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Every child is a welcome addition to the family. After the waiting period of months, the little bundle of joy comes into our lives and fills it with joy, excitement and above all a lot of responsibility.
Dabur’s Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil Review

Over the years, body massage for babies is the norm in every household inspite of doctors negatively nodding to the activity. Our grandmothers have instilled in our the importance of oil massage followed by warm milk scrubbing not only to strengthen the baby’s bones and muscles but also infuse the skin with a warm glow and get rid of baby hair. 

When my little princess was born, I ensured that the massage was religiously followed and she gained positively through the experience. Infact even today when she sees her little cousin being massaged she willingly goes to the ‘maushi’ for her fill as well. A couple of years ago we used normal massage oils, however now Dabur has launched Dabur Baby Massage Oil gave us an opportunity to review it for the #FirstLove activity by Dabur and here is what it’s all about in a nutshell.

Dabur’s Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil Review

What is Dabur's Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil all about? 
Dabur's Baby Oil infused with olive and almonds claims to strengthen bones and muscles after regular use. It pampers the baby’s skin providing it nourishment and gently moisturises the delicate skin making it soft and supple. 

What are the ingredients of the Dabur's Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil? 

Dabur's Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil contains Natural Oils including Sunflower, Sesame, Olive, Almond, Jojoba; Fragrance, Antioxidants Tocopheryl Acetate And TBHQ. 

How is Dabur's Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil packaged and priced? 

Dabur's Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil is packed in a plastic bottle with a flip cap for use. It looks like a well-packaged product especially for use and incase of travel. The bottle is priced at INR 110 for 100 ml, which is a decent price given the mix of natural oils and anti-oxidants. The shelf life is 24 months. 

My experience with Dabur's Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil
Dabur’s Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil Review

Since my child is very fond of getting massages she absolutely loved the oil and whenever she saw it she grabbed the bottle from the shelf and asked me for a massage. One of the few things that sets Dabur's Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil apart from the others is the non-greasy texture that enables even a mild baby body wash to cleanse it thoroughly. A gently wash leaves the skin soft and supple and a visibly healthier skin. Inner strength also reflects in the rapid movements and attaining the growth milestones in a timely manner. 

Since my cousin delivered a few days earlier, I gave her a bottle without the label to gauge her reaction. I told her that it was prepared by my mother-in-law at home and had a lot of properties that helped the child during the growth years. She told me that after a few days of use, she could see a drastic change in her baby and asked me for the recipe to make it. I simply sent her another bottle with its packaging and she was stunned. Dabur products and other health and beauty products can be purchased from the Indian Beauty Store Nykaa, and it's worth purchasing products using Nykaa coupons to avail amazing discounts. She said she would never ever think about using such a product but simple normal oil, and is now sold on Dabur's Olive & Almond Baby Massage Oil.  

Product Strengths: 
§ Infused with Natural Oils and Antioxidants
§ Paraffin and artificial colours free
§ Dermatologically tested for skin safety

Product Weaknesses:
§ Infused with Fragrance

Will I purchase the range again for personal use?              Mostly 
Will I recommend the range to my friends and family?        Definitely

If you have a little one, you must give the product a try.
~ Heena

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