Mother's Love

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A Letter To My Daughter

She held him gently so close, 
As slowly she fed him his dose.
She worried about his health,
As she quietly spent her wealth. 

No soon did he recover so well,
She sat and prayed, yet she fell.
Thanking the lord with folded hands,
She adorned his wrists with holy bands. 

He ran, climbed and so naughty he jumped,
But from her duties she never slumped.
Cooking, cleaning, sweeping and feeding,
She did everything without needing.

School, college then university, off he went, 
Without thinking, all the money she quickly sent. 
Expecting him to be a wonderful boy,
She was left with everything else but joy. 

Always waiting for the love that was truly hers,
She longed for the hugs that became a little curse. 
Looking out of the window morning and night,
She hated the demons within she had to fight.

Then came a day she saw a man,
Who ran to her as fast as one can. 
Holding him so close to her heart, 
She wept thinking of the days apart. 

'Darling what happened', she asked,
But in her cozy arms he basked. 
'She hated my smelly stubble',
Mumbled her boy in a bumble. 

She turned his face to look at him,
And kissed his forehead in a whim. 
He hugged her tight and strong, 
They smiled like nothing was ever wrong.

~ Heena Dhedhi

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