Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Summers are all about colours and prints, a frenzy of textures, fabrics and what not. If you look around you will see the best prints this season, some full of colour explosions and some full of perfect prints. However, the catch is to mix and match in such a way that you catch the eye and not your outfit. I’ve identified some of the prints I’d like to flaunt this season, and I'm here sharing a mood board from one of my favourite online brands Shein, for you to emulate.

Micro Florals
A summer staple, florals have always been around, but this year micro florals are the in-trend print. Micro florals are a cute petite, feminine and fresh prints and can be flaunted anywhere.

Sunny Tropicals
A notch up from the floral game would be tropical prints of hibiscus flowers and palm leaves, that offer freshness from the mundane. One can go over the top with pineapple prints too.

Logo Mania
This summer, logos have made a huge comeback with everyone sporting solid coloured tees with prominent brand logos. These would be perfect for casual outings or running errands.

Polka Dots
The tiny print keeps bouncing back from fashion history to claim it’s place every now and then. Polka Dots don’t need any introduction and can be styled in soft pastels or fierce monochromes.

Rainbow Stripes
A summer classic, the rainbow stripes comes back with more sensation each year. The standard print is not standard at all and takes the wearer from brunch to beach in seconds.

Cartoon Fun
The trend of interpreting the classic cartoons for the new age fashionista has evolved over the last few years. The trend becomes fun in bright coloured tees and dresses with ones favourite cartoon characters. 

Gingham Checks
The Gingham Checks has finally found its place under the sun after hustling with florals and pastels for years. The best way to embrace the trend is to experiment with bold colours and large prints.

Fierce Animals
A trend that has a lot of takers as well as shunners, the fierce animal prints keep reinventing from leopards, cheetahs and tigers to snakes and reptiles. Wear with caution. 

Summers is all about celebrating prints, so don’t go break the bank but shop well to enjoy each print. So tell us in the comments below which is your favourite print to flaunt this summer. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Sunday, May 13, 2018

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Oral hygiene for children is as important as physical and mental wellbeing, but very few parents understand this. Many parents I know believe that since children have baby teeth that they will lose in due time, oral hygiene is not that crucial until permanent teeth come along. Little do they realise that the foundation for healthy permanent teeth is laid during the early years of life with proper oral hygiene. Poor diet, poor food habits and improper brushing lead to tooth decay, cavities and distorted tooth structure in children which affect the permanent teeth. 

Thus, as parents, it is essential to establish a good and systematic routine for children's oral hygiene and make them understand the importance of how oral hygiene and proper diet are necessary for happy and healthy teeth. I set a routine for #PrincessHeer even before her first tooth sprout out, guiding her and encouraging her to adapt to the correct and efficient techniques. We have worked through the no teeth phase into the baby teeth phase and wading through the current phase of losing baby teeth without any dental situations. 

As a first-time parent, I did keep a close eye on #PrincessHeer's routines in the first couple of years of her life. When she had her primary teeth, I began brushing her teeth with a finger brush twice daily and then upgraded to toddler brushes on the eve of her second birthday when she started brushing by herself with a  pea-size amount of children’s toothpaste. A few important things that I've learned with Heer and would recommend to parents to set a great oral hygiene routine are:

~ use a soft-bristle brush so that the child doesn't hurt his gums and teeth
~ use a toothpaste specifically formulated for children as per their age
use a toothpaste pleasantly flavoured that the child will love 

With the benefits of practising good oral habits, I was more hands-on in ensuring my little one's teeth were clean and healthy. Not only did I use Radius Totz Toothbrushes but also MamaEarth's Natural Berry Blast Toothpaste for kids that is fluoride free, and infused with aloe, xylitol and stevia.

So don't wait until it is late, start early and be rest assured about the gorgeous smile inside out. 

Until next time,
- Heena

Saturday, May 12, 2018

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Today I want to introduce you to a Monthly Beauty Subscription box called the GloBox. What makes the GloBox different from its competitors is a unique concept, BYOB - Build Your Own Box, that allows subscribers to choose makeup and skincare products that are specific to their individual needs and preferences. Sounds perfect, isn't it? Wait there is more, the price of the monthly GloBox is INR 999. And it sure gets better. Subscribers can opt for a 3-6-12 month plan and make further savings on the costs. That sure makes it one of the must-subscribe to products for all our beauty needs today.

