What I Voted In, Pun Intended

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In all my XX years on earth, this was the first opportunity I had of exercising my RIGHT TO VOTE. Studying abroad, shuttling between countries for work and setting in London after marriage, robbed me of my voting rights. And when the opportunity offered itself, I couldn't resist being excited. I dressed my part and took off first thing in the morning. Here's how I lost my 'Voting Virginity' to Election 2014.

What I Wore To Vote In The Elections
On my way to the Voter Registered Center to cast my vote.
What I Wore To Vote In The Elections
Yes, #IVotedIn and lost my #VotingVirginity.
What I Wore To Vote In The Elections
What's without a selfie?
What I Wore To Vote In The Elections
We voted to give our children a chance at a country they deserve, which has been denied to us. 

I specifically rummaged through my crazy wardrobe to find something suitable to wear. What stood out the most was a Presha white kurti and white legging. However, it seemed a bit dull and I spiced it up with a W for Woman White Printed Quilted Sleeveless Reversible Jacket.  I kept the accessories to the minimum with a Toniq Sling Bag and Inc 5 footwear.

Someone commented that I may be an emerging political figure in the area and even requested pictures with me. Hehehe hehe in all the seriousness a little bit of fun was good and I did have my moment of glory as well. 

What do you think about my outfit? Was it a bit too much for your liking? Do leave your comments and let me know your thoughts, cause I love those who express. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

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