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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Posted On December 14, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Palm Oil, one of the most magical ingredients available to mankind today, is present in almost 90% of products we consume. However, just as fame comes at a price, Palm Oil’s popularity comes with a huge debate with an equal number of people for and against it for varied reasons. Unfortunately, those who vote against it, have only seen one side of the PALM without attempting to see the picture in totality. I have consistently followed the highs and lows of Palm Oil, including it’s rising demand over the years, questions surrounding its impact on health, and the hue and cry around its sustainability. With this article, I wish to debunk some myths surrounding Palm Oil, so consumers can fearlessly make an informed choice whether for or against it. 

So to the layman first up is the oblivious query, What is Palm Oil?
The answer to this is pretty simple, Palm Oil just like any other oil is made from the fruit of the tree, in this case, the Oil Palm which originally grew in Africa, then was harvested in countries with tropical weather like Indonesia and Malaysia.

So the pressing next question followed is, How is it used? 
Palm Oil contains antioxidants and beta-carotenes, and has a mid-range smoke point with a nutty taste that makes it perfect for cooking, especially baking, sautéing and medium heat frying. Palm Oil also contains high saturated fat along with high lauric acid making it an ideal ingredient for personal care products such as soaps, lotions, cosmetics and household cleaning products. It is also used as biodiesel. 

Since it is present in almost all aspects of life there is a raging debate on its effect on health and wellness. 
Let’s not forget that today Palm Oil is an indispensable part of our lives, with the WWF estimating it as an important ingredient in 90% of all supermarket products used. This huge magnitude opens up a continuous debate about the effects of Palm Oil on overall health and wellness. Thankfully there have been numerous studies conducted by respectable international bodies that reaffirm a positive effect on the health, thereby ascertaining the nutritional benefits as well. 

Research shows that each tablespoon of Palm Oil contains 119 calories, 13.5-gram fat and 2.2-milligram Vitamin C, which help reduce the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, raise good HDL cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart attack and improve the immune system. Additionally, the antioxidants contained in Palm Oil offer many benefits to skin and hair health, including protecting cells from UV radiation and toxins.

So you must be asking yourself, if Palm Oil is so healthy and versatile, what’s all the debate surrounding it? 
Well, honestly I find it rather amusing, for it seems like a smear campaign to discredit Palm Oil. Among the numerous non-validated arguments, one of the major accusations that detractors talk about is how the Oil Palm crop is not sustainably grown and wreaks havoc on the environment, animals and communities. This argument is usually followed by a constant call to substitute Palm Oil with other alternatives including rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. 

However, the individuals who push for this change are unaware of the fact that the Oil Palm crop uses less land, fewer pesticides and fertilizers to produce than its counterpart. Now to put this in numbers, as per the research conducted by The Oil Palm, to produce 150 million tonnes of oil; 38 million hectares of oil palm will be required. However, to produce the same 150 million tonnes of oil, the need will be of 187 million hectares of rapeseed or 250 million hectares of sunflower or 375 million hectares of soybean, which clearly is more than thrice the land and so hence water, pesticides, fertiliser all resources will be greater than that for Oil Palm. So now the crucial question must be asked, Which crop would be able to match the climate and environmental sustainability of Oil Palm? As outlined above all alternative oilseed crops have a much larger negative impact on the environment and imbalance the metrics to a far greater extent. 

But as the world population grows, the need for food, requirement for products, etc is rapidly growing. And to ensure that the need for food and other livelihood products is met, the best option currently is Palm Oil. Having said that, it’s no surprise that to cater to the rapid demand, the industry has pushed its boundaries to supply it. Unfortunately, an influx of Oil Palm plantations have sprung up all around the world, of which some are ethically planned while many are unethically seeded which creates doubt about sustainable and impact. To correct the wrong, many checks and balances have been put in place by the industry body, which enables the industry to head in the right direction.

However, the buck doesn't stop with the industry, but it does extend to us. As consumers who are aware of our individual responsibilities, we need to ask the tough questions, voice our opinions, pressurise for use of ethical ingredients, and join movements like Palm Done Right to be a part of this revolution and support those who are leading the change for a better tomorrow.

