My Experience At The Reliance Digital Store

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The arrival of numerous corporates in the consumer electronics retail sector is a boon for the Indian consumers. Comparing rates, availing offers, EMI payment options and host of other benefits have motivated the consumer to do what was almost unheard of a decade ago. Shop till they drop!

My Experience At The Reliance Digital Store

Corporates have diversified into the consumer electronics retail sector over the last few years, with Reliance being the youngest player to launch Reliance Digital in 2009. With 13 stores in Mumbai and over a 100 all over India, it has marked its presence in the sector. Recently on the occasion of a new store opening in Thane Mr. Brian Bade, CEO - Reliance Digital, emphasized on continuous efforts to strengthen the presence to reach as many consumers as possible. With the trustworthy 'Reliance' backing Reliance Digital has now become a household name and the brand recall value is what most companies would like to achieve.

When Reliance Digital called to offer their Store Experience, I was extremely excited. Opting for a store closer to home, I headed to Growels 101 Mall on June 29th with a lot of expectations.

As soon as I entered the store I was welcomed with a 'May I Help You' by one of the representatives. On mentioning that I was there for the Indiblogger-Reliance Experience Program, I was directed to the Store Manager who introduced me to Shivanshu Pandey, designated to take me through the experience.

Shivanshu went into detail about various brands both national and international available at Reliance Digital. Over the next hour, I realised Reliance Digital has the largest spread of products across major categories at various price points that offer the consumer a huge choice in brand, quality and pricing.

My Experience At The Reliance Digital Store

He explained how Reliance Digital is a one-stop shop for all technology solutions where products are categorised into:
Home & Kitchen Appliances - Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, and small appliances.
Consumer Electronics - Television, Home Theatre System,  Gaming Consoles and Digital Camera.
Information Technology - Computers, Laptops, Tablets and related products.
Telecommunications - Phones, Mobiles and related products and accessories.

Being a joint-decision maker where purchases at home are concerned, I wanted to know what the Reliance Digital Edge was, over the other giants. Shivanshu beamed from ear to ear and was most enthusiastic to highlight the advantages Reliance Digital offered its consumers.

Price Guarantee - Every purchase comes with a 15-day price guarantee. So if within the period you find the same product at a lower price, the store will issue a refund of the difference amount.

My Take - As a consumer, I am rest assured that I have got the best price for the product, else there is an assurance of being able to get a difference refund. So no roaming 10 stores before finalizing from where to purchase. AWESOME

ReConnect - Reliance has introduced its own electronic and appliances range a year ago. It is a preferred choice for the value-conscious consumers as products are attractively priced and backed by a 2-year warranty.

My Take - Products worth trying as the product range is pleasing to the eye, similar in operating systems like other brands and most importantly easy on the purse. VALUE FOR MONEY

Experience Zone - Various kiosks have been set-up for high-end products like Home Theatres, Televisions, Gaming Console, etc to simulate exact conditions to familiarize consumers with the product. The trained staff are eager to assist, understand the need and advise on the choice of product to meet the needs.

My Take - I get to touch, try and feel every product before making a decision, especially when buying expensive once in a decade products. This definitely facilitates decision making. CUSTOMER FRIENDLY

ResQ After Sales Support - A team that supports product installation, repair or maintenance, and that too anywhere in India.

My Take - If I move cities, I still get all the product support that I was offered during my purchases. Bought in Mumbai, repaired in Rajkot and maintained in Banglore. PERFECT

Extended Reliance Warranty - Additional warranty can be purchased with the product from Reliance which kicks in after the individual brand warrant ends.

My Take - Assuming competitive extended warranty pricing, all product maintanence from one vendor irrespective of the product brand, with the Reliance assurance of technician and service quality. CONVENIENT

Free Single Service - On purchase of Extended Reliance Warranty, consumers can avail a free service on an existing product, bought from anywhere, anytime.

My Take - On my purchase of an extended warranty for a new Television, my old Air Conditioner can be one-time-serviced for free. CUSTOMER DELIGHT 

Finally, we came to the end of the experience, moving between floors of the store I was requested not to take any pictures. During our conversation something that Shivanshu said finally seemed so true. He said, "While leaving the store if the customer doesn't buy anything but is happy with the experience, my job is done. In the future when he wants to buy a product and thinks about Reliance Digital, my job is done well."

While leaving the store, I was smiling whilst thinking that I've found a trustworthy place to shop at, in the future.

Have you checked the Reliance Digital Store in your city as yet? Nope... Here is a link to their website Reliance Digital. Bought anything from them? Share your experiences with me, would love to know more.

Happy Shopping!
~ Heena

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