Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Delhi based on-demand beauty service VanityCube launched in Mumbai a year or so ago and I was compelled to call in for their services since I was carving for that much needed ‘elusive me-time’ in the slithering Mumbai heat. As I absolutely refuse to step out of the house, I try to bring in a salon at my doorstep. And this has been a regular with me, having tried and tested the Home Salon genre with MyGlamm, LocalOye, Belita and UrbanClap. And now finally VanityCube, a beauty service provider that delivers beauty treatments, just the way you want them, wherever and whenever you need them; I couldn’t resist dialing in.   

VanityCube offers some great packages and I booked an O3+ facial, an anti-tan pedicure and manicure. On the day of the service I first received a confirmation text a couple of hours prior to the appointment and the aesthetician came on time, completely organized and well informed about every little detail I had provided during booking. 

The aesthetician set the working space as per the treatment requirements covering the service areas neatly with fabric spreads, towels, to ensure no spillage and mess. She suggested we first begin with the pedicure and manicure and so it worked out beautifully in tandem, giving my terribly neglected hands and feet the love that it absolutely needed. While soaking my hands in the activated water, she started working on my feet and then vice versa. The aesthetician was very careful while working on my feet, scrubbing off the dead skin, cleaning and shaping the nails and pushing the good skin closer to the cuticles instead of just scrapping it off. After the cleansing, she gently massaged my arms and feet and moisturized them well. 

 Again I opted an anti-tan O3+ Brightening facial since I had a few dark spots from my recent holiday. The facial was quite extensive, almost over an hour with pore cleansing, deep exfoliation, removal of dead skin cells followed by a light face massage; post which the aesthetician continued with a moisturizing pack and finished it with a rubber peal mask. Overall I absolutely loved the relaxation the facial offered and could instantly feel an improved elasticity and firmness in the overall skin texture. The visible impact of the facial was seen after a couple of hours as the skin seemed brighter with a highlighted radiance and glow.

I am surprisingly super thrilled with my experience with VanityCube, and it won’t be wrong if I say that they are indeed the best in the business at the moment. The brand checks all the relevant boxes including; same-day bookings, trained and professional aestheticians, good products and above all comfort of your own home.

What do you think about on-demand beauty services? Do share your experiences in the comments below!

Friday, April 07, 2017

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I’m sure most of you are aware about my immense affection for Baaya Design for their unique theme where design meets tradition. The retail store located in the heart of Mumbai city offers a unique range of traditional and tribal art that transforms any living space into a cultural environment; with beautifully crafted pieces that promote art forms of Gond, Warli, Lipikam, Madhubani, Kalamkari, Dokra, and much more. Shibani Jain, founder and chief curator at Baaya Design shuttles her time between identifying and nurturing new talent and art forms, and bringing them to the retail store to promote and give wings to the artists.

The summers are here and in the heat, Baaya; is yet again set to offer brands that will bring in the cool quotient for the fashionista in you. Shibani has brought new brands Ohar, Stone Vibes and Sasha that will ensure you break the fashion monotony and indulge in something that has been specially created for you this season. The 4-day ‘Summer Somethings 2017’ exhibition beginning today will allow you to pick the best from the brands; especially light and trendy natural fibre garments, semi-precious stone jewelry and embroidered clutches. 

For the uninitiated, fear not. Here is all you need to know about the brands that are being showcased during the exhibition. 

OHAR works with a vision to craft each design with supreme care, providing an ineffable experience to the user. Under the Organic range, Ohar have used 100% Organic & Sustainable fabrics that are comfortable to wear and designed for Indian summers. For the handloom range, they are trying to innovate classic fabrics such as khadi or hand woven fabric from various parts of the country in modern but graceful silhouettes paying supreme attention to every detail from fibre to garment. 

