How My Mornings Have Become Gold Mornings

on January 24, 2016 / by

Every morning I wake up, 
And stare at you for a while.
Amazed at the little wonder,
That stays beside me all night. 

As I bend towards you and kiss you in a while, 
Your lips turn gently into a gorgeous smile. 
The moment remains etched in my mind,
as the morning turns into gold in its kind.

In seconds you draw me closer,
I know in moments I'll be a dozer. 
Your smile grows slightly wider, 
Just as the thick mattress slides away. 

Unknowingly you turn your face, 
And dive deep into the pillow lace. 
You want to cheat the break of dawn, 
Just slowing as the curtains are drawn. 

I whisper that its a good morning, 
And pull the quilt without a warning. 
You look up at me and frown a bit, 
But not in a mood to get up and sit. 

I climb into the bed for a feather touch, 
Running my fingers through your hair much. 
You pretend to not notice my waking, 
My little princess is astounding breathtaking. 

The moment I move away to go, 
You look at me to hug me so. 
When I wake up every morning, 
I'm lost in gold that's so charming.

Never has my morning been dull, since the time my little #PrincessHeer has arrived. She brings in the actual sunshine into my life to help me glow inside out and feel the love from all sides. A little nudge, a little hug, the shy smile, the pillow fights, the early morning stories, the tugging at the quilt and many more little things make my good mornings into great gold mornings.

The other things that make my mornings into #Colgate360GoldMornings are:

No More Snooze
To make my good mornings into a great morning, I have to stop pressing the snooze button on my mobile. I've set an alarm for a certain time as I see a reason to need that much time to complete certain things before I get going, so no more snooze.

Set The Time
I try to keep the time with my mornings every day, at the same hour. Even on weekends, I go by my internal clock and not sleep beyond the time as to maintain my body's rhythm. 

Be Kissed By Natural Light
I venture out first thing in the morning and settle down to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Fresh air natural light, happy morning visuals all add to my mornings and refresh me within seconds.

Pile On The Protein
Though I learnt the most important lesson a little late in life, now I stand by it. I make my breakfasts the most important meal of the day with a healthy mix to re-energise me with a bowl full of protein.

Get Going
I make the most of my morning, after tranquility and relaxation, I'm all set to conquer the world and I do not sit back wasting time to check my social media platforms or updating them for the world to see. I get going and do things instead. 

And you how do you make your mornings #GoldMornings? 
- Heena

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