A Beginner's Guide To Layering

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Like many women, I too was afraid to layer my clothes for the fear of looking a couple of sizes bigger than I am actually. While most experimentation would make it true, but if you master the art well, the style will be most perfect to compliment your figure and give you a flattering silhouette. 

Since I was equally concerned about layering, I tried a lot of variations and chalked out some simple tips to help you get started. 
§ If you have never layered before, start with solid colours, neutrals or striped. 
§ Keep the under-layers fitted, to keep and maintain your natural shape. 
§ Mixing length and proportion will be the key to the final look. 
§ Keep the accessories minimum, just sprinkle a few on. 

For my first brush with layering, I picked a Sleeveless Flare Maxi Dress with an Under Dress Twinset from Zaful. The dress has a gorgeous Vintage feel to it and is perfect for the summers and the fall.

As it is made in a linen-cotton blend it is a great buy for the Indian weather too. You can see it on the website here. I kept my look simple with the outerwear loose and drapey, but with a structured shoulder. I used colour blocking to create an illusion of layering without actually adding layers of clothing and most important I ditched the sleeves. So basically the dress did the layering for me.

#WhatIWore Dress: Zaful, Heels: Catwalk, Bag: StalkBuyLove, Watch: Titan, Sunnies: Tommy Hilfiger 

Now, layer to look your best. Head to Zaful, your one-stop online shop for today’s most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. The affordable collections are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista. Pick a product you would like to style from the brand and leave me your choice below for a chance to win it for yourself. 

Get layering,
- Heena

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