Kishco, The Heritage Brand Revitalises With Innochef

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The iconic cutlery brand Kishco, which has been a household name, since 1950 is India’s leading maker of exquisite cutlery, tableware, hotelware and gift items available in stainless steel, silver-plated and gold-plated ranges. The brand is constantly evolving with time – changing designs, adding new products and upgrading standards, using the best technology.

The brand has launched a new range of high quality cookware, Kishco Innochef. This cookware is made of food-grade surgical steel, using high technology which is suitable for stove tops, electric plates, ovens and induction. The Kishco Innochef is a unique, tri-ply cookware range designed to be super efficient, sturdy and long lasting.

We caught up with Namita Jain - Managing Director, Kishco Limited at a recently held Dining Etiquette Workshop and got questioning.

Team ICynosure: Right off the bat, what are the three words that describe Kishco and the aesthetics?
Namita Jain: I think the 3 words would be : Timeless, elegant and luxurious.

Team IC: Tell us how Kishco came about?
NJ: Prior to 1950, there was this landmark store ‘Kishco’ , in marine drive that sold cutlery. Back then, we were looking to acquire new brands to expand our business interests. The brand ‘Kishco’ which stood for quality, is what captivated us, and we decided to procure the store and the brand. The rest is history; we worked on the brand, revamped the heritage store, and made it luxurious and contemporary. We expanded our product range –we sell cutlery, flatware, hotelware, gift items – both in stainless steel and silver-plated metals. Our products stand for quality and elegance. 

Team IC: What can your clients expect from you?
NJ: Our clients know that Kishco is a brand that they can trust. Besides the classic range we  also constantly manufacture new designs and products  - we use the latest technology in manufacturing without ever compromising on quality. They know that Kishco is a name synonymous with quality and fine craftsmanship.   

Team IC: Tell us about your retail shops.
NJ: We sell pan India in major stores. Also we have our own retail shop - Kishco showroom at Marine drive. We sell through reputed distributors in major cities across India, and are available at well-known retails shops pan India. 

Team IC: I can definitely appreciate your love and focus on luxury pieces — a piece that is authentically designed is so much more powerful. But luxury comes at a price.
NJ: We have always maintained international standards, used food grade metals, maintained superior quality and moved ahead with the times. Kishco is a ‘make in india’ brand which gives you the best quality comparable with any in the world, at highly competitive rates. Our range of products starts Rs 1000 upwards making the brand affordable for all

Team IC: Its great to hear someone so passionate about what they are doing and what they can bring to other people's lives. Where do you seek your inspiration from?
NJ: Kishco is a family business, I got immersed in the brand when i realized my contribution was critical and would make a positive contribution to the growth of the brand. It’s been an exciting journey and a challenging one too! I have to add that I never turned away from my fitness profession, I just balance and manage my time so that I can do both. When I am constantly learning, embibing, interacting, inspiring and contributing, I feel productive and happy.

Team ICHow often do you revamp the designs?
NJOnce or twice a year

Team IC: What advice would you offer others looking to enter the field?
NJ: Do your homework well. Keep your promises. There are no short cuts to quality. And it takes dedicated effort to maintain reputation. Most importantly – hang in there.. Don’t give up!

Team IC: Tell us something about the new cookware range.
NJ: Kishco has recently launched a premium brand of cookware. The Kishco innochef is a unique tri-ply cookware range, made of superior technology, designed to be super efficient, sturdy and long lasting. The Kishco Innochef is envisaged to be the pride of every kitchen. This product will be launched in August 2016, and taken to Major cities pan India. The main features of the products are: 
§  It is multi-usage; suitable for stove tops, electric plates, ovens and induction cookers. 
§  It is easy to handle; the unique technology keeps handles cool and food - hot!
§  It has a total thickness of 2.5 mm; therefore food doesn't get burnt and is cooked evenly.
§  It is safe and hygienic; made from food grade metal which is rust-free.
§  It is made from sturdy, finest quality, three layers of superior metal alloys bonded together. 
§ Due to the combination of alloys, food continues to cook even after the stove is off, thereby making it healthy and fuel efficient.

Check the collection for yourself, and bring in luxury in your kitchen.
- Heena

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