STONE VIBES was born out of sheer love for colors and the positive vibes that the stones exude. All the pieces are carefully put together and thoughtfully designed to suit the woman of today, who are fearless, independent and confident. Crafted in copper, silver and micro gold, stone vibes have a full range of earrings, bracelets and neck pieces for both casual and formal occasions.  

SASHA is a luxury brand of exquisite handcrafted and embroidered clutches, custom made for every occasion created by model and designer Mamta Raja. The range of handmade collection includes the Maharani Collection on a rich silk embellished with faux pearls and gold thread work, Jaipur collection inspired from the beautiful city of Jaipur with its magnificent forts, palaces, peacocks and elephants, clutches on beige raw silk with zardozi embroidery and much more.

Aren’t these beautiful? Well head to the store and you will find many more options to pick from. 

Until next time,
- Heena

Thursday, April 06, 2017

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A living room is the heart of a home. It's the place where the entire family unwinds and spend some quality time together. Having said that, it requires more attention than any other space in a home. While decorating the interior space one shouldn’t only consider the visual aspect; but put equal emphasis on comfort.

With that list of high priority, let’s list down 5 improvements that will bring coziness to any living room: 

Decorating the Walls
There are numerous ways to refurbish the walls at home. A traditional approach reiterates the use of paintings. However, with the surge of modern architecture simple designs with a mix of mirrors, posters and photos are given more importance. These solutions provide a clean look that perfectly fits in with white or uni-colour interiors where all items work in unison. Mirrors are especially great as they do not disturb the natural order of things, especially Hollywood Mirrors. Do check this rich collection of mirrors by

Surrounding with Shelves
Another excellent option to doing the interiors is to dedicate a wall or two to shelves. They are seen as obstructing wall decorations but they don't really have to be. One can always use part of a wall for shelves while decorating other walls with mirrors and posters. The main reason shelves should be incorporated into the decor is to make the room more cosier and welcoming; especially for a minimalistic approach. Shelves will also be functional as they will provide space to put out things, books and other trinkets that will instil life in the living space. 

Add the Right Trinkets
Every living space is full of small items, memorabilia and other trinkets; that have an emotional connect and triggers a memory. Although most people think that one cannot go wrong with them, they are wrong; especially if it conflicts with the colour of the room or if one adds a lot of them which disturbs the balance of the room. However when trinkets are in sync with the room's essence, they make for perfect decor. 

Lighting and Fixtures 
It is by far the least important according to people, but in reality lighting is the most important aspect of a living space. For a classic homey theme, yellow light bulbs are a perfect choice. While for a more modern 
clean decor, white lights create a uniform atmosphere. However with so many more options available these days homeowners are in dilemma whether to paint the light bulbs or buy coloured ones; which in turn can have an enormous impact on the interiors

Covering the Floor
There was a good reason for carpets to be invented. Besides the obvious fact they make floors warmer, they will also make the living room much cosier. Fuzziness of a carpet has important psychological impact that allows one to walk around without shoes or slippers. However the important point to remember is to cover the entire floor to have a full impact.

With these tips, go ahead and refurbish the most crucial aspect of your home and start living your living space. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

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As I watched this gorgeous video by Max Life the first thing that stuck me was the important message about life and insurance that was conveyed during the friendly banter between the lead characters. The visual rendition of an every-day home scenario beautifully conveyed how men and women today have become more involved in equality while creating healthy partnerships. I loved the playful manner which advocated the work hand-in-hand ethos to help each other achieve the goals and dreams. 

I know very few women like myself can boast of being surrounded by these supportive men. My father, the pillar of my existence always pushed me to take every path my heart desired without any inhibitions. Even the few errors I made, he validated them as learning experience that would help me build my life around. My husband whose love and encouragement took me from strength to strength as we grew together. During the building of my brand, he proved an unconditional motivator through the ups and downs and helped me emerge a better person with knowledge and skill.

