Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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My first brush with Paris was when I was an impressionable teenager, utterly enchanted by the romance of Paris. After watching "Before Sunset" a zillion times, Paris had become my dream destination. During my first visit, it didn't disappoint me in the least.

While doing all the touristy things, I starred in my own imaginary feature film. I walked down the Champs-Élysées, met someone special by the Arc de Triomphe, sailed into the sunset with him over River Seine, and finally locked lips by the illuminated Eiffel Tower. It was perfect.

As my fascination for travel grew over the years, however, I began to explore parts of Paris that I didn't know existed. I discovered a haven for art lovers, a sanctuary for historians, and a magical land for children. In every corner of the city, I've found a scrumptious café, a creative art class, a great sculpting studio, a designer boutique, and much more. It's this contrast of old-world charm and contemporary magnetism that makes Paris the place to visit. Whether you have just a day or a lifetime to live like a Parisian, you must capture the spirit of Paris. Here's how to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

Moving Around
Image via Flickr by Luc Mercelis

To experience the beauty of the city, travelers must explore it on foot or by metro. City walks with local guides give visitors a first-hand opportunity to take in the sights, sounds, scents, flavors, and feel of the city.

Staying Put
To feel the energy of the city, travelers must find accommodations in a location that offers true Parisian atmosphere. Though there are abundant hotel options, travelers could opt for a serviced apartment or a homestay to offer them the comfort of home.

Feasting Locally
To savor the flavors of the land, travelers should dine at friendly corner bistros that serve simple meals in an authentic way, in addition to relishing a variety of sweet treats. It's a gastronomic delight to alternate among Michelin-starred dinners, street stands crêpes, raw cheeses, and artisanal baguettes, savoring everything as a proud Parisian does.

Shopping Regionally
To flaunt the latest styles, travelers must browse through the emerging neighborhood markets, where they will find unique, chic, and affordable fashions. Quirky independent shops line the sidewalks and offer an interesting blend of items, making for a perfect place to unwind while unearthing souvenirs ideal for a range of budgets.

Exploring Sites
To get to know Paris, travelers must curtail the pressure to see it all and instead spend quality time at a few selected locations. Skip the touristy places that are swamped with visitors and look for more intimate places such as the Musée d'Orsay, the Luxembourg Gardens, and Le Marais. There is no way you will be able to do it all, so plan accordingly and save the rest for return trips.

So walk along, shop till you drop, and gorge until your belly hurts. Do the same thing the next day, as the City of Light shines brightly.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

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The summer has ended and I’m starting to discover all these amazing sales on some of the best online stores, and I just can’t resist picking some of the season’s best products from clothes to accessories, bags to shoes, swim wear to active wear. One of my most preferred online stores, Zaful sent me a surprise code and I got cracking. 

Even though fall is about to set in, I’ve picked a few key pieces to turn summer staples into fall's must-haves with a twist.

Floral Revolution
A floral dress is perfect for the end-of-summer, welcoming winter party that will transform into a winter special with a gorgeous cardigan and ankle length boots.

Velvet Uprising
A spark from a piece of velvet blouse will take you for day to evening instantly and up the glamour factor within seconds without having to try much.

Pleat Rebellion
A pleated skirt is an all year-round wear toned down with a layered tee or white sleeveless blouse or dressed up with a racy halter or a bright tank.

Serene Chaos
An autumn coloured top and cropped pants paired with or without a jacket takes straight through any season; add a metal clutch to complete the look.

Want to look stylish no matter what the season? Want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it with Zaful's newest summer arrivals. And use the discount code ZFEN for bagging some great offers.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

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In the most rampant digital age, creating memories through a thousand pictures a day is an easy task, however it is much easier to forget about them in the uncountable digital albums we have. I’ve always loved to flick through family albums that transports me back in time. 

I still remember the summer holidays at my grandpa’s that were no short of crazy adventures and during one such day out, grandpa went click-click with a polaroid camera and amazed us with the instant pictures. Since then I’ve always associated a Polaroid camera with vintage luxury. Over the years, numerous manufacturers have launched and discontinued their instant camera and films. But for me the memeries associated with an instant camera is very precious and it has been an incredibly difficult addiction to give up. 

Instant photography still makes me feel great and when I learnt about Fujifilm launching their Instax line I couldn’t contain myself. As the brand launched the Instax Mini 8, I decided to bite the bullet and get myself one of the lovely candy coloured pieces. However being a blogger has its perks, Fujifilm India invited me to the launch event in Mumbai and gave me my very own Instax Mini 8 Joy Box. 

