A Day At The Park With #PrincessHeer

on April 09, 2013 / by

With the advent of the Indian summer, everyone prefers to stay indoors in the comfort of their air-conditioned homes sipping some iced tea and watching television.

What To Do With Kids In The Summer Holidays

My little #PrincessHeer is a bundle of immense energy and wants to do new things every day. So yesterday we headed to the nearby garden all dressed to beat the summer heat armed with sandwiches, orange juice and a basket full of toys.

What To Do With Kids In The Summer Holidays
What To Do With Kids In The Summer Holidays

None of the toys left the basket and nor was any of the snack items touched. Thoroughly enjoyed the outing and work is being scheduled around such outings. Have to put important things first, parenting.

Until More Fun In The Sun,
~ Heena 

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  1. OMG ! She is so adorable. Lovely post xx

    Hina xx

    1. Thanks Hina, following you already dear.

  2. soooooo cutee...how old is she ??

  3. OHHHHH....so cute. Happy post. I love kids and their most precious innocence.
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  4. omg so cute both kids are looking awesome !!!!!!

  5. the kiddie in the pic is soo cute..love it..

  6. Lovely pics! Your daughter is so cute :)

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  7. Lovely article Heena, you look so pretty & your daughter looks angelic as always! :) I love your top! I wish Topshop had an online store too,from where I could have purchased these cute clothes.

  8. Lovely Article..! :) Indeed Very cute ! :)