I opted for the May Box, filled in a skincare and makeup survey and voila the box arrived in 2 working days. The box contained a welcome note, referral coupons, 5-full sized products and a few knick-knacks. 

Mond Sub Silk Protein 3D Hanging Ears Face & Neck Mask
The 3 in 1 mask contains Silk Protein, which helps to repair, renew, revitalise, lift and firm the skin and improves dull and damaged skin. The protein and EGF essence ensures a clear and radiant skin. The retail price of the product is INR 250. 

Plump Face brightening Pack
A powder pack infused with the goodness of multani mitt, sandalwood, turmeric, saffron and liquorice; promising to brighten and add a refreshing glow to the skin. The 100gm pack retails for INR 599. 

Nicka K Radiant Liquid Shadow
A highly pigmented, shimmer eyeshadow helps to create stunning party looks. The metallic eyeshadow effect will add sparkle to the eyes emphasising a daring and adventurous effect. The 5g product is available for INR 395. 

Elenblu Precision Liquid Eyeliner
The water-based, smudge and bulge proof Precision Liquid Eyeliner is a weightless formulation to wing the lashes. The water-proof formulation ensures a glossy finish. The 2.5ml product retails for INR 499.

TS Cosmetics Pressed Glitter
A cream-based glitter powder that helps you achieve a glam eye make up look without any mess. The water-resistant formula can be simply dabbed on to the skin to achieve the desired effect. An 8g tub is available for INR 300.

I've recently started warming up to subscription boxes, and Globox stood out for its BYOB concept. Personally, I think the box is a great investment, especially for the price point, brand composition and products offered. I loved the fact that the May box is the balance between makeup and skincare products. 

To celebrate Mothers Day, GloBox is running a Mother's Day Campaign - #GloBoxSuperMom to honour the most influential superhero in our lives, our SuperMoms. Share your Super Mom moments with us via a video and stand a chance to win a GloBox and movie tickets. To know more about the contest rules head to

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~ Heena

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

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Amway, one of the largest direct selling companies in the world, established in 1995, with a presence in over 100 countries and retailing over a 140 products across categories like Nutrition, Beauty, Personal Care and Home Care, launched a new range of dietary supplements under its sub-brand Nutrilite. Nutrilite Traditional Herbs has been launched as an extension of its nutrition and wellness portfolio to bring together the Best of Nature and the Best of Science to offer the Best of Traditional Wisdom.

During the launch, Ajay Khanna, Category Head – Nutrition and Wellness, Amway India; reiterated how the changes in the Indian lifestyle along with urbanisation and stress has affected the health and wellness of individuals and how the Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range will fill the missing pieces to pave the way for a healthy life with physiological benefits. The USP is how the range takes traditional knowledge of herbs and combines it with the scientific research at Nutrilite to create a range of herbal products that support a healthy lifestyle.

The range is pegged to stand out among its competitors for a number of reasons including: 
~ is developed specifically for the Indian consumer with an erratic lifestyle
~ is developed through a ‘seed to supplement’ process with multi-level quality checks
~ is developed using herbs grown and harvested on certified organic farms

The range comprises of four variants, compliant with the new Nutraceuticals Regulations of the Food Safety and Standards Regulations issued by Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI), namely:

Nutrilite Tulsi 
The supplement has assured levels of Tulsi extract drawn from Certified Organic Herbs, where 1 tablet has 100 leaves of the herb. Tulsi is found to be effective for its adaptogenic and anti-oxidant properties thereby supporting immunity.

Nutrilite Brahmi 
The supplement has assured lives of Brahmi extract drawn from Certified Organic Herbs, where 1 tablet has 5 gm of the raw herb. Brahmi is found to be effective in improving attention and concentration thereby supporting mental agility.

Nutrilite Ashwagandha 
The supplement has assured Ashwagandha root extract drawn from Certified Organic Herbs, where 1 tablet has 3 gm of the raw herb. Ashwagandha is found to be effective for easing stress, calming the nervous system and improving energy levels thereby supporting vitality.

Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki 
The supplement has assured blend of Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki extract drawn from Certified Organic Herbs, where 1 tablet has 3 gm of the raw herbs. Amalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki are found to be effective in aiding digestion and detoxifying the body thereby supporting digestion. 

The Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range can be purchased from three sources; through the distributors, at the Amway Experience Centres and via the website.

Until next time,
~ Heena

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Monsoons are around the corner and I am looking at ways and means to protect my little one, especially from water-borne diseases such as malaria. The malaria mosquito breeds not only in water marshes and edges of streams and rivers but also in temporary rain pools. As more than 70% of Indians live in malaria-prone areas, it is really important for us, especially moms to know all about the symptoms, treatment and preventive measures.

Malaria is a serious disease spread by mosquitoes, that pose a significant health risk that may prove to be fatal if untreated. The illness is spread when the parasite travels to the liver, growing exponentially and then gushing through the human bloodstream destroying the red blood cells in the body. 

An infection typically begins with high fever and bouts of sweating episodes, that may or may not be accompanied by abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea. If the condition remains undiagnosed additional symptoms like anaemia, extreme tiredness and convulsions and breathing disorders which may lead to coma, edema or kidney failure.

When any signs or symptoms of malaria are observed, it is advisable to get a blood test or a rapid diagnostic test done to ascertain if the parasite is present in the bloodstream. Sometimes symptoms cannot be reliably and hence a parasitological test is important for diagnosis and managing the disease. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), early diagnosis is critical for treatment and recovery.

Since malaria is a treatable disease, the primary objective of treatment is complete elimination of the parasite from the bloodstream to prevent any progress of the condition. Malaria requires prescription medications for a period of 3 to 7 days, depending on the severity of the illness and the medication type. Since there are no vaccinations or home remedies for malaria, it is important to take the medication for the prescribed time period.

On April 25, 2018, WHO celebrated the 70th anniversary of World Malaria Day to commemorate and celebrate the global efforts to control and prevent malaria all around the world. Since 2000, it has been noted that India has taken the problem head-on and progressed towards the prevention of the disease. This impressive work has been due to the active participation of the government as well as the preventive measures adopted. As a mother, a homemaker; I have identified some preventive measures that I adhere to, to ensure I keep the malaria parasite at bay. 

Preventive Measures
The most important step to safeguard the family against malaria is to keep mosquitoes away. Some of the most prominent ways to keep mosquitoes away are to spray living spaces with indoor mosquito repellants, use outdoor mosquito repellents especially for children and ensure no stagnation of water.

Staying true to the proverb 'Prevention is better than Cure', we must all stay vigilant to any cases that may breed mosquitoes and take action at the first sign of any symptoms to ensure the health and wellness of our family and friends and #MakeIndiaMalariaFree. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Thursday, April 12, 2018

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As soon as I started working, I realised the importance of investment planning and tried to find out about ways and means to investment my meagre earnings. As my investment journey was set in motion; I realised that I set out on a trip that was without any direction, without a goal, and without a destination. I made investments without understanding the product, purpose or concept of the vehicle. Friends argued with me about how difficult it would be to understand about investments, but very few actually knew how the entire gamut of financial planning worked. I first realised that investment planning without a well-thought-out financial plan does not yield the desired results. 

The general notion among novice investors like myself is that financial planning and investment planning are the same things, but, financial planning is the larger spectrum that includes investment planning. Without any doubt, investment planning plays a very important role in a successful financial plan, but it is not comprehensive in itself. However, it is imperative to understand the difference between the two, to truly improve your financial health. 

In layman terms, financial planning is a professional and realistic plan of organising money for the entire cycle of your life. This realistic financial plan is the evaluation of your current financial situation and a forecast of your future financial situation, that enable an advisor to plan your savings, expenses, taxes, term insurance, investments, asset, and last but not the least retirement. A good financial plan will enable you to achieve your short, medium and long-term financial goals, and will have to be revisited and altered at important junctions in your life. 

In simple terms, investment planning is a systematic and consistent plan to allocate your resources to maximise the returns. This consistent plan is the structured method to continuously allocate the funds to investment vehicles even when the growth isn’t as much as forecasted, that enables an advisor to act on behalf of you and execute a pre-decided investment structure factoring in risk, diversification, and returns. A good investment plan will enable you to make decent profits even during market volatility and establish a good base for your financial plans. 

