Disconnect With Technology To Discover The Joy Of Togetherness

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Disconnect With Technology To Discover The Joy Of Togetherness

In this day and age, fast-paced technology has over powered our lives and hence we share one of those passionate love-hate relationships with it. If I take a look closely at how I spend my day, I realise that more than half my day is strung between google, twitter and email and the works of technology.

Every morning I wake up to a nagging want to check my social media platforms, constantly surfing through them and link-following without realise how many precious hours I’ve spent on it without it adding any value to my life. The smart phone is replaced by the television or the computer at various intervals and the hours of the day wither away unnoticed.

However as a mom, I have a responsibility to focus on my child and I’ve come to realise that my unhealthy habits with technology have been easily adopted by my little #PrincessHeer. Now every breakfast session, every home work project there is always a dive into the devices by a little one whose hands should ideally be mucked with mud or by knees that should be grazed by the grass thorns. The subtle yet defining impressions have made me closely monitor how my little one spends her time. The fact remains that even though we are together, we aren’t experiencing the joy of Real Togetherness.

With me running against time and my little one growing up so fast, the moments of real togetherness are more and more difficult to come by. And thus we need to prioritise how we can make the most of the limited time we have to create a bank of memories. Each day is now dedicated to some family time with one meal of the day to be taken together irrespective of our schedules and other commitments. 
Getting off our backs we will explore all the fun things together… going to the beach, running against the waves, making sand castles and gorging on ice-creams; getting on our tricycles, riding into the national park, whistling at the birds and singing movie songs; work on a fun project, draw and paint with unusual colours, trace out and cut standees and assemble them together; play card games, cheat a little and win a lot. It doesn’t take a lot to get together just a little more effort and a little technology-withdrawal. Read my poem 'Reconnect, Nature's Way' to know what I mean.

It is important that we realise that technology was meant to bring us together and if and when it fails to do so, leave it behind because technology is here to stay. Learn to laugh together and let the instagram video be a component to it and not the other way round. Shoot that video for you to them roll on the floor laughing remembering the times than actually watching what happens next.

Get real, get together,
~ Heena

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