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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Posted On June 28, 2014 by Team iCynosure.

Kama Jewellery Experience Centre Review

Recently I made the trip from home to the Kama Jewellery Boutique in Andheri for the unveiling of their special cut diamond jewellery collection, oh on a #DateWithDiamonds. Jewellery has evolved over the years with statement pieces replacing over-the-top traditional sets. And that's what the new collection in cushion and emerald cut diamond jewellery from Kama is all about.

Kama Jewellery Experience Centre Review
Kama Jewellery Experience Centre Review

Trust me when I say that the visit was absolutely worth the crazy schizophrenic Mumbai weather, and the maddening afternoon traffic along with juggling between three events and a pretty princess to handle all day long. 

The humongous boutique cum office-factory outlet had a distinctly Indian yet a contemporary and modern feel to it, buzzing like a live beehive full of activities. Just like dreams are made of, I was surrounded with beautiful glass display cases ozzing out black velvet jewellery busts displaying unique pieces of art. Aside from the amazing collection which is what I'll speak to you about in a minute, my favourite part was a 1200 square feet factory visit to familiarise bloggers about the jewellery making process. As we were being taken through the process I kept thinking to myself about all the efforts and the manhours put behind each piece. And that's when I realised that the price we pay for each piece is well worth it!

Kama Jewellery Experience Centre Review
Kama Jewellery Experience Centre Review

Now back to the collection, each piece from the collection is a stand-out demanding attention but not overpowering the wearer. The spectacular collection comprises radiant fancy cut jewellery offering a killer combination of luxury and glamour. What stood out for me, was the signature style of fancy shapes of the cut diamonds set in 18kt white and yellow gold. The new collection with these special cuts capture the beauty of each shape, each one equally stunning yet distinctively unique from the other. Just the visual presence of them all, at accessible length, transported me to a completely different world, a royal land as it's queen. I was already dreaming.

Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings...... Oh my God! I wanted them all. 

When I first received the invite from KamaJewellery for a #DateWithDiamonds - a Blogger Preview Program, it was like walking on water. Did I really think I would be able to see it before the rest of the world? But yes I did, and for some time I couldn't tell if I liked the jewellery more or the wonderful people from the company. But now I am assured by myself it was both.

Kama Jewellery Experience Centre Review

I just couldn't resist myself from trying on a few pieces myself and my heart fluttered at the sight of some gorgeous earrings that I believe looked fetching on me. Secretly I named the collection, 


started cause each piece from the collection is full of Heers (ie diamonds in Gujarati) and is very precious not only in terms of value but also in terms of design and intricacy. 

Back home as I reminisced the wonderful day spent in the facility, I was immensely thankful for being invited to the event as part of a privileged group. If you ask me the designs are truly in a league of their own and a mighty treat for all eyes. I highly recommend a trip to the Kama Boutique in Mumbai for the approaching festive season, but again who really needs a reason to shop? Seeing and trying them on to my heart's content I'm all set to drop hints to hubby dearest after all my birthday is drawing near!

Until diamonds and more, 
~ Heena


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