Until next time,
~ Heena

Friday, December 06, 2019

Posted On December 06, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Everyone has a dream, but very few are willing to truly chase a dream. I have seen that willingness, that perseverance in Heer. Her choices over the years have been out of the box for a child her age. At times I did want to caution her for the fear of her not being able to achieve what she wanted. But I have been amazed at her zeal to go on, her ambition to get better and her onus to complete.

Over the years she has shown interest in performing arts. I have let her pursue what she wanted by discussing the pros and cons, the future and more. She has always been very keen in learning and performing ballet and a musical instrument over the years. Last year, she has taken great strides in her ballet class and has gone on to perform with her ballet group too.

However, music education on the whole had taken a back seat for a while and we wanted her to pursue this interest as music plays a very important part in a child’s development. Research even shows that children exposed to music training from an early childhood develop an interest in exploring, they speak more clearly, have a larger vocabulary and have strong social-emotional skills. The psychologist Howard Gardner also pegged music intelligence above logical and emotional intelligence as it has the ability to strengthen the bond between the mind and the body. 

We finally decided to trade her little pink toy keyboard for a portable Roland E-X30 Arranger Keyboard. Investing in a piano is a huge decision and after scrutiny, we picked the Roland E-X30 Arranger Keyboard for its high-quality sounds that are ideal for music lessons. This keyboard seems to be a beautiful blend between western and Indian music as it has wide range of both Indian and western sounds and rhythms. Roland is also planning to provide local music styles for Roland E-X30 in future.

A keyboard - contrary to what people believe - is a relatively easy, interesting and social instrument to include in a child’s learning. It helps build a child’s musical expression and creativity, develop technique and rhythm while letting children play and create full-band performances. Roland E-X30 with features like a portability, onboard speakers and battery operation is convenient to carry anywhere.

I’ve seen my little girl blossom as the keyboard has sparked her passion and curiosity for music. She keeps setting her musical goals and revisits them from time to time. I think as a mother while I encourage her to chase her dream and soar high into the sky, my instinct also ensures that I keep her grounded and raise her as an individual true to herself. And as she gets older and begins to fine-tune her dreams, I shall help her keep an honest eye on reality which shall become her greatest assets in understanding who she is, what is she doing, where she is going, and how she will get there.

Let me know in the comments below how do you as a parent help in your child’s dream? 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Posted On November 20, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

My primary job as a parent is to ensure the holistic growth of my children, including a sound physical, emotional and social well-being too. This means I need to be abreast with numerous crucial factors, such as a balanced nutritious diet, regular physical activity and overall physical and mental wellness. 

As luck would have it, last week when I was visiting a friend, I came across a Dental Camp organised by Colgate. I instantly registered Heer for a dental check-up and was surprised to learn that she had a cavity in a molar. When I discussed it with the dentist at the camp she told me that almost 70% of parents are unaware of their children’s cavities and almost 60% of parents are lenient about oral hygiene. The statistics of the issue were mind-boggling. However, with the problem, the dentist also offered simple solutions to ensure oral and dental wellness.

⟡ Brushing twice a day for at least three to four minutes.
⟡ Flossing every day after brushing.
⟡ Changing the toothbrush every three-to-six months.
⟡ Visiting the dentist regularly.
⟡ Enriching the diet with calcium.

Calcium is necessary for strong teeth and bones and also essential for cognitive and cardiovascular functioning. The nervous system utilises calcium for muscle contractions, nerve stimulations and regulating blood pressure. It is by far one of the most essential elements for a child’s preteen years. With Heer in the crucial age bracket, I was coming to terms with her oral health after the camp. 

At the camp, I was given 5 dental cards, which I shared with my friends and family. The cards got them free-appointments with some of the best dentists in our city for a dental check-up for their children. Not surprisingly, two of them are now armed with the right information to take the next step for their children’s oral care. Kudos to the brand for being a wellness initiator! 

A few days after the camp, I received a beautiful hamper from Colgate. It was packed with calcium-rich foods, such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables, almonds, and so on: essentials, that our kids need, to complete their daily dosage of calcium. The hamper also contained the newly launched Colgate Strong Teeth with Amino Shakti, it gives 4x strengthening power. I also received a video that demonstrated how it worked.  