Sometimes someone doesn’t need to move mountains for you, it just takes a patient ear, selflessness and understanding. With AB, I learnt that acceptance is the cornerstone of friendship, someone who gives you the space to be yourself, even if vulnerable. A huge part of our friendship stems from knowing I have someone I can count on, any time of day or night. AB helped me learn to rely on someone other than myself; whether I need information on work projects, or an honest opinion on a creative idea or advice about my finances, insurance  and investments, I know who to ask. 

Being in the same neighbourhood helped, as we pushed each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Be it challenging each other in the gymnasium or counting the calories on the lunch table or getting health screenings done; making ours a no-brainer crazy friendship. With constant encouragement from AB, I’ve managed to keep a check on my health status, eat healthy, stay active to be fit and above all be happy. He makes sure there is a simple connect that lets me be who I am, the best I can. 

You see, all the men in my life haven’t stopped believing in me and in all my crazy dreams. And they do more than their share to push me, motivate me, encourage me and support me in all that I want to do. So today I urge you to share stories about the man who supports you unconditionally, who helps you achieve your dream and stay the firm solid support in your life. Say ‘Thank You’ to them and make them the role models for the zillion other men to emulate. 

Now is a good time to start!
- Heena

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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I know I’ve been continuously talking about the Mumbai Summers for the last few weeks, but it’s the harsh Indian reality. Unfortunately the heat arrives coupled with the consistent dust and pollution and lets face it, sucks the life out of us. We as adults recognise the changes that the weather brings to our lifestyle and overall health and we immediately take corrective measures. However what about kids who rarely know what damage is happening to them? 

Kids are adorable, cuddly with super soft and supple skin; the best among all. But we completely forget that they need more protection from the sun than we do. Most parents will ensure the kids remain indoors during the afternoon heat and cover them in layers of clothing; which are in a way efficient but insufficient ways to protect their delicate skin. Sun Damage among babies is a largely overlooked aspect and all parents must try to protect them without compromising on their childhood, but by incorporating Sun Protection in their daily routines.

#PrincessHeer at Baby Sebamed Multi Purpose Sun Lotion Launch

One of the biggest myth about sun lotion is that it is to be used only during the summers, but the fact remains that sunscreens are to be used all year around, especially during the summers. The most effective sun protection should be infused with both UVA and UVB filters, Pro-vitamin B5, a pH level of 5.5, an SPF higher than 25 and most importantly should be alcohol, paraffins, parabens, perfume and colour free. 

Baby Sebamed Multi Purpose Sun Lotion Launch at Radio Club

So when Sebamed India invited us over for the launch of their new product Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion I couldn’t contain my excitement. The launch event was a super interactive session with loads of activities planned for the children. From pop-up counters to photo-booths all the kids were super excited; especially as they were the stars of the day. The brand graciously invited all the kids present at the launch to take centre stage and unveil the product. 

Baby Sebamed Multi Purpose Sun Lotion First Look

Once the product was unveiled, the in-house health consultant from Sebamed shared some valuable tips on the right method of applying sunscreen on children:
§ Sun Protection must be used atleast 30 mins prior to going outdoors for it to work. 
§ A maximum of 3-4 tbsp of Sun Screen is enough for a child upto 6 years of age. 
§ Sun Lotion must be applied in circular motions on the skin’s surface. 
§ Reapply Sun Lotion every 2 hours when out for a longer period of time. 
§ Ideally apply Sun Lotion even if the child is to remain indoors. 

I’m also sharing some tips from my personal experience with #PrincessHeer about Sun Lotions. 
§ A stick formula works best for the face instead of cream, lotion or spray. 
§ Incase of sprays, use the spray first onto your hand and then apply on the baby’s body. 
§ Even when waterproof, reapply Sun Lotion as soon as the child comes out of the water and is dry. 

Coming back to the launch event, as the kids continued with their Sun Lotion experiments, we headed to the garden area of Radio Club for a chance to register ourselves for a record for a Yoga Session. What any mum would think an impossible task proved to be a record maker with almost 70 mums - kids duo made it to the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS for maximum number of mums and kids participated in the Yoga Session #WelcomingSummer in the Group Attempt category. 

