity of the extension and check for 100% real human hair extensions, it is actually a very easy task by checking the intact hair cuticles. Once authenticity is confirmed the hair is then aligned with the cuticles facing in the same direction to make the extension to provide a smoother, shiner, and Peruvian hair extension that lasts longer and is more manageable. 

However choosing the best human hair extensions for oneself can be quite complicated, so before buying, one must consider the types of Human Hair Bundles available and the one that would compliment the final look that is being aimed at. 

If an extension is required for a natural look, it is important to pick the colour and texture similar to one’s natural hair. Since different sources of hair extensions have different textures, the best way to check if it suits the natural hair is to hold a bit of the natural hair and a bit of the extension and run a comb through it. If the two sections of hair blend well, then the extension is a good choice. In case an extension is required to add diversity to the hairstyle, then matching the colour is not important, however, matching the texture is still a crucial step to make it look free flowing and real. 

The length of the extension required should be based on how the hairstyle is required to be, as hair extensions are available in a range of lengths. The best way forward is to pick a length slightly longer than required so that it can be easily trimmed to blend into the natural hair. The ideal type would be hand-wefted pieces as they are less bulkier than machine tied ones.

Finally, ensure that extensions are bought from a reliable and reputable source that also provides some evidence of hair authenticity. The most ideal place to pick hair extensions would be from a salon so that one can touch and feel the quality before making a purchase and also the hair stylist can guide you accordingly, especially considering the cost of the extensions. Buying the extensions online from wholesale hair vendors can be risky as you may not be able to evaluate the product with little to no experience in extensions and also once you open the product it becomes difficult to be returned.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Posted On March 29, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Add Intimate Care to Your Routine with Himalaya FOR MOMS

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through numerous physical changes as it works hard to protect and nourish the baby. And even after child birth, the body still undergoes multiple changes to keep baby healthy. The phase takes a toll on the body and it does need some time to heal and recover from labor and birth. However, there are a few discomforts that come along the way, some of which are normal and can be treated by home remedies while some need external intervention. 

Most concerns that mothers face will resolve themselves over a period of three to six months after birth. However, a very common issue that they face postpartum is changes in the intimate area. There could either be immense soreness and dryness, or heavy discharge. If the issues aren’t addressed in a timely manner, they could lead to infection, resulting in itchiness, irritation and odor. It is important for mothers to include a few simple steps to maintain intimate hygiene and avoid unnecessary complications. 

 Eat a balanced diet and drink at least 12-15 glasses of water, especially if breastfeeding
 Use only sanitary pads (change every 4-5 hours) for the first six weeks post delivery
 Clean the area with warm water and gently wipe with a clean towel or tissue
⟡ Clean with an intimate wash that is anti-fungal and offers the right pH balance

Add Intimate Care to Your Routine with Himalaya FOR MOMS

In my opinion, intimate hygiene should be part of a mother’s personal hygiene routine whether she is pregnant or has given birth. I’ve recently switched to using Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Care range and recommend it to everyone. 

The Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wash is specially formulated for mothers and is infused with the goodness of Pongamia and Tea Tree Oil. 
⟡ Pongamia Oil helps prevent odor and infections
⟡ Tea Tree Oil reduces itching, irritation and dryness
To use, apply the wash gently to the external area from front to back and rinse with warm water. You can use this twice a day for effective results.

The Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Wipes, that are for convenient personal hygiene while outdoors or traveling, are imbued with Lavender and Pongamia Oil.
⟡ Lavender Oil provides a mild, floral fragrance which helps eliminate odor
⟡ Pongamia Oil helps reduces itching, irritation, and dryness
To use, simply cleanse the area from front to back and dispose of after use. 

The Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate Care range stands out as it maintains the pH balance of the intimate area, especially as the hormonal changes postpartum disturbs the pH balance. Not only are the products safe to use post pregnancy but also recommended and safe during pregnancy as well. 

Remember that cleansing the intimate area needs nothing fancier than a mild wash, warm water, and a gentle pat dry. Do not let any reason deter you from adding intimate care products to your daily routine. 

Until next time,
~ Heena