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How To Start A Blog
I've wanted to start penning down my thoughts for the longest time ever, but there is always something else that needs my attention and time first. Over the years I have written numerous articles and undertaken content driven assignments, however, the writings that give me immense joy are the ones that help me express myself.

On a very special day, I have taken out the much needed time to take the plunge and finally put pen to paper, more like fingers to the keypad to begin my journey here. And I've finally figured out how to start a blog after moving from media to corporate communications, jobs to my own business partnership firm and finally on my very own today embarking upon the ultimate personal goal....... Baby steps to begin with.... I know I may falter, fall and even fail. But the Leo in me pushes me to get up and try. 

My passion allows me to string words together to express my thoughts .... and some may even appreciate the sequence of the words that come together to form substances. The sole materialistic driving force behind me, three gorgeous people.... little princess, hubby dearest and momma.

Here I come.... guys.... Let's grow together.
~ Heena

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  1. All the best Heena! :)
    Love the feel of your blog!