Baby Sebamed Multi Purpose Sun Lotion Launch and Record for India Book of Records

I have been using a Sunscreen for Heer which has given me satisfactory results, however with all the product features of the Baby Sebamed Multi-Protection Sun Lotion I’m looking forward to taking her skincare routine several notches up. I’m especially curious to try the product for its SPF 50 and ph5.5 levels, an oil free base and most importantly compatibility with sensitive skin. 

Have you used any Sebamed products? What has been your experience with them, share it with me in the comments below. 

Until next time,

Monday, March 20, 2017

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It’s Monday evening and I’m in the Kitchen, addicted to trying out new recipes and experimenting with some odd combinations until they delight my flavour palate. Nope I’m not an old bore; just a mother trying to create magic for my child. 

After a fun morning at the launch of a Baby Sunscreen Lotion yesterday, the rest of the day was dedicated to "how to survive the Mumbai summers". The list not only had things that I need to do and get but also to design some finger-licking summer treats for #PrincessHeer that will ensure adequate nourishment but at the same time taste 
amazing so I don't have to shove the food down her throat. I’ve been extremely proud of my Kitchen Experiments those which got me loads of accolades until Heer realised that food isn’t all fun to eat! Over the last few months, it has become worst and I’ve time and again looked at my fellow moms for inspiration; however very little has really worked. 

In the tiring times, Hershey’s came to my rescue with their Hershey’s Recipes that have a range of recipes based on ingredient you wish to use and also on your cooking skill levels. When last week the brand organised a hand-on cooking workshop 'Hershey's Cook Along’ with renowned Celebrity Chef Rakhee Vaswani I joined in to stir up some quick, fun and exciting twists to your everyday recipes. 

Chef Rakhee had a well thought out plan for the workshop with a simple yet interestingly line of especially curated recipes to please the little ones at home. At the Palate Culinary Studio, I got to spend some unadulterated bonding time with Hershey's new range of product and amassed some knowledge to utilise them in various ways apart from the regular flavoured milk and shakes and as bread spreads. Read up, assemble the ingredients and whip up a couple of recipes with the Hershey.

Here I'm sharing two easy-peasy recipes that have become my staple go-to from the workshop.

Nutty Chocolate Bowl for Breakfast : No child will refuse a chocolate bowl at anytime. However the fun here is adding some super nutritious ingredients which otherwise they will point blank refuse to eat. 

Chocolate Ingredients : 1 Cup Oats, 1 tbsp Dried Cranberries, 1 tbsp Chia Seeds soaked in 1/2 Cup Soya Milk, 1/4 Cup Mixed Fruits and Nuts as per choice and allergy, 1 tbsp Hershey’s Caramel Flavoured Syrup and 1 tbsp Hershey's Chocolate Flavoured Syrup. 

Chocolate Preparation Method :  Add oats, soaked chia seeds and Hershey's Caramel Flavoured Syrup in a small pan. Stir the mix over medium heat, bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let it simmer until oats are completely cooked. Add to a serving bowl, top it up with mixed fruits nuts. Finish it with a drizzle of Hershey's Chocolate Flavoured Syrup.

Strawberry Paapdi ChaatDoesn’t it already sound exotic enough to bite into? It sure is, especially at snack time its sure going to be hit with not only the kids but everyone at home. 

Chutney Ingredients 4 tbsp Tamarind soaked in warm water, 2-4 Dates soaked in warm water, 1 tsp Masala Powder as desired (Chilli, Jeera, etc) and 4 tbsp Hershey’s Strawberry Flavoured Syrup.

Chutney Preparation Method Toss all the ingredients in a pan. Set aside to cool.