The next question one would ask is when the right time is to start planning your finances. I would say it is TODAY, no matter what your age is. With every passing year there will be new challenges and with every passing decade, there will be new expenses that have not been accounted for. Both investment planning and financial planning are customised solutions and the most appropriate way to move ahead confidently would be to seek professional help. The way forward would be to work with a certified advisor to analyse your financial life, access your risk appetite and decode the best plan that will help you live your life the way you ought to.

Don't take your financial health lightly, it is as important as your physical and emotional health. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Aegon Life: A joint venture between Aegon – world’s leading financial services and Bennett, Coleman & Company – India’s leading media house, Aegon Life Insurance launched its pan-India operations in July 2008. Armed with a vision to be the most recommended new age life insurance company, Aegon Life adopts the power of global expertise by leveraging digital platforms to bring transparent solutions, and to prioritize customer needs. Our financial planning and investment solutions include term life insurance plans, pension plans, unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs), health insurance plans, child education plans, and more.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

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India is a country of traditions where every festival, every occasion, every celebration is a multi-day affair; some with super intricate rituals and numerous functions. And those are the days when we throw caution to the wind and indulge in the extremes, be it elaborate decorations, sumptuous food, crazy music or traditional fashion. Ethnic wear and Indian celebrations go hand-in-hand. However, most people make the mistake of de-accessorising ethnic wear, which ultimately ruins the entire look. Fashion trends come and go, but the staple look always remains the same - a great outfit, complimented with beautiful traditional jewellery, flattered by some gorgeous heels and completed by designer handbags

As a fashion stylist, I would at times compromise on things other than a handbag, but I know for a fact that only a perfect, outfit-appropriate hand accessory can do justice to an ensemble and make the person an iCynosure of the occasion. Not many think about a handbag when the outfit in itself is so enchanting. The easiest thing for anyone would be to dig into the pool of handbags, that you think will be complimentary and head out. But that sure isn't going to make any heads turn. You need to know which type of bag you shall need and when to carry it to look like an ace in the fashion game. 

Potli Bag - Old World Charm
The potli bag has undergone some serious changes from the days our great-grandmas carried them until today. With new twists of embroidery and embellishments, the simple ladies carry purse has now taken the fashion world by storm. Perfectly complimentary with a saree, choli and even anarkali, the potli bag is now the most sought-after bag during Indian celebrations. The craze can be seen with every celebrity carrying designer potli bags and flaunting them away. 

Clutch Bag - Lets Box It
A clutch bag has come into the spotlight for its structured shape, eased utility, effortless manageability, and overpowering appeal. The clutch bag steals the show at every occasion, especially when in multi-coloured hues or single toned in gold or silver. Perfectly complimentary with semi-modern traditional wear such as salwar kameez, half saree, etc; one can buy clutches online from numerous designer stores. One can even get a clutch personalised to redefine their individual style statement.

Minaudiere - Tiny Royal Wonder
The most modern yet most un-apt bag that works wonders with traditional Indian outfits is the new age minaudière. The cute little royal wonder is the first choice of a true blue blood fashionista, that will take you from good to great. Perfectly complimentary with modern ethnic wear like saree gowns, cape sarees, lenghas, etc; a minaudière though a bit too small to fit in all that you may need is a great way to show off your personal style and strut like a pro. 

Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments which are the types of bag you like to carry with your ethnic wear and why? 

Until next time, 
~ Heena 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

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I’ve always been a travel buff and my travels used to be spontaneous with spur of the moment plans. It really helps that DH also enjoyed exploring new places just as much as I did and was willing to throw caution to the wind during our travels. After #PrincessHeer was born we were extremely cautious about taking off randomly and started planning our holidays more meticulously. Over the last few years, we’ve learned a lot about what makes or breaks a holiday with a child. And we’ve also learned how travelling with a child is different from travelling in a group with many children. Just a few days earlier, my cousin, a new mom called me to ask zillion questions as she was to embark on a journey with her newborn for the very first time. I could hear the panic in her voice, similar to what I felt years ago with Heer. 

In preparation for her trip, I shared with her some of my most useful baby travel tips. However, since she was travelling alone, I also included an essentials list that I realize most moms overlook, putting the onus of these on the dad. 