It is important to understand that with all the functions Calcium plays, it is also instrumental in ensuring our dental wellness in check, keeping the jaw bones strong, teeth rooted and gums healthy. The new improved Colgate® Strong Teeth with Amino Shakti, gives 4x strengthening power. It helps add natural calcium to the teeth through the remineralization process and makes them strong from within.

Colgate has always been the go-to product since I was a child, and today I can boast of strong teeth, and this is what I want for my kids, too. So I’ve upgraded to their best one yet, the new Colgate Strong Teeth to ensure a well-cared-for mouth that promises beautiful smiles. About time you did, too!

Until next time,
~ Heena

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Posted On November 02, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Embrace Your Curves With Shapewear

No matter what size you are… you are beautiful, is the mantra I live by. But that doesn't stop me from thinking that all of us have body areas that we always remain concerned about and hide, always wanting the areas to be in better shape. Sometimes this concern also restricts us from flaunting certain types of outfits. I definitely shy away from flaunting a bodycon dress and crop tops because I'm not confident about my mid-section. 

A lot many fashionistas, swear by shapewear can do the trick. Having never really used shapewear before, I tried to find out how shapewear works? Technically, shapewear is engineered using different techniques to temporarily smoothen out areas of the body by compressing the fat. Depending on the shapewear used, the flab can also move directionally.

So now the important thing is to recognise which is the right shapewear for your individual needs. The most simple way to pick the correct shapewear is first to identify the area of the body you want to be corrected and then pick from an available laundry list. I have two concern areas, especially after having two babies. One is love handles and the other is seat pouch. 

Love Handles
The abdomen is the most common area that women have concerns about and want to shape up, especially as it brings in immediate attention. The best shapewear options to smoothen the love handle is wither shaping high-waisted briefs or shapewear camisoles

Seat Pouch
The hips and thighs are another concern area for women who want to flaunt body-hugging outfits and so the best two options for these areas would be shaping briefs, shaper panty and thigh shapers. 

After a couple of trials and errors, I can confidently say that to ensure you pick the correct shapewear, you must follow these golden shopping rules: 

~ Pick the right size
~ Choose medium constriction 
~ Pick cotton blend shapewear

I did my research and picked my shapewear camisole and shaper panty from loverbeauty. Check the online store to check the entire collection. 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Posted On October 25, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

With the festive season and the chilly winter months soon approaching, I’m sure the urge of wanderlust within every one of you is at an all-time high. These two periods are considered the best times to travel - either to beat the smoggy smoke of Diwali or the chills of the dreadful winter. Exploring and visiting exotic places does not necessarily have to cost you a bomb and you certainly don’t need to win some sort of lottery to travel the world – not if you know how to watch your expenses and plan out your trip wisely. I’ve compiled some of the best tried and tested tips to help you plan a holiday on a budget - 

Choose Off-Season Destinations 
If you’re looking to head to Goa this New Years, well, it would be close to impossible to plan out a cheap trip. Flight tickets would be at an all-time high and there are minimum solutions to this. Similarly, even hotel prices would be sky-rocketing at this point. Instead, you could choose to push your holiday by a few months when tickets would be relatively more affordable since it would not be peak season. 

Compromise on Accommodation 
Staying in the swankiest hotels and resorts is what we all dream of. However, if you want to travel on a budget - accommodation is one of the avenues which can help you save the most. Global platforms like Airbnb and Couchsurfing are popular options which allow you to simply book a spare room in a resident’s home. Or instead, you could opt for hostel dorm rooms. This option is increasingly popular with the youth - who are often on a budget due to lack of personal finances. 

Explore Public Transport 
Private transport facilities such as commercial taxis, hiring personal vehicles, or even global transport services such as Uber are sure shot ways of burning a hole in your pocket. To counter this, you could try using public transport in the form of trains or public buses. These are not only affordable options for transport but also completely immerse users into the culture and essence of a city. For example, cities like Tokyo and London are known to have some of the best subway systems in the world - and are used by the whole city for commuting. Similarly, on a national scale, travelling on the Mumbai Local is an enthralling experience in itself.

