Thursday, October 10, 2013

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"Love is what makes the world a beautiful place!" was the tagline of one of the first few books I read.

Reading a romantic novel hidden within the covers of a text book, watching a chick flick with friends during a sleepover, dreaming to play the lead in the annual school play are my first dreamy memories of the first blush of love. Like every teenager I was hopeful of finding my Prince Charming, the one who'd transform me into a beautiful princess with a glass sandal, the one who'd wake me up from a deep slumber with a tender kiss. I waited and waited.

I realised time was flying away, school was replaced by college. My hopes rose. Doesn't everyone find someone in college? But college gave way to the institute and finally a workplace. The days slipped out of my hands like dry sand... the more I tried to hang on to it, it fell free steady-fast. Friends around me found love, lost love and found love again. And that made me miserable. I started to ponder and question myself.... Was I too critical of the guys? Did I drive them away? Oh why was I the only one who wasn't with someone?

Somehow I had missed the love bus.

I didn't know what it meant when someone said, 'I missed a heartbeat.' or what it felt being swept off one's feet. Though the thought roughed me up but I resigned to 'SETTLE FOR LOVE' rather than 'LOVE TO SETTLE'.

One evening my dad sat me down and asked me, "Have you someone you'd like us to meet?" All I could say was, "No. Dad there isn't." Surprise was written all over his face. Smiling at me he said, "When mom said we should start looking, I didn't believe her." His humour on the subject made the situation light and I laughed, "I didn't find any Prince Charming, you need to do some work and find me one Dad."

The hunt began. After a few unsuccessful meetings, I pondered if I'd ever find my soul-mate. My head screamed "NO WAY" while my heart debated "YES SURELY".

Finally my wait was answered when the most charming, most wonderful man walked into the room and straight into my life. My mom knew the answer even without having to ask.

Ours was a beautiful long distant courtship, a relationship brewing between London and Mumbai. Few months in-between the engagement and the wedding flew away in a jiffy. A beautiful waiting period it was, mushy and romantic even without the flowers, chocolates and soft toys. We shared many special moments during the week long wedding celebrations. TWO people in our own world surrounded by HUNDREDS. After the wedding I moved to London, in a new country and among new people. The days passed quickly and I settled into a routine.

Everything was perfect and wonderful yet there was something missing - the old world charm, the craziness, the child-like romance, and the grand proposal I always dreamt of. The woman in the mirror mocked at me, "What in god's name do you want?" I heard a little girl say, "A beautiful glass slipper, a Prince Charming, an over the top declaration of love".I laughed it off.

Seasons changed and it was almost my birthday, the first one as a MRS. I was thinking about calling a few friends and colleagues over when hubby announced, "Take three days off work, we are going away for the extended weekend, and don't ask questions". I was thrilled at the suspense.

Hubby whisked me away to magical Paris.

We were romancing each other like teenagers, giggling and teasing each other while enjoying the scenic beauty of the most romantic city in the world. We walked down the Champs-Élysées, sat by Arc de Triomphe sipping some red wine. As the evening set in and it grew cooler he took me for a cruise over River Seine, cuddling me like a huge teddy bear. Darkness drew over and we headed for the illuminated Eiffel Tower in the moon-kissed light, exchanging a few cuddles to bring in my birthday.

I kept wondering if he had read my mind all along. It was a perfect day, finally resting at the hotel overlooking the tower. On my birthday he woke me up really early and asked me to be ready by 7 am.

I thought maybe shopping, but that early?

To my utter surprise we took a hot-air balloon ride. As I was enjoying the beauty from thousands of feet above the ground, he went down on one knee and proposed, “I Love You, Marry Me Again”.

It was a day I always dreamt of. My best, most beautiful and memorable day, an unexpected surprise, a dream reality.

Seeing the pearls brimming in my eyes he said, "Every girl wants this, and you with all your romantic novels, chick flicks how could I miss this for you? I didn't have the opportunity earlier, so now after spending almost a year with me you decide whether you want to live your entire life with me?" Throwing caution to the wind I hugged him with my entire being.

The day, oh so beautiful just like .... icing on the cake, flowers in full bloom, drizzles of soft rain, smell of wet red mud all combined in that one day, sealed by something precious - PLATINUM.

As PURE as true love, naturally white does not cast any color and always sensitive.
As RARE as true love, not found easily yet desired by the known.
As ETERNAL as true love, lasts a lifetime and holds securely everything precious.

A day that cemented our relationship and took it to another level. A day that brought in the realization that true love is eternal and everlasting, a day that acknowledged the feelings of the other half, a day that no longer is just a day.

The Day That Is Our PLATINUM DAY OF LOVE; pure, rare and eternal ....etched in my memory so vivid that I only need to close my eyes to relive it again.

Have you found your Platinum Day of Love? Share your precious moments with me.

Reliving my day again,
- Heena


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