Do Parenting Hacks Save The Day? #NoMoreShortcuts

on January 18, 2016 / by

Just like every parent has a few shortcuts to deal with their kids, which save them time and patience, I have a few hacks myself. Over the last few years, #PrincessHeer has created havoc in daily routines and me being a work from home professional her antics ensure that I have a long to-do work list every single day. However, with whatever little parenting knowledge I have I try to balance both my worlds cheekily and sometimes get more than what I bargained for. Unfortunately, what I hadn't realised was that unknowingly I was pushing my daughter towards some very unhealthy habits; the habits that were hampering her overall development. Luckily my wake up call came early, when I was faced with the bribes, threats and even uncalled for tantrums to agree to the disagreeable.

Finally after some very crucial situations, loads of tears and screams I realised that there are no shortcuts to parenting. Let's take a reality check, does enrolling your child in a dance class make him a dancing star or does reading a holy book every night ensure a child grows up to be a god fearing teen? Does a child racing car win at home make him a traffic abiding citizen? I'm sure you all are shaking your head in doubt. Cause if there is even an ounce of this possibility, most mothers would have found the perfect recipe for shortcuts in life. However as human nature is so gullible, we tend to run behind the unachievable and I am guilty of the crime.

But one always need to face the truth and the fact is that there are no quick fixes to parenting or for raising perfect children. Giving them expensive things won't compensate for the time we spend with them or ensuring a smooth sail through without hurdles does not promise life successes. Just like we need to experiment with our learning and failures as parents without any #JugaadParenting we must also make sure we say #NoMoreShortcuts to how our children grow up as adults. Like they say, children learn more by visual representation to be a model to your child day-to-day and guide them. 

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- Heena

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