There are multiple avenues through which you can save up and enjoy a holiday on a budget. To conclude, if you’re looking to travel anytime soon – you may want to #JustEMI your holiday booking via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. The company has partnered with MakeMyTrip and is offering some amazing offers this Diwali. While transacting through MakeMyTrip, you can avail 20 percent instant discount on domestic hotel bookings up to Rs 10000 and flat Rs 400 off on minimum transaction amount of Rs 8,000 for domestic flight tickets using your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. If you aren’t a member of the EMI Network yet, you can apply easily via their Experia customer portal or check your pre-approved offer online.

So, what are you waiting for? #JustEMI you travel plans and book flights at your convenience along with choosing the most exotic resort of your choice! To know more, check out their EMI Network Town.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Posted On October 11, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

When people are in a foreign place earning new experiences, the mind is open to everything. The mind processes emotions better and the heart is all set to embark on a new love story. The four-episode series from Viu, 'It Happened In Hong Kong' is something that can be understood on these lines. Played by Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra, the show elaborates wanderlust and a budding love story between two strangers. If you are having a tough day at work, watch series 'It Happened In Hong Kong' to remind yourself that life can be beautiful. You just need to know how to seize the moment.

A business trip ends up being something very exciting
The web series shows the story of a Bombay girl, Aahana, who is on a solo trip after having a rough patch in her personal life. Amol is a Delhi boy who is facing an existential crisis and is in the middle of a business trip. Both these people arrive in Hong Kong, seeking seemingly different things. However, life gives them both the sweetness of each other's companion. Though the theme is not quite new, VIU offers the story with a vibrant spark from the experienced actors. The strangers agree to spend the last few days of the trip together, engaging themselves in the company of each other. Watch this Hindi web series online for free on VIU.

The first episode outlines the beauty of Hong Kong, showing the lady's intentions to become a travel blogger. The two travel through Hong Kong, ticking off one place off the book after another. The series is a little fast-paced, showing the developing romance between the couple while they are striking one place off the list after another. The theme is known, but the story would have new twists and turns for the viewers. It is a romantic online Indian web series that shows how life is meant to be enjoyed. Watch series online and make the most of your coffee break.

The expressive ways of the actors impress the viewers
The actors, especially Aahana Kumra, are very expressive throughout the story. This brings out some more character to the story's heroine. Amol Parashar gives off a cool and clean vibe and the two make quite a dynamic duo for the online series. The mutual attraction between the couple comes off as a natural. It is an exciting Hindi web series that will keep you occupied and glued to the screen for a couple of hours. The backstories also shed some originality on the content. The small details make the story much more interesting and inspiring for the viewers.

The beautiful background of Hong Kong attracts attention as does the charming passion of the actors and the budding on-screen romance. The show is unlike the typical Indian web series, which is trying to portray today's society in a raw and unadulterated form. The show is dipped with romance but tries to portray it in a foreign and carefree manner. The series shows how a person can find love at the most unexpected moment. 'It Happened In Hong Kong' is an online web series Hindi that explores the small big moments that can come out when you are travelling.

VIU is an amazing online platform for movies
VIU is an over-the-top video streaming platform from PCCW media and is based in Hong Kong. The media was launched in 2015 and features some premium Korean dramas. But, now the platform is showing some of the most exciting online web series from India. If you like web shows, the platform is very suitable for you. But if you haven't tried out web series, this place can be a storehouse for delight. Enjoy the latest Hindi TV shows and movies on the platform and find out a new meaning to your life.

Resume the journey of your life with some added spark from 'It Happened In Hong Kong'. Find out a way to bring more meaning to your life with the exciting story that befalls two Indians on foreign land. How will their story end? Will they find new meaning in their lives with the newfound passion they discovered for themselves? You can only find out by watching 'It Happened In Hong Kong'.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Posted On October 03, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

You may think, I have everything so well put together, even with two kids. But trust me this has been a long time coming, with numerous errors, horrendous mistakes and then small notes to myself, this almost-perfect situation is a commutative effort of many years of travelling alone, with family and now with kids. It does take a great deal of planning and a solid checklist that ensures I leave the house without having to worry on the road.

