Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Last week I was invited to the Panasonic Experience Center in Mumbai for a tete-a-tete with renowned Stylist Kapil Sharma of Kapil's Salon and Academy. The event started at 11 am and was spread across the entire day with different time slots given to various bloggers, to ensure one-on-one interactions.

As fit for a queen, a Camry arrived at 10:45 am to pick me up from my residence. We arrived at the centre in about 45 minutes and we ushered in by some wonderful hosts. As soon we arrived, I was taken around and I was simply amazed. The amazing products were displayed for customers to see, feel and experience before they make the decision to purchase. Really tell me who gives customers that type of luxury? 

One thing that the centre proudly, yet silently announces is that they are so sure about their products.

Soon I was taken to the event area where members of Kapil's Academy were demonstrating beauty routines using Panasonic Beauty Products. I first used the Full Body Massager Chair to relax and rewind. After a good 15 minutes indulging in a lower back and foot massage that happened simultaneously, I moved to the next leg of the event. 

Hair Analysis and Styling using Panasonic Hair Drier cum Styler. The stylists from the academy were experts who were willing to share information and answer all our queries. Luckily even with all the silly things that I keep doing with my hair... straightening, re-bonding, hairstyles, sprays, etc, etc I was glad to be told that the health of my hair was extremely good. 

The awesome product that Panasonic has come up with, with multiple attachments, convenient and above easy to use I instantly fell in love with it. Since at the moment my hair is re-bonded and as straight as it can get, I opted to try the soft curls look. 

Here is the result...

Let me know what you think. I simply loved the time I spent at the Center. And then off I went with springs in my footsteps and a twinkle in my eyes. 

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- Heena


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