Chaat Ingredients100 grams Boiled Potatoes, 50 grams Mix Boiled Sprouts, 50 grams Yogurt, 25 grams Sev, 12 Ready-to-use Paapdi, 1 tsp Masala Powder as desired (Chilli, Chaat, etc), Coriander Leaves to garnish and 6 tbsp Hershey’s Caramel Flavoured Syrup.  

Chaat Preparation Method Arrange Paapdi in a plate, top it with mashed potatoes and sprouts. Sprinkle with some Masala as desired and add Starwberry flavoured chutney. Top it with Yogurt and some Hershey’s Caramel Flavoured Syrup. Sprinkle Chaat and Chilli Powder and Sev. Garnish with Coriander Leaves. 

If you want to try some more recipes, check the video below or head to Chef Rakhee's youtube channel

For me, my earliest memories in the kitchen are those of sitting on the counter-top helping my mom chop veggies and mix batter for pakoras. Thats what I’m going to bring in with Heer in our kitchen, the new Hershey's Super Mum-Kid duo on the block to experience #EverydayHappinessWithHersheys. 

Until the next time,

- Heena

Saturday, March 18, 2017

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Pepe Jeans Junior has become synonyms with #PrincessHeer’s wardrobe. Every time we head out to shop, she instantly chants the Pepe Jeans anthem. When the brand invited us to preview the Spring Summer 2017 collection last month, PrincessHeer practically #PepeWalkThisWay. 

The SS17 collection has bought back the Portobello Road to the stores with its eclectic style as a constant source of inspiration.The collection revolves around the gorgeous famed street, infused with attitude and a natural stage to sashay forward with an inhibited spirit. The neighbourhood is part of the act, witness to the length of the road, experiencing its mix of attitude and style. 

Summer freshness is captured in this collection, ideal to complement the colour palette for the Indian summers. The collected upped the game with the Blue Soul, Super Ego, Portobello, Viva Cuba and Only Play Collection not only for adults but similar styles adapted for the little ones as well. Both Heer and me, particularly loved the #50ShadesofBlue with sparks of corals and reds, and the Tropical prints, Pigment Dyes, Bleach Washes along with the Tie Dyes, Quirky Patchwork, Aztecs, IKats, Batik and Embroidery. The light fabrics, vibrant colours and unique styles were then a must that scream street style with a touch of swag. 

My favourite corner has to be the Junior section, where I found everything that would make it to my summer must-haves list for Heer. From beautiful dresses to basic tees to gorgeous skirts and tops were beautifully stacked on the racks and shelves in the store. So Heer went ahead and let loose to upgrade her #summer wardrobe.

 Look 1: Basic TShirt (Buy Here) with Tie-Dye White Shorts (Buy Here)

Look 2: Aztec Print Blue Top (Buy Here) with Peach Filigree Skirt (Buy Here)

I would highly recommend that you walk into the store today. 

In the meanwhile, with these two looks Heer is joining the #PepeWalkThisWay digital catwalk. You can be a part of the brand history, submit a still or moving image of you in your neighbourhood walking towards the camera with an attitude that screams "London W11th” and share it on social media with the hashtag #PepeWalkThisWay and follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Until next time,
- Heena

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Sacramento, California's capital city, is at the intersection of the Sacramento and American Rivers. Known as America's Most Diverse City, Sacramento boasts cultural attractions that inspire, cutting-edge cuisine that impresses, history that enriches, and amenities that surprise travellers who venture into the city. The city has grown from a sleepy cow town to the Farm-to-Fork Capital, and Sacramento now goes by the tagline, "California begins here."

Weather Conditions
Image via Flickr by Kevin Cortopassi

Sacramento has beautiful sunshine for over two-thirds of the year, making it a perfect outdoor destination to explore. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Although it is pleasantly mild throughout the year, the summers from June to August become quite warm. However, the low humidity keeps the climate quite comfortable even as the temperature rises.

