Monday, July 29, 2013

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There was a time when travelling for work for me was as good as going to work. I will always remember my trip to the Sultanate of Oman for a site visit to an oil rig. It was indeed crazy for a girl to visit a place full of men, with no women in sight. I was thankful when the project essential explorations were over and there was finally some time to just drive around the Jabal Shams, the Sun Mountain ranges.

A site engineer's wife accompanied me with her little son. We zoomed through the narrow lanes around the Arabian Peninsula. With every kilometre, we were inching towards the highest peak at the altitude of 3,004 meters above sea level. It was August of 2008 the weather was mild when the numerous slopes and summits made driving such a dream. Every curve we took each versant we crossed, lead us to yet another finally closing into the mountain peak.

Our local guide Allahudda was such a great person, introducing us to the roads, the peak, the sun rays and the almighty. We stopped driving at numerous places to enjoy the scenic beauty and also take those memorable pictures. Though Allahudda was shy, he was an expert at handling the camera and the pictures he took were astonishingly real.

En-route to the peak, he insisted we stop at a place where three valleys merged to invite a spring water body. The locals believe that the place is a blessed place. The water is considered holy and when we sipped on a palm-full, it tasted beautifully sweet.

The other side of the stream is believed to be a place that directly opens into the jannat (heaven) and one should stand there with open arms and pray.

At the peak, there was a viewing deck called the 'Nakhr Balcony'. The balcony is the most heavenly place I have ever visited. A deep ravine in the heart of the mountain ranges opens into chiselled rock forms sculpted by erosion. A private personal heaven touched by the sun.

As we had started early in the evening we could witness the sunset from the viewing area. I was completely mesmerised by what I saw.  Tiny gold dust shimmered in the air, a wave of comforting breeze falling onto the gigantic mountain like a soft quilt and the calmness in the air setting the heartbeats in tune. 

Jabal Shams, a sure must visit place that is the first to greet sunlight at dawn and the last to say farewell to the sunset at dusk.

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