Here are the 8 essentials that I won’t leave the house without, those which keep me charged, fresh-faced, hydrated and prepared for whatever the day brings.

Shades: Shape, colour, brand doesn’t matter, but what matters is that I have one in each of my handbags to protect my eyes from the glare of the sun. Not only that I carry a pair for the kids as well as night vision sunnies especially those which help when I’m driving. 

Earbuds: When on the go I love to listen to audiobooks or music and that requires a good set of earbuds. I prefer plain and simple in-ear earphones, but you can pick what suits you best from wireless or bluetooth enabled to over-the-ear or even noise cancelling ones.

Moisturiser: My go-to product, a natural multipurpose moisturiser is a triple threat, as I can use it not only to combat my dry skin but also chapped lips and frizzy hair. I prefer one with ingredients which include olive and jojoba oil, beeswax and aloe vera. 

Power Bank: Yes, I never go anywhere without my phone, but what if it runs out of power? A mobile charger and adaptor along with a power bank are an essential part of the in my handbag products no matter where I’m going. 

Tissues: Whether I need ammunition against small runny noses, or make-up disasters or just clean up a mess, my best friend - the tissue comes to my rescue. So I always throw in a couple of travel-sized tissue packs in my handbag. 

Hand Sanitiser: On the go, especially with the kids I cannot and would not want to go looking for a sink to clean dirty little hands. The best replacement for washing and cleaning hands when travelling is a hand sanitiser which always finds a place in my handbag.

Healthy Snack & Water Bottle: A small snack kit is a must have in my handbag. A small pouch with a few mixed nuts, energy bars keep the kids and me fuller for more time. And to ensure hydration in the weather, a bottle of water is a must at all times. 

Business Cards: Last but not the least, I never know who I'm going to end up meeting and where. So I ensure I place my business cards strategically in an accessible place in my handbag so I do not rummaging my handbag for one. 

Is this a list you carry as well? Can you add any item in the comments section to make a mom's life easier? 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Posted On September 24, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

India is almost drowning in the garbage that we generate. This is seen in the grave picture that our landfills paint - a mammoth problem that plagues the country today. The landfills are overflowing with as much as 1.50 lakh metric tonne (MT) of waste that is generated every day of which almost 90 per cent is disposed of in open areas leading to numerous health and environmental hazards. Compared to the world, India practically does nothing to combat this demon. 

In most of the developed and developing countries, there are #WasteManagement guidelines laid down by the government that make segregating waste mandatory for every waste generator be it an individual, community, society or corporate. However many citizens take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt ways to give back to the environment. One such simple step is to manage food waste by reducing wastage, redistribution excess food, and treating food waste at an individual level. That, in turn, will reduce 32% of the total garbage load on the county.

I’m sure that if most citizens are made aware of these alarming figures would want to do their bit, but they would still be unaware of what exactly to do. Simple segregation of wet and dry waste will not serve the purpose as both eventually land into the same waste collection truck and end up in the same landfill where nothing can be done except dumping. So the change needs to come at an individual level… And that change can be a simple machine that breaks down the food waste into very fine particles, liquefying and flushing it into the wastewater pipes and flows to the water treatment plant or the septic system. Interesting isn’t it, and more than that unbelievable. I thought so too… until the world’s leading technology and engineering company - #EmersonElectric invited me to learn about InSinkErator India - a celebrated garbage disposals technology that helps keep your kitchen the best.

During a visit to their showroom in Mumbai, I was very impressed with the range of products that the brand has in the food waste disposal segment, which means that there is one that’s right for every home and every budget. The fact that there is no change in plumbing needed, to install an InSinkErator, makes it one of the easiest #KitchenAppliances to adopt at home. The usage is also extremely simple, all you need to do is push in the food waste through the sink ring while running a steady stream of water, and within 5-10 seconds the sink will be unimaginably clean.