Getting Around
Sacramento has a extensive public transportation system with over 37 miles of light rail and 20 miles of bus services that connect to numerous destinations. Alternatively, many tourists prefer to explore the city on foot, as the grid numbering system makes navigation easy. However, the most convenient way to get around Sacramento and the surrounding suburbs is by car. Travellers can book parking spots in advance with SacPark.

Hotel Bookings
Sacramento has plenty of events to attract visitors year round. Since there's something going on at all times, the city offers numerous accommodation options, from five-star hotels to budget-friendly rooms. Travellers can choose from over 1,000 hotels, such as the luxurious Hyatt Regency or Sheraton Grand or the budget-friendly Hampton Inn and Suites or Courtyard by Marriott. Travellers can also book boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts via Hotel Planner.

Planning Experiences
With so much to do in Sacramento, you may have to narrow down your list of attractions. Here are five things that travellers must make time for during a visit to Sacramento.

1. Old Sacramento
The 28-acre National Historic Landmark District pays homage to the Gold Rush of 1849. The district is usually buzzing with activities around the museums, entertainment acts, dining experiences, and shopping escapes. The wooden sidewalks, horse-drawn carriages, and historical characters offer a glimpse of 19th-century life.

2. Farm to Fork Experience
The annual Farm-to-Fork event in Sacramento is a celebration of the region's food and beverages. The celebration isn't confined to dining experiences. Instead, it features farm tours, cooking classes, farmers markets, al fresco dinners, and wine tastings.

3. Museums
Sacramento's history is one of adventure, ambition, and hard work. The city's numerous state-of-the-art museums and historic sites capture its past beautifully. Walk down memory lane to experience the area's history and diversity.

4. Sacramento Zoo
The Sacramento Zoo offers an enriching day filled with learning, laughter, and exciting experiences. Your visit could include encounters with exotic animals, fun rides, overnight safaris, and guided zoo tours.

5. Fairytale Town
A 3.5-acre children's play park, Fairytale Town brings fairy tales and nursery rhymes to life. It inspires imagination, creativity, and literacy. This storybook park has 25 bright, colourful play sets and offers the perfect backdrop for children to perform their favourite stories.

In addition to these must-visit, must-experience things on my travel itinerary, there are loads of other interesting attractions in Sacramento. 

Are you excited enough to plan your trip?
- Heena

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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One of the newest trends in the beauty industry are monthly beauty box subscriptions and the latest to join the subscription service bandwagon are perfumes. Not only does a perfume subscription box allow you to try out new scents at reasonable rates but also helps you build your repertoire of scents to know what will your go-to signature scent be. 

I’ve friends who have worn the same fragrance forever and some who keep changing their scents; while some hoard on to perfumes, I need perfumes more realistically. Not only do I prefer change occasionally but I also need my perfumes to be in travel friendly cases for the hectic lifestyle I lead. While exploring viable options I recently came across Perfumebooth, a one stop online destination for superlative fragrances sourced from all over the world at affordable prices. However, what caught my eye was the unique Perfume Selfie; a stylish patent-pending device to carry the miniature sized perfumes that easily fit in your pocket or purse. 

Apart from regular sized products Perfumebooth offers a Perfume Selfie Box similar to a subscription box where you get 7 mini (4ml) perfumes from 7 different brands and a Perfume Selfie. PerfumeBooth has exclusive tie-ups with the brands and the 42 bestselling perfumes have been shortlisted and imported directly from France, UK and UAE. At INR 475, the Perfume Selfie Box is a steal with seven 4ml sample size perfumes, a Perfume Selfie Case and a INR 502 Gift Card to purchase a full-sized product. 

Currently the brand offers three variants of the Perfume Selfie Box for men and women in which perfumes have been hand-picked as per the personality of the box. I picked the Sophistique Women for the emphasis on how she would make you want to bow down in respect. She’s elegant, she’s priceless and a queen of her universe. The other box I picked is the Lurve Women for it emphasised all things classic where you’d picture her walking down the Parisian streets, holding a dozen carnations. She’s special and everyone will know that. 

