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With the temperatures dropping, there is a slight dip in the air that makes it difficult to figure whether it's a dewy morning or a windy evening or even a cold night. But that hasn't deterred me from pre-planning my looks for the beautiful next few winter months... yes that's me!

It’s funny that no matter how season-perfect my curated looks are, and I will step out of home in gorgeously snug sweaters and boots, by midday I shall look like I’ve been walking endless in a desert, but mind you not I shall still keep supporting these fabulous looks with a quick change of clothing all stuffed into my large handbag. However since not all of us are that crazy, I’m putting together a collage of pieces that will look almost perfect for the winters but won’t make you feel like being in the summers, in good old Bombay. 

Layered Corset 
The staple of the summers is making its way into the fall but with a twist, layered with either a button-down shirt or a cotton maxi dress. With the right underlay, a little bit of styling, I can wear my corsets during the colder months too. Not only does the look feel out of the box, when paired with graphic long sleeve tshirt, the styling creates an avant-garde look. The look will look fantastic on everyone who wants to flaunt their curves and will feel in place for a dinner date at the pub, or clubbing with friends and more-so-over at a music festival.

Bold Cut-Out 
It may seem bizarre that I’m suggesting cut-outs for winters, but trust me its all over, from the runway, to the red carpet and even in the streets. Right from the slit at the neckline to a navel barring pinched dress to mid-rib flaunting geometrical cuts, its all about a little skin show this winter. I’ve found a vintage knit dress that lets me bare my back while keeping me super chill literally. Cut-outs work best on everyone, its like one’s own little show, and can be covered up with a long cape or a stylish shawl. 

Cosy Turtleneck 
My all time go-to look in the winters is a warm, cosy turtleneck sweater that makes you feel warm inside out and pair it with casual tops for women, a pair of straight fit jeans, over-the-knee boots and I love to throw in a light bright scarf. This looks is so comfortable and easy to wear, and can be pumped up with the right accessories and toned down with an underplay. The best part is that this look will compliment everyone and will feel just right for an outing with he girls, a brunch with the family or a night out with the boys. 

So what style will you incorporate this fall, let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

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