The absolute essentials when travelling, with a child:

Passport and Visa

A valid passport, usually with a minimum of six months validity is required for all international flights. Numerous countries offer a visa on arrival, however, with an Indian Passport, many countries still require a visa to be organized before the travel day. So, do ensure that passports are checked and visa received for a smooth check-in, custom, and immigration process. 

Travel Insurance

Apart from a visa, the next most important thing to obtain is a travel insurance to have the peace of mind should anything unexpected happen. You can get travel insurance online that will cover any issues that may crop up due to an accident, cover lost or stolen property and even help with flight delays and cancellations which may otherwise prove to be very expensive. 

Consent Letter

When a child is travelling with one parent or with someone who is not a parent or a legal guardian to some countries, the accompanying adult should carry along a consent letter signed by the other parent or both the parents that they have permission to do so along with a bridging document like a birth certificate where both parents’ names are listed. It is important to get the letter notarized. 

Get Vaccinations

Depending on your holiday destination and the kind of activities planned, it is important to check for any necessary vaccinations that may be needed before you travel. The safety and health of your child and your family are of utmost importance and sometimes you may not be able to travel without having undergone some tests and being vaccinated. Talk to your family doctor if you have any concerns.

Yes, the right clothes, the right skincare essentials, and baby food are important as well and as a mother, you will ensure you pack all of that, but the above list is something moms need to ensure as well. 

So, get ticking and packing. 

Until next time,
~ Heena 

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“It feels like a thousand bombs are exploding inside my brain”, “It feels like someone is tightly squeezing my head” – these are some of the many ways people describe severe headaches. Although the words might differ when describing how we feel, when a headache occurs, it can give sleepless nights and restless days to almost anyone.

Mild or severe, most people experience headaches at some time or the other. It could be just a passing pain or a symptom of an underlying problem. The first thing you should know is that a headache is not really a pain in the brain. 

Amongst the various causes of headaches, ear, nose and throat issues are the major culprits. Let us take a look at five ENT problems that can result in severe headaches and will require you to visit an ENT specialist without further delay. Some common ENT problems that cause headaches are: 

A sinus infection is a leading nasal problem that often leads to headaches. In India, a sinus infection is more widespread than coronary heart disease, diabetes or asthma. The Times of India has published in 2012 that 1 out of every 8 Indians suffers from chronic sinusitis, which surprisingly is more than the population of Japan! Debilitating headaches, nasal congestion, obstruction, and fever are the major symptoms of sinusitis. A person suffering from sinusitis usually experiences headaches at the same place every time. However, the location of a headache will depend on the kind of sinusitis the person is suffering from. A headache usually starts as they wake up and improves through the day.

Septal deviation
This is a physical disorder of the nose, which involves the displacement of the nasal septum. A deeply deviated septum can create health issues, with migraines and localized headaches being the most common problems. 

Neuralgic pains
These are the intense pain that feels like a sharp, jabbing, electric shock in the back of the head and neck. This aching, burning and throbbing pain, experienced on both sides of the head, can typically start from the base of the head and continue up the scalp. Neuralgic pain occurs mainly due to a damaged nerve anywhere in the body. However, such nerve damage is highly common in the face and neck.

Ear infections
According to an article published by The Hindu on December 25, 2017, ENT specialists in major hospitals across Bengaluru witnessed a nearly two-fold upsurge in ear infections that winter. Although an ear infection is painful in itself, what makes it worse is the intense one-sided pain it causes, which worsens when you press on the bone behind the ear.

If you are experiencing headaches similar to those mentioned above and feel that an ENT problem could be the cause, it is highly recommended to visit a specialist as soon as possible. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

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When people become parents they want the best for their children. All parents have great aspirations for their children and that's what parenthood is all about. Giving your child the best, sometimes even beyond your own means is what parents are capable of pushing themselves to do. I only began to identify with those feelings when I first held #PrincessHeer in my arms.

There wasn’t a single moment when I didn’t want to stroke her face or nuzzle her ear or kiss her forehead. However, the little one who looked like she had just stepped out of a ‘Baby Product’ commercial began having break-outs in less than a few weeks. A long worried chat with her paediatrician made me realise that there is much more to caring for my little bundle of joy than just basic healthcare. I needed to look into her skincare routine closely as well and did I make that my mission.