My first impressions as soon as the products arrived was the packaging that would make it super convenient for travel or on the go. I love the design of the case that makes it sleek and stylish while ensuring easy to use with zero spills! Also, the generous 4ml will allow me to test the fragrance multiple times in different environments and conditions before making the purchase for a full-sized product. The biggest plus, is the price point that’s practically next to nothing and with a discount coupon; making it practically free. 

I also love the fact that the brand has introduced niche independent perfume brands instead of the run-of-the-mill brands that are available everywhere. For a fragrance experimenter or a collector, PerfumeBooth surely allows you to broaden your horizon and gives you access to new and unique scents.

I’d recommend a try, would you want to experiment? 
- Heena

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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No on can stop you from doing what you want to but yourself. 

I am unstoppable, as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a professional I try to squeeze in 48 hours in my day, everyday. And I’m sure most of the women out there do the same. Though every day isn’t the same, some are easy-peasy while some a truly terrible. However I always put the difficulties aside, equip myself with tools that will ease out the issues at hand and march ahead to achieve my dreams; even on #Those5Days. And what better than making yourself comfortable with the best available personal care product option Whisper, than sulking during that time. 

This International Women’s Day, Whisper invited top Women Bloggers from Mumbai for a tête-à-tête with Actor Radhika Apte, Gynaecologist Dr. Nandita Palshetkar and Senior Scientist Edith Tilly to discuss periods, hygiene and the new product #WhisperIndia’s #UltraSoft. After some very successful campaigns over the last few years including ‘Touch The Pickle’ that busted the period taboo and initiated a cultural change and ‘OwnThose5Days’ that pushed girls to be proud of their periods, Whisper is back to creating a new mindset for the masses. Doing the Blogger Meet, Radhika, Dr. Nandita and Edith discussed period woes, importance of taking care of oneself and then the absorption and softness experiment. See all the fun we had in the video below:

The New Whisper Ultra Soft napkins aim to provide great comfort to menstruating girls/women and do away with the myth that rest should be taken during those five days of the month as their potential is restricted due to their condition. When I first received the new improved Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary napkins I noticed the unique design that promised superior protection with almost 100% locking of wetness and odour. The top layer is covered with a extra gentle softer top sheet and smaller pores with wider wings and back. 

I took the #ComfyChallenge and in my personal experience the Whisper Ultra Soft sanitary pads are extra gentle on my skin, making the 2x softer claim true. The soft top sheet  in the centre and wings along with the infinite pores locked the wetness and odour, giving me extra coverage and long-lasting protection throughout the day. The Whisper Ultra Soft sanitary pads have a pampering affect on my skin allowing me the comfort to be myself and giving me the everyday confidence I deserve. 

So do not let anyone or anything stop you, or plant any doubts in your mind. Go chase your dream whatever day it is. 
- Heena

Monday, March 06, 2017

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As she walked onto the stage I could hear the soft caress of her georgette saree and the tic-tac of her kitten heels. The overhead light caught the diamond on her ring as she greeted the audience with a Jai Jinendra. Amidst all the cheering and the clapping I heard a little girl say, "Mum, that’s my teacher." A man at the far end of the row proudly announced, "That’s my boss". A group of women seemed really emotional who weren't able to hide their tears, and continued clapping. I looked around and felt myself rising above the ordinary in the adulation showered. Just as my husband gently tapped me on my shoulder and pointed onto the stage, my MOM began to speak.

