Live Your Life With A Double Income

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The truth about life is that it never gives you second chances to fulfil your dreams unless you go out of your way and grab every minute opportunity. Goals and dreams are to be achieved by determination, by recognising the need to experience and taking that step to grab the offered opportunity. Just as I thought about what I wanted to achieve, I realised that the only thing hampering my path was the financial constraint.

Nobody can go back and make a new beginning, 
but everyone can start today and make a new ending.

With that Maria Robinson quote I've trying to explore avenues for earning an #IncomeKaTopUp and create an advantage of a double income which will help me chase my passion.

Like the saying goes, 'When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it'. I heard about Exide Life Income Advantage Plan, a unique savings cum insurance plan which works to the advantage of the policy holder by providing a guaranteed regular income and life cover. What is more exciting is that under the Exide Life Income Advantage Plan, the policy holder is required to pay the premium only for the first half of the policy term and enjoy the benefits of an annual income during the the entire term period.

Now just thinking about what I would do if I received an annual income from my Income Advantage Policy that ensures financial security…. Let me take a step back and ask myself, 'If I could do that one thing in life right now, what would that be without worry about money?'.

To this my response will always be…. Travel like a nomad to settle in a new land!

It’s great to holiday in countries around the world; but it’s a different thing to live in a different country for an extended period of time. With the former, what I get is a taste of how different countries and cultures are; with the latter, I get a full immersion of local culture and an inside view of it’s like to be a resident. What I want to do is the latter. 

With an #IncomeKaTopUp a perfect financial planning, I would want to live a few care-free days, flying like a bird building a new nest on a new tree. A new place, a new environment, a new challenge to be a better person. Because I'd have to fend for myself alone, I'd have to make new friends, I'd have to get out of my comfort zone and make a living in a brand new unknown place. With an additional income I'd want to take the risk of getting out of town into a completely new place and reinvent myself.

Since I've just found that second chance I have to stand up dust myself, and invest in my happiness. 
- Heena

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