5 Improvements For The Living Room

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A living room is the heart of a home. It's the place where the entire family unwinds and spend some quality time together. Having said that, it requires more attention than any other space in a home. While decorating the interior space one shouldn’t only consider the visual aspect, but put equal emphasis on comfort.

With that list of high priority, let’s list down 5 improvements that will bring cosiness to any living room: 

Decorating the Walls
There are numerous ways to refurbish the walls at home. A traditional approach reiterates the use of paintings. However, with the surge of modern architecture simple designs with a mix of mirrors, posters, and photos are given more importance. These solutions provide a clean look that perfectly fits in with white or uni-colour interiors where all items work in unison. Mirrors are especially great as they do not disturb the natural order of things, especially Hollywood Mirrors. Do check this rich collection of mirrors by HollywoodMirrors.co.uk.

Surrounding with Shelves
Another excellent option for doing the interiors is to dedicate a wall or two to shelves. They are seen as obstructing wall decorations but they don't really have to be. One can always use part of a wall for shelves while decorating other walls with mirrors and posters. The main reason shelves should be incorporated into the decor is to make the room cosier and welcoming; especially for a minimalistic approach. Shelves will also be functional as they will provide space to put out things, books and other trinkets that will instil life in the living space. 

Add the Right Trinkets
Every living space is full of small items, memorabilia and other trinkets; that have an emotional connect and triggers a memory. Although most people think that one cannot go wrong with them, they are wrong; especially if it conflicts with the colour of the room or if one adds a lot of them which disturbs the balance of the room. However, when trinkets are in sync with the room's essence, they make for perfect decor. 

Lighting and Fixtures 
It is by far the least important according to people, but in reality, lighting is the most important aspect of a living space. For a classic homey theme, yellow light bulbs are a perfect choice. While for a more modern clean decor, white lights create a uniform atmosphere. However, with so many more options available these days homeowners are in a dilemma whether to paint the light bulbs or buy coloured ones; which in turn can have an enormous impact on the interiors.

Covering the Floor
There was a good reason for carpets to be invented. Besides the obvious fact, they make floors warmer, they will also make the living room much cosier. The fuzziness of a carpet has an important psychological impact that allows one to walk around without shoes or slippers. However, the important point to remember is to cover the entire floor to have a full impact.

With these tips, go ahead and refurbish the most crucial aspect of your home and start living your living space. 

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