I had coaxed her to take the audience through her journey, writing a brief for her to follow. She practiced the speech numerous times…. "Armed with an MA in the late 70's, I went on to become a teacher to fulfill my aspirations of being a change initiator. Motivated not only by my parents but also my favorite literature professor I excelled in my profession, quickly moving on to become the youngest Vice Principal of the school. Marriage and motherhood added springs to my feet and I moved from strength to strength career-wise. Content with what life had blessed me with I wanted to enjoy motherhood. Thus began my best career phase... full-time mommy and wife. Travelling all over with my husband I developed an interest in handicrafts and started a small business venture. As the venture tasted success, delegating responsibilities on the women I decided to go back to my first love. Volunteering with Teach India I am revisiting my past to shape and initiate change in the lives of under-privileged children. It’s an honor being nominated as the Woman of the Year award by the Mumbai Kutchi Jain association and taking home the trophy for what I love doing." 

That's what we expected her to say. However when she took to the mike all she said was, "The seasons of life offered me varied opportunities which I grabbed with both hands. The weather chose to shine on me through love and I basked in the sunshine of what I love to do. Whether teaching a student a geometric evaluation, my children the values of life, the women who are my business drivers marketing techniques or my house help a particular dish - It’s never been about work. Teaching is my inspiration, to be the best I can be. Thank you for this. It truly belongs to everyone who was willing to learn, for without them I'd be incomplete.”

In the thunderous response that followed, I couldn't see clearly. Pearls were clouding my eyes and through those a diamond shone bright and beautiful. My MOM, my #MYSHERO.

This Woman's Day, share a story about the woman who inspires you to beat all the odds and follow your dreams, without any inhibitions. Share a story about the woman who finds an opportunity in every situation and makes her life a vision to emulate. 

- Heena

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Posted On 3/01/2017 by Team iCynosure.

Over the years we’ve heard of building collapses and the first thought that comes to my mind is; how weren’t the people living in notice the deteriorating conditions. I do agree that detecting cracks and leaks and repairing them in a timely manner is one of the main components to identify and evaluate the health of the society. But who really does it? 

No one builds weak structures, however some homes may not withstand the weather conditions, while some may not bear the brunt of nearby constructions while others fall prey to ill maintenance. Just as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says, "He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”, we must all find our peace at home. However if you have one ounce of doubt about the health of your home, you will never be at peace. 

Mr. Ramesh S. Prabhu, Chairman of Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association during his recent address reiterated an urgent need for structural audits and repairs of societies on a regular basis. However the primary concern remains awareness among citizens to understand the importance of buildings being kept healthy.   

So what does a healthy structure mean? Almost all housing experts identify sub-standard construction practices, water leakages and over-enthusiastic renovations as the root cause of structural damages in buildings leading to deterioration through water seepage which in turn causes corrosion, distress, cracks in the concrete that weakens the structure. These are the early signs of structural weakness of the society which in a long run may effect the overall health of the building as well as have a negative impact on your finances and your health. 

As a layman how do you really identify if or not your home is healthy? Sure enough you and I are not expert architects who will have one look at the wall and identify an issue. But if you look closely enough you will sure have signs that will tell-a-tale, such as sagging ceilings, rusting fixtures, pealing of paint and vinyl, mould or fungi formation on surfaces, discolouration of materials and musty smell. 

So once you have identifies the issue, bring in an An Expert Advisor For Home Renovations to initiate timely structural repairs. One such expert is Dr. Fixit from the House of Pidilite - the Waterproofing Expert, an initiative which focuses on “Building a Healthy Society” by raising awareness about the need of timely planning of repairs along with right diagnosis and expert solutions for the surface area. The brand via it's TechChat helps you connect the Waterproofing Experts, ensuring you have a convenient and easy way yo get your waterproofing queries resolved.  

Dr. Fixit uses various State-of-the-Art techniques such as Non-Destructive tests and Concrete Petrography for evaluating existing concrete structures to measure the strength of concrete and if they need be replaced or rehabilitated. The technologies that are used not only detect water leakages in buildings but also provide analysis and interpretation of test results along with recommendations for remedial waterproofing. So as a aware member of your society and you home, Pledge #FreedomFromDampness to Protect Your Loved Ones . 

So what are you waiting for? Audit now!
- Heena