Has Technology Made Life More Easier? #JanoTohMano

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Has Technology Made Life More Easier? #JanoTohMano

As I was browsing through various social networking platforms, I chance upon this advert by Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund that got me thinking about technology. A super-complicated word that it is, Technology has made life so much easier. I know you are going to say that everything comes with its share of advantages as well as disadvantages, and; I shall be the first one nodding in agreement. However, you cannot take away the convenience it has brought to lives making things more accessible and simpler. 

I believe that the biggest change that technology has revolutionised is in the field of education; that with so much unprecedented access to information and options, it is more of a boon to all parties involved than a curse. Technology has not only made that difference to the teachers and students but also has helped parents and guardians equally. Well, you don’t believe it… lets debate.

First and foremost, the admission process has become so much simpler. I remember my sister running pillar to post when her little one was ready for school. Not only did she have to go from one school to another inquiring about the process, but also for application forms and submissions but the paperwork was a damper as well. And now technology has offered the same information at a click of a tab and also has made form submission, list checking and interview scheduling more convenient.

When I started my research for school when #PrincessHeer was ready a couple of years ago all I really had to do was dedicate a few hours on the laptop. I applied for schools online which was so much easier and with no paperwork needed. I just scanned the important documents like the birth certificate, proof of residence and doctor’s certificate and kept uploading those on the respective portals. 

Not only for us but even for the schools and colleges, this system is so much beneficial as it decreases unnecessary man hours and human error in providing-collating information and also to a certain extent narrows down the selection work and unnecessary manual filing. However just as every coin has the other side, Technological advancement in education has also increased competition with more and more students and parents reaching out to a larger group of institutes and online learning schools too. 

So whats your take on technology? After all its the #JanoTohMano times. 

~ Heena

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