Of course, every woman will debate the need for an #InSinkErator in the house when garbage bags work just fine….. And to this I can point out not one but numerous garbage disposal benefits

Save Money: Using a garbage disposal will save money spent on garbage bags, dustbins, and plumbers.
Clean Kitchen: Using a garbage disposal will remove all food waste from the kitchen making it clean and odour-free. 
Better Health: Using a garbage disposal will do away with all the pesky insects in the kitchen, making the house more immune. 
Low Maintenance: Using a garbage disposal regularly will make it a self-cleaning machine, with practically zero maintenance. 
Environmental FriendlyUsing a garbage disposal regularly will reduce your carbon footprint and help the world breathe a little better. 

The InSinkErator is a modern lifestyle solution - a magic tool for any kitchen, that will ensure you need not send your food waste to pollute the environment. So think about it and adopt it. 

Until next time,
~ Heena 

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Posted On September 01, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

Reading has been an integral part of my life, and the one thing that I always wanted to pass on to my kids. Luckily when Heer was little I developed a habit of reading bedtime stories to her and she quickly took a shine to it. Soon I realised she was actively participating in the reading sessions, not by reading herself but by asking about certain words, meaning and also likely scenarios that could happen next. And with this, each of our reading sessions became more and more interesting. 

As she grew her love for stories, curiosity for characters and ability to read took her from being a listener to a reader. Every once in a while she would want to get new books and soon a little library was created. After a year or so of random buying, we set up an amazon account for her to surf and pick 2-3 books she wanted each month.

This month she has been extremely tied up with her school projects and wasn’t able to pick any new books. As luck was on our side she received an author copy of a charming picture book about a little girl who has a big secret. It’s a story about the girl’s pet elephant, that no one knows about. However, the challenge for her is to keep it hidden in her room, and the big question that looms before her is whether she will be able to hide him for long? 

My Blue Elephant is a gorgeous book by Vidya Varadarajan, with beautiful rich illustrations by Zainab Tambawalla, published by Scholastic. 

When Heer read the story for the first time, I was awestruck with the creativity of the storyline, especially how the little girl takes the reader through this unrealistic yet real journey with her not-so-little pet, within the tiny walls of her bedroom. My Blue Elephant is a delightful pacy read, enabling the reader to fully engage with the heart-warming story. The simplicity in the narrative makes it interesting to comprehend while the rhythmic balance makes it easy to remember. The usual recall value of a children’s picture book is the illustrations, however, with ‘My Blue Elephant’ the rhymes are what will remind you of the flow of the story. My Blue Elephant makes for a perfect bedtime tale and you won’t want to put it down even at the end. 

My Blue Elephant is a book that stimulates a child’s thoughts through a story. What do you think happened with the pet elephant in the end? Do you think the little girl’s mother found out her secret? To know get your copy from Amazon India here

Until next time,
~ Heena

Friday, August 16, 2019

Posted On August 16, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

I took a shine to boots when I studied in London, and the weather did help me embrace the new shoe variant whole-heartedly. I picked boots in a variety of summer-spring-winter friendly styles and even mixed colours that added magic to my outfits. I soon realised that styling boots could sometimes be very tricky, either it can amp the style three-fold or drop the look into the ditch to win a Razzie Award in fashion. Of course, I experimented and smoothly sailed through my boot looks while hitting the jackpot quite a few times. And since I don’t want any of you gorgeous girlies to go wrong, especially with styling boots in India, here is a quick boot guide to inspire you to wear boots throughout the year without looking overdressed or trying too hard. 

So let's get onto a cheat sheet about the types of boots:
Ankle Boots
I started my boots journey with a pair of ankle boots, which are a must style. They are classic and timeless and can be styled for a date night or when hanging out with friends or even at work. My first ankle boots were Chelsea boots that were slim and simple neutral boots.
Mid-Calf Boots
Just as the name suggests, these boots end mid-calf and are actually the least favourite style for me as they make me look frumpy. However, if you do want to get a pair, the best bet would be cowboy boots in a fun colour with some stylish accent. 
Knee Boots
My favourite boots are a pair of knee-high boots that are stylish and sexy at the same time. They are easy to style, accentuate any outfit and are easy to go from day-to-night. I have a pair, each in low and sky-high classic heels and also a fun pair in block heels. 