Here are those simple, yet extra-special efforts I introduced in her skincare routine to ensure the protection it deserved.

Bathing Basics
Baby skin is the most fragile at the time of birth and has to be prepped up over time. Even though most paediatricians recommend not to massage a baby, the age-old tradition was followed for Heer. We would massage her every morning with home-made almond oil and then bathe her in lukewarm water. We paid special attention to the skin-folds and would let her air-dry or dabbed her gently while avoiding to rub her delicate skin.

Natural Products
Two rules we followed while using baby products for Heer were; to use natural fragrance-free products and to always do a swatch test to rule out allergies. After experimenting with a few brands we finalised on MamaEarth, a safe, toxin-free, international standard baby products brand. I especially loved the Milky Soft Face Cream infused with the goodness of Almond Oil and Murumuru Butter that moisturised the delicate skin, Milk protein that locked in the moisture and Shea and cocoa butter that improved skin texture especially formulated for sensitive skin and cures eczema as well. 

Diapering Essentials
It was one of the most tricky parts of skincare; picking the right mode of keeping her skin dry. With recommendations from friends, we opted for diapers that were soft with all-round protection. While changing, we wiped her skin with baby wipes and applied diaper cream to keep the skin moisturised and rash free. We preferred to alternate between cloth and disposable diapers that allow the skin to breathe, thus keeping the skin soft and healthy, and Heer happy. 

Clothing Prerequisites
Depending upon the weather conditions we got baby clothing in natural fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp, and wool. Breathable clothing allowed Heer’s skin to stay hydrated while protecting it against the harshness of the heat and cold. Another very important aspect of clothing we followed was to wash all clothing before first-time use and also wash them in a mild detergent, the ones free of dyes, colourants, and allergens.

Vital Nourishment 
Skin health and care is as important from the outside as well as from the inside. Just as the doctor ordered we exclusively breastfed Heer for the first six months, then introduced her to fruit-vegetable pulp and nutritious dals. Over the next few months, we started to include almonds and walnuts in her daily intake along with pulses and lentils for protein and vitamins. We also supplemented water with semi-solids and solids to ensure digestion, hydration and overall growth.

I think with these changes, we did pretty good at bringing up Heer. Is there something specific you included in your baby's skincare routine as #mamatakescare that could help new moms? Let us know in the comments below to include the tips in the post.  

Until next time,
~ Heena 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

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I’m a ‘six small meals a day’ person, and at around 7:00 pm each evening I’m in a dilemma about what to eat that will not be a roadblock in my fitness regime. At times I struggle not to give into my junk food cravings, and sometimes my evening hunger pangs lead to binge eating that affects my waistline as well as my overall health. However not eating anything at all adversely affects my health and thus I am constantly in search of healthy, low-calorie snack options that are tasty and which will help keep my hunger at bay and my weight in check. 

Let us be honest there aren’t any relatable food options that are light enough for an evening snack while being healthy and tasty. Yes, there is always the option of fruits or a handful of nuts, but there are no real flavours that satiate my taste buds. I remember when I was younger my mom used to toil in the kitchen to make me some amazing soup and a bowl of salad as a precursor to my meal, but those days are long gone and trust me I do not have that amount of quality time to spend in the kitchen. But it has always remained an important memory that I would love to recreate with my little one as hunger does strike us at various times of the day.

And now this memory can be a reality as Marico has launched Saffola Active Soups with 5 times more fibre than any other soup. Each cup is rich in fibre that ensures that you feel full and stay light while relishing your favourite flavour. It is indeed a tasty way to stay fit. The soups are available in a range of flavours like tomato, hot & sour, mixed veg, sweet corn, and manchow, so that you never get bored. The soups are easy-to-make, you just need to add 150ml of hot water in a cup full of the pack contents and savour away. A cup of instant soup has only about 2% of your daily calories required with 5 times more fibre and real vegetables. The brand sent me their newly launched product in an innovative way.

I would definitely recommend Saffola Active Soups to everyone for its lower calorie count as well as dietary fibre that jumpstarts metabolism to keep one fit and light. So forget about your evening hunger pangs and fill yourself with the Saffola goodness.

Until next time,
~ Heena