A Journey From Engagement Rings To Wedding Rings

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The search of your heart has lead you to your soul-mate. Now what you really need is that perfect ring to seal the deal. 

Sometimes picking the right engagement ring becomes a difficult task and no amount of advice really helps. What helps are subtle hints from the flutter of your heartbeats. One thing to always keep in mind is that your engagement ring and your wedding band should complement each other and not be competitive with each other. Online help really doesn’t count as every woman is different with a diverse taste and a lust-list.

How To Choose A Ring, A Journey From Engagement Rings To Wedding Rings

As a woman, it becomes easier for me to pick the variations, just in the hope that I one day may own each of them. Some of the pairings that sure would work really very well together and why you should pick one of these pairs or go ahead be a unique combination.

Pave Band
An engagement ring which is either a diamond eternity ring or a half diamond eternity ring will compliment a super sparkler single diamond ring for the wedding. Let the solitaire take centre stage and shine on.
How To Choose A Ring, A Journey From Engagement Rings To Wedding Rings

Three Stone Rings
An engagement ring which twinkles in different directions and colours will look best with a wedding ring that has similar stones either in colour or cut. The most gorgeous of the lot will be a pair of rings in clear diamonds.

Coloured Stones 
An engagement ring which incorporates a coloured gemstone in the centre or the sides will look set with a wedding band which has a similar coloured gemstone or a gemstone in a contrasting shade as a central point. 
How To Choose A Ring, A Journey From Engagement Rings To Wedding Rings

Unique Style
An engagement ring that stands out as a unique shape should curve in to give way to your wedding band. Especially when an unusual shape is chosen for an engagement ring it becomes difficult to up it with a wedding band and so it is really important to get both of the rings designed to at least shortlisted at the same time. 

Each of these types is available in the classic styles and modern styles. Go for a piece that you most identify with. However, if you don’t fall for what you see then customise your engagement ring as per your fancy. Sometimes you may have to research a lot before you finally find a ring and as a matter of fact, your diamond jewellery that sets the beat of your relationship sailing into a journey of a lifetime. 

Shine on,
~ Heena

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  1. Gorgeous rings, looks so perfect!

  2. Hello Heena,

    It is true; the search does not end with a perfect partner. We women continue to search for a perfect wedding, a perfect ring and many more things. Engagement and wedding rings are a very important part of life and I am glad that I came across your blog about them. It has certainly helped me a lot.