Next up are the best outfit permutations for your boots: 
With Jeans: 
The easiest way to style boots is skinny jeans tucked into them. Go casual with an oversized tee, or go formal with a blazer, or party-ready with a blouse. 
With Dresses: 
The trick to styling boots with a dress is to contrast the lengths. Pair ankle-length boots with a maxi or midi dress, mid-calf boots with a midi dress and knee boots with a mini dress. 
With Shorts or Skirts: 
Again the trick that works for a dress works for shorts and skirts. However, if you want to experiment, try pairing knee-high boots with a midi skirt or a wrap skirt. 

And finally, simple yet crucial tips for picking your boots:
⟡ Just like any shoes, the fit is the most important, choose comfort over style
⟡ For the first pair, buy offline so you can walk in 2-3 sizes, before deciding
⟡ Pick leather or fabric depending upon the climate and prevailing weather
⟡ Don’t forget the socks to match your boots, preferably in the same colour

Now you know most of all that you should about boots, so quick go and get yours today. Also, let me know in the comments, which are your favourite styles and why. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Posted On August 16, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

When parenthood comes knocking at your door, you think you are prepared, but trust me no one is. When I was expecting Heer, I listened to a lot of advice; imagined, and organized, what I thought I would need. But as soon as she arrived, not only did a period of trial and error start, but also a huge learning curve ensured. One thing I learned very quickly was that a baby goes through numerous diapers daily, and a new mom needs more than just the diapers for all the diapering that happens. 

While diapers remain at the center of this activity :), the other essentials for healthy and safe diapering sessions include natural water wipes, diaper rash cream, and most importantly, a changing mat. Most first-time moms may not realize how a dedicated hygiene kit for diapering makes their lives so much easier. But over a few weeks when they do realize it, they find that it's quite difficult to choose the right products for their quintessential baby hygiene kit. It happened to me too. When I was diapering Heer, I experimented with a lot of products, and found the whole process of searching, using, and experimenting to be quite overwhelming. 

However, today, being a seasoned mom, I was quite well-prepared when Rajveer arrived and knew exactly what to pick. The catch for me was to choose between reusable and disposable products. Because I knew that my little man would need a minimum of 10 diaper changes a day, and I needed to give myself time to recover from a second C-section delivery, I decided to use disposable diapers and disposable changing mats that would make my diaper duty a little less smelly, shitty, and tedious.

And with a zillion brands on the market, I continued to use my personal #MomUsedAndApproved #SuperMatsForSuperMoms disposable Teddyy Changing Mats because of its 3 product features and I want to share them with you. Here they are: 

Waterproof Protection
Nothing is more uncomfortable for a baby than a wet surface. So the Teddyy Changing Mats make sure that they remain dry and give the utmost comfort to my baby with their super absorbent top layer, which is soft and spongy and has a criss-cross design which stops leakages. It also has a waterproof back sheet which prevents the mats from getting wet. And it also keeps allergies and infection at bay with its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic core. Using this mat assured me that the baby will always remain dry and clean, allergy-free and happy. 

Multiuse Function 
The general perception is that changing mats are used for diapering only. But, Teddyy Changing Mats can be used as an additional protective cushioning on the seat while laying the baby or while travelling, as a wrap while holding the baby and even while massaging the baby. 

Safety and Certification
I believe that safety and quality are of the utmost importance when picking a baby care product and this holds true for diapering products too. Since I use Teddyy Changing Mats practically 24/7, I did check if the product met the mandatory disposable hygiene products certification. I’m glad that the brand meets both the ISO 9001:2015 and CE Certifications that not only make the product healthy and environmentally safe but also make me secure about my choice.

Since the time I started using Teddyy Changing Mats, I’ve also started giving RV diaper-free hours, and it has worked wonders for him. Of course, I dispose the mats I use during the diaper-free hours immediately, while I use the mats in his bed and stroller for a few days.

As a second-time mom, I have used products from Teddyy with renewed gusto and would recommend all new moms to give it a shot too.

Until next time, 
~ Heena