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The air we breathe today is getting worse by the minute, and with each passing day, the air quality is hitting a new low. All around the world people are falling victim to failing air quality; which directly or indirectly is affecting their health. No one can really escape the air pollution especially in the Indian metro cities that are deteriorating day after day. 

As a homemaker, especially a mother I feel the immense need to make the environment healthy for my little one. Unfortunately, there is very little I can do about the situation outside our home, but I can sure do some things that can improve the environment and air quality inside our home with much more than just air fresheners for homeSome of the easiest things I do to improve the air inside our home are:

Purify Indoor Air
One of the most basic things that I do to clean the air and eliminate odours at home is to tackle the issue areas. The troublesome areas in my house include the kitchen and the bathrooms, so I make sure to give special attention to negate the direct odours with air fresheners for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ventilate The Environment
The main reason for the poor quality of indoor air is the hight moisture levels. To counter this problem the easiest and least expensive method I have adopted is to install trickle vents and exhaust fans that offer tiny ventilation spaces for natural air purification without much fuss.

Grow Houseplants
Plants are natural purifiers that can rejuvenate the air, providing the much-needed protection against the toxins in the air. I've planted indoor plants like Peace Lily, Lady Palm and English Ivy that are powerful filters that can purify air naturally, especially in enclosed spaces for a safer, cleaner atmosphere.

Light Scented Candles
Beeswax ionises and neutralises air while improving air quality by removing allergens like dust, pollen and told from the air. So I like to fill my home with beeswax scented candles not only for its therapeutic properties but also as pure beeswax candles burn slowly with practically no smoke.

Spray Air Freshener 
At times I like my home to have my signature scent that overrides all other smells and odours. Scents that I prefer are light and fresh which I either make from natural ingredients that are all available in my kitchen or I use air freshener sprays from an organic brand. 

Let me know in a comment below what you do to purify the air in your home? 
~ Heena

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