Friday, July 12, 2013

Posted On July 12, 2013 by Team iCynosure.

After a lot of rescheduling and reaching a point of cancelling the whole idea, due to our respective hectic schedules, we finally made it on none other than Father's Day this year for a long overdue photo shoot with renowned photographer Mani Hora.

A beaming me debated what to wear... finally settling on a Zara bottom and a PDP shirt-top. Princess was dressed in her trademark Gini & Jony shorts and tee...and hubby was all set for the rains in a Tommy Hilfiger  jeans and Blackberry shirt.

Mani such a lovely composed and totally into his love - photography.

We drove around Lokhandwala amidst pouring rain scouting for a good location. The area is gorgeous especially the back road which is usually very quiet and there are some really good spots... a low bridge, a garden, a long stretch of road overlooking a canal, and much more…

We started off with a few test shots against a construction site when it started pouring cats and dogs. Loads of people too were out enjoying the romantic weather and that too posed a problem as we weren't getting clear pictures. We are hopeful but the rain continued to play spoilsport.  

After a while, we threw caution to the wind.... read rain and posed just about everywhere and anywhere.

We stopped and clicked a few pictures, then rushed back into the car. Even in the most chaotic situation, we had such an awesome time. Mani had his inputs and we had ours, we experimented with both.  

Such a crazy day filled with love, love and more love - just as the saying goes, 'HEAVEN ON EARTH'.

The pictures speak for themselves.

At one point a couple of people came over and requested us for autographs.

Want to feel like a star? Contact Mani for a lifestyle shoot on his Facebook Page HERE. Or visit his Photography page to see his work HERE.

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- Heena


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