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joy Box came with the camera (of course) along with a carry bag, film rolls, a permanent marker to make notes on the photos and the most important accessory, a selfie lens and mirror to check my reflection before clicking the best selfies ever with an instant camera. Since then the Mini 8 has become my style statement for its ease of use, quality and the fun it brings to my outings.

The company recently launched its latest upgrade to the Mini 8, the Instax Mini 9. The brand has built on the success of its most popular product and upgraded the Instax Mini 8, to the Mini 9 with a few minor changes. The most important feature that the Mini 9 is being differentiated by is the High Key picture mode that will allow brighter and sharper images. The add-on accessories include a selfie mirror and a clip-on close-up lens that will allow for shooting at a close range. Similar to the Mini 8, the Mini 9 uses the Instax Mini film cartridges that produces credit-card-sized prints within moments of capture. Both the color and monochrome variants of the film packs will be compatible with the new Mini 9.

The brand once again sent me their brand new offering, and it’s the perfect conversation starter that will need no introduction. In terms of pricing, the Mini 9 will be priced at INR 5,999 when it starts retailing. The price is more or less similar to the price of the Mini 8 which was priced at INR 6,490 when it was launched in India. The camera joins Fujifilm’s existing range of instant cameras which include the Mini 25, Mini 70, Mini 90 and Wide 300. To learn more about the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 or any other of their amazing products visit the official Fujifilm website, here.

 Here are some images taken within moments of each other with the Mini 8 and Mini 9.

In the times of several editing tools we use for that perfect picture, I absolutely love the natural pictures that may show my imperfections. Today is the day I’m going to click some pictures with my little one, get #instaxicated and put the pictures on the fairy lights in her bedroom. I may share that perfect picture with you soon.

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- Heena

Monday, September 04, 2017

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Homeopathy is not just a way of treatment, it a way of healthy living. Over the time, it has played a breakthrough role in the medicinal world by treating various diseases with powerful remedies leaving LESS side effects on the patients. Its natural and holistic approach towards health problems works at the root level ensuring the total eradication of the illness. 

Today, this ancient medical science has gained immense popularity owing to its amazing benefits that treat common health problems with the skin, joints, muscles and other areas of the body. Homeopathy follows the principle of natural healing in the human body. Its popularity has gone many folds that now you can find almost any homeopathic medicine available online that offer specialised treatment for different illness or ailments.

If you wish to discover why homeopathy had gained such fame, read the top 5 benefits of homeopathic medicine. 

Natural Approach
Homeopathic medicines use a natural approach to treat illness. If you take a regular and continuous dosage of homeopathic medicine, then it will boost your immunity. This will help you in preventing severe diseases and chronic illness like cancer, heart diseases and dementia as well. Homeopathic medicines use the preventive method and can ward off future illnesses too. You can easily add some of the homeopathic ingredients to your diet and for a hale and hearty life.
Few Side Effects
One of the main benefits of the homeopathic medicine is the fact that it has a reduced risk of harmful side effects on the body. Prepared by using plant-extracts and homeopathic therapies, homeopathic medicines result in fewer complications and adverse outcomes. As they have no toxicity, homeopathic medicines are safe and ideal for all life stages including pregnant and lactating women. However, it is necessary that you should consult a physician before taking any homeopathic medication along with other medicines.
Economical Treatment
Homeopathic medicines are not very expensive and hence prove to be an economical treatment. Hence, it not only treats the illness effectively but also reduces the financial burden of the person seeking a cost-effective treatment. Interestingly, some common homeopathic medicines like turmeric and cinnamon are easily found in any home.

Powerful Treatments for Different Ailments
Another significant benefit of homeopathic medicines is that you can use them for treating a number of ailments related to skin, heart, muscles and joints. For instance, you can use Tea tree oil for acne and inflammation, Ginger for arthritis, Garlic for high blood pressure and Chamomile for stress relief. There are over 6000 homeopathic medicines that treat a wide number of health issues without causing harmful side effects. If you are looking forward to switching to homeopathy, then you can easily buy homeopathic medicine on online sites such as 1mg that offer homeopathic products of famous brands at affordable prices.

Effective Stress Relief
Homeopathic medicines are also widely known for reducing stress and anxiety. Many people use Chamomile, lavender and green tea to get relief from stress. Apart from the medicines, homeopathy also offers other techniques such as acupuncture and a hot bath with essential oils to eliminate stress and gives comfort at home.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, homeopathic medicines have other essential advantages as well. They are non-invasive, more efficient and can be stored for longer period. Their easy accessibility is also one of the reasons why they are used extensively. 

Homeopathy is not just a way of treatment; it is a way of healthy living. Its medicines, remedies, techniques all are dedicated to ensuring a proper well-being of the human body helping in a salubrious and happy life ahead.