Read The Dance Bible To Ignite Your Passion For Dance

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Read The Dance Bible To Ignite Your Passion For Dance

Every year around this time my feet start to move on their own accord.... after all the dancing festival of Navratri reckons. For me dance is more than some sort of exercise, some sport, dance for me is passion. It is something that I worked very hard towards for a very very long time. I started to train when I was just over three years young until I started working, putting every effort-every minute I had into bettering my art. I danced until I became the best dancer I could possibly be. 

Unfortunately,  after a point, it not only became difficult to continue with my dance lessons but it even got impossible to practice or learn new styles. With the mismatch in time coordination with dance schools, limited options in dance styles and moving cities I never thought that the magic of dance would ever return in my life; until I found the Dance Bible. In this technologically advanced environment, it is important that information, direction and availability is made simple and accessible for anyone anywhere. And that's what the Dance Bible does exactly.

With over 20 dance styles explained with the utmost detail, including the history and their sub-styles and more importantly how each part of the body is involved in dance is noteworthy. Almost all schools provide knowledge about forms of dance by visual representation and the dance bible too ensures to educate dance enthusiasts via numerous videos, both film and real-life performances. Everything that one would expect from an on-ground school has been inculcated in this virtual dance academy, the dance bible. 

However, the platforms does go numerous steps ahead with two significant inclusions, the training schools checklist and the freelancers on the role. As a dance enthusiast, it is such a blessing in disguise that I can from the comfort of my home check the number schools that offer a particular style that I am keen to learn. Depending on how that particular outfit works as per my needs I could either go ahead with the school or then engage with a freelance professional who is willing to train me at my convenience. 

Yet another aspect of the platform is the interview section where conversations with renowned performers and trainers are bound to motivate you to reach from one step to another achieving your dance goals. The platform also has a blog that articulates numerous posts about dance and dancers. And if that's not enough, there is a whole list of artists whose biographies trace their journeys from their early childhood to their awards and accolades. 

Dance is one thing that I absolutely love, and I miss it dearly. With the Dance Bible platform, I absolutely have a chance to get into my dancing shoes and waltz away.

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  1. This is a very informative post, this platform is really a great opportunity for dancers. Thanks for sharing.