A ZESTFUL Weekend Affair With Tata Motors

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When I received the invite for the Tata Zest Launch in Goa, I just couldn't hide my excitement. The only thing stopping me was leaving my 28-month young princess along in care of family members. But that’s when the man in shining armour came to my rescue and I literally ran out of the house to catch my flight in the morning.

Tata Motors Launch Event For Tata Zest In Goa

The day began splendidly with the first cab driver I hailed said a BIG YEA to drive me to the airport. And that was the beginning of all things great. In a good few hours, we arrived at the Zuri White Sands in Goa for a sumptuous lunch. What followed was an awesome weekend full of fun, surprises and awesomeness. Over the course of the two days we had many experiences and what shone through were three elements..... 


The initiative taken by Tata Motors was a sure shot winner right from the onset. A program outlined for India's top 50 bloggers to experience the hospitality, technology, innovative product and have a chance to review the same product with each other while shouting out loud all over social media was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Honestly, I am humbled and definitely felt most privileged to be part of such a wonderful pool of talent from across the country. Flown out from our respective cities into the hottest location in the country, Goa to be treated like royalty is nothing short of a dream vacation. The activities lined up for us were not only informative but also exciting and fun to execute. What started with a warm informal blogger session with the adda team anchored by Ankita, was followed up by an informative Masterclass by a panel of knowledgeable experts. Being able to hear the passion in the voices of the brains behind the marvel at a specially organised class was wonderful as was the super surprise that was thrown in at us. Interacting with India's F1 heartthrob Narain Karthikeyan was the icing on the cake. The program though a bit tight in schedule was perfectly in sync that helped us get the best out of it. Truly Spectacular! And not to forget a mesmerising hotel with courteous staff and the white sands as the backdrop, Wow Zuri White Sands. Dinner and a quick beach tour later off we were to dream about the Zest and wanting to wake up the next day to get our hands on the super sleek vehicle. With Flag Off almost on time, we began the drive and after an exhilarating ride all we wanted to do is what we do best. Blog about our Zest experience!

Tata Motors Launch Event For Tata Zest In Goa


Oh, where do I begin? It was the moment all of us were waiting for, and after much wait, it arrived early Sunday morning. A brief about the controls and the must-try features and we were set to hit the road. With a GoPro camera fitted in the cars, it was a treat to express what we felt as we tried every new feature available. Switching modes, switching from the driving to passenger seats, exploring the vehicle inside out, stopping at scenic places to take pictures and super selfies to just relaxing on the way to speak to MissMalini and the Tata team members was a #ZestUpYourLife drive. What was fascinating that both the variant though similar were a different experience in themselves. All I can say is, It's Not Zest Another Car.

Tata Motors Launch Event For Tata Zest In Goa


The blogging world is all about relationships and what better way to connect than at a meet? What I really loved about the Tata Zest #ZestUpYourLife Blogger Meet was the way they brought the blogging community together to enjoy not only the product but also the company of other bloggers. The fact that we were referred to as the top 50 bloggers of the country brought wonderful happy smiles on all our faces time and again. Not only were the members of the Tata group forthcoming and helpful in resolving our queries, trying to fulfil our requests but also were willing to walk that extra mile to help us achieve the objective of the event. Meets are usually organized by numerous brands but in a way that it becomes competitive amongst the bloggers, however, Team Tata and Team Blogadda both gave each of us space, attention and the respect that we deserve. The meet has helped me connect with bloggers, blogadda, team Tata in a very personal committed manner, strengthening our ties and forming friendships like never before.

Tata Motors Launch Event For Tata Zest In Goa

This evening when on my way home, I was thinking to myself that Tata Motors need to do a Meet again on similar lines of DesignNext, DriveNext and ConnectNext soon again. Just as I said this out loud, I laughed to myself thinking that they just did it with the world-class TATA ZEST.

I had the most fabulous weekend, and you? Tell me what you did that truly did #ZestUpYourLife and I'll send some lovely Goa souvenirs your way. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

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