Home Is Where The Heart Is, #ZoneWest's Amchi Mumbai

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Home Is Where The Heart Is, #ZoneWest's Amchi Mumbai

When someone asks me what my city has to offer I face a huge dilemma between two phrases that aptly describe the city of Mumbai. Ironically the ‘city of dreams’ is also the ‘city that never sleeps’ and thats what defines Mumbai so beautifully. 

Being born in the nation’s financial, cultural and entertainment capital I’ve seen how dreams make this city tick. Some would argue that it is by far the most densely populated city, a far cry from what one would define as a suitable city to live in, the non-existent infrastructure and the chaos in the routine making it a nightmare to endure. But hang on, the benefits outweigh the limitations. Mumbai gives you what no other city can; a chance to live your dreams. Be it a millionaire driving past marine drive or a common man sitting on the promenade, Mumbai gives them the same opportunities to make life what they want it to be. 

Mumbai is driven as a never-say-die battlefield, that pushes the limits with hard work, risks and persistence. The fact that the city has opened its doors to more than the traditional forms of education, employment and entertainment is proof enough to the testament it swears by to create a forward thinking, hands-on and life-loving experiences. The city allows you to be what you want to be, given that you have the zeal to drive continuously to put your dream in first gear. 

Mumbai is designed as an all-inclusive dreamland, that gives you wings to fly and chase your dreams. The fact that the city is over-populated gives enough evidence of something special it has in it to welcomes people from all over into its fold and the moulds them from being expats to residents. The physical and cultural design encourages people to come together and share their success, happiness, fear and failure with the city’s out-of-the-way efforts and hospitality. 

Mumbai is connected with an invisible thread, that reaches out to take a hand and begin a journey and go on to build the strongest ties. Just the manner in which the seven independent islands of Bombay came together to make what Mumbai is today, the city brings in all its diversity to become a gorgeous land parcel. The connect the city offers between dreams and actions, between ability and reach, between aspirations and paths is astoundingly real and achievable. 

Mumbai is nothing like anything, because when I wake up and look out of the window I don’t see a crumbling palace. I see the ambition of drive at St.Xaviers, I see the beauty of design at Kala Ghoda and I see the business connect at powerhouses like Tata Motors. I've shuttled around the world, lived in four out of seven continents and experienced over a hundred cities but nothing comes close to Amchi Mumbai. Why? Because during the #ZonalWars the World becomes the body while #ZoneWest’s Mumbai beats as it’s heart.

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