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Letters To My Daughter

I cried wanting to move to the next phase of life,
but every month I was left sulking merely as a wife. 
Days became months and they turned into years, 
people said nasty stuff, in his arms I hid my tears. 

It was almost impossible for my survival,
when finally you announced your arrival.
Every day I waited for news about you,
but I was told you still aren't due. 

Juggling duties I dreamt about a miracle, 
he laughed at me teasing about a pinnacle.
Time passed quickly in all your stirring, 
just as the golden date was nearing. 

When daddu held you in his hands, 
I only touched your golden hair strands. 
Holding you so close to our heart, 
we marvelled at God's work of art. 

We promised to get you the stars and the moon,
work hard for you, our cherished god sent boon. 

Yes, as parents every individual wants the best for their children. Even when asked the cobbler on the street has great aspirations for his child just as any millionaire. That's what parenthood is all about. Giving your child the best, sometimes even beyond your own means. I had read numerous articles but I started to identify and relate to those feelings when I first held my princess in my arms. I promised my princess, things which were beyond the price tag. Things which only parents are capable of giving their child.

Gift of Life
Every child receives this gift from his parents, however, it is the duty of the parents to ensure excellent quality of life they provide to the child. The gift of life is largely affected by it's quality. When we gave princess a gift of life, we made a promise to her not only to maintain the quality but also to protect it against all odds. Apart from providing all pre-requisites that ensure healthy living which includes nutritious food, timely vaccinations, safe environment and sound rest, we strongly recommend an investment in Cord Blood Banking and Dental Stem Cell Banking.

Cord Blood and Dental Stem are rich sources of blood, stem and mesenchymal cells; building blocks of the blood and immune system. These cells have the ability to develop into various cells which can help repair tissues, organs, blood vessels and can be used to treat potentially fatal diseases too. The frozen stem-cell rich cord blood and teeth will weave it's magic to create crucial aspects of the body giving the child a better chance of making a full recovery in case faced with some life-threatening moments. Why discard a magic portion when you have an option to store it?

Gift of Love
It is silly to even question a parent's love for a child. It comes as naturally as breathing, as automatically as blinking and as emotionally as tears. But just loving your child isn't enough. For a child to feel loved, parents have to express their love. How does a little baby know his mother from the rest of the world by mere touch? Because of love. We want to keep that connect with princess much beyond the initial years.

Today, everything else is less important than princess, so the job's taken a backseat and so has the business. Every moment princess needs us, we'd be by her side. We have a lot of help around the house, but we committed ourselves to look after princess without the help of a nanny. We want to do silly things with her, be children and grow with her - strengthening our bond and giving her the assurance that we are there for her whenever she needs us. Love is felt when we run around the trees, build sand castles and even when we watch her favourite cartoon together. Sharing cuddles, bringing smiles, exchanging kisses have formed a regular part of our daily lives. Remember distance doesn't make the heart fonder, it makes it lonely; so be there to show your love.

Gift of Values
Every parent wants a child who has high values in life. But how does one instil these simple yet important values? I've witnessed parents talk to children about how they need to behave with others, how not to hit out or scream, pray, etc. With princess we don't teach her how to do things.... we show her how to do it.

We pray every morning and involve her, we visit our place of worship and perform puja together building her belief in the greater power. During tough situations, we speak to her calmly and patiently never raising our voices or raising our hands to inculcate that into her. We treat our house help, neighbours and everyone we come across fairly setting an example for her. And above all we treat our elders with utmost respect and love, thus receiving the same from her.

Gift of Education
The stepping stone to face the big world out there is education. Every parent has great aspirations for their children, dreaming about them as doctors, engineers, businessmen, etc. Many fail to understand that education is not only about the degrees. It is also about what a child learns. The promise that we've made to our princess is about holistic education.

When an educational degree is backed by values, understanding and learnings then our princess will be a truly educated person. As parents we will always be there to show her the right path, however, we wish to build such an environment around her that she realises when she is mistaken and rectifies herself without having to be corrected. That in our view is Education. As princess grows, one thing we wish for her to take from us as parents is our love for reading. Books are those silent educators that teach us a lot without examinations and the results are the ones that are seen for life.

Gift of Security
Building a secure environment for a child to flourish and grow without having to worry about the future is the biggest challenge parents face. Security is multi-dimensional with financial, emotional and physical aspects. To ensure a healthy and secure future for their child parents must keep all these aspects in mind and make appropriate investments. For us, the security commitment we make towards our princess will be multi-faceted.

The emotional security has been guarded with a fortress-like support system of family and friends who will help her sail through the rough weathers when she encounters them. Her physical well-being has been insured with Cord Blood and Teeth Stem Cell banking and a great child mediclaim policy.

To ensure her financial security we have not only invested in a great Child Plan from a leading financial institution but also secured her future with life policies for both of us. In case of an unfavourable event in our life, her life should not be turned upside down due to financial constraints. We are planning on getting her a YoungStar Children’s Plans, a plan that builds a savings fund designed to accumulate wealth for her future. The plan will ensure great payouts during crucial years that will give her the wings to fly to her dreams.

These are some of the essentials that we've chalked out to secure the future of our princess. What are the steps you've taken to do so for your child?

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