Reconnect, Nature's Way

on April 06, 2014 / by

Rushing through my life, rushing through my life,
Hey stop me now and help me survive.
Today my days are long and nights are dark,
I sometimes even miss the wild dogs bark.

I’ve long forgotten those fun-filled days,
When as a little girl I walked Nature’s Way.
Meticulously I made castles in the sand,
Watching the sunset holding my dad’s hand!

I remember the cool breeze that played with my hair,  
As I ran on the green grass through the misty air. 
I sat by the mountain; splashing the stream with my toes,
And as it rained I smelled the wet mud through my nose.

My little pony is now a healthy horse,
But rarely do I get a chance to ride a course. 
I hear the bees buzz when I close my eyes, 
And I feel the tears of joy amongst nature’s cries. 

I don’t even remember ever riding a camel, 
But mom shows pictures of me on a mammal. 
However I do remember playing in salt plains, 
Almost wishing I could caress a tiger’s mane!

Mom-Dad brought me up in Nature’s lap, 
But life has taken me far away creating a gap. 
Now, I want my princess to be Nature’s friend, 
Am told Kissanpur is the place my search shall end.

I want to sleep under the moon and the stars,
And gaze at the gorgeous sky ignoring all the cars.
I look forward to running and chasing the ducks, 
And actually catching a little one if I’m in luck. 

I’ll take princess on a journey to unexplored places,
And see the array of expression on both her and my faces. 
Slowly we shall create many memories of fun and glory, 
While Nature takes us through her own sweet story.

~ Heena Shah-Dhedhi

Are you friends with Nature? Whats your most prefered way to spend time with nature? 
Do drop by and leave your comments.

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