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Horror stories have always fascinated me, but only when I’m sure they are imaginary. However nowadays I hear way too many horror stories of compromised security, and those give me goosebumps. Technological advancement has made life so much easier but in hindsight, the same has made every user open to numerous potential risk factors that cannot be mapped.

Just like computers are prone to virus attacks, every device that is connected to the internet poses the same problem, including your Android device that is under constant threat. Chances are, your device is well under the influence one or many 'virus' that you may not even be aware of. Mobile and handheld devices are the prime targets for hackers looking to steal your data; especially since most of us are glued to our devices 24x7. Another crucial factor remains that we logged into our accounts on every available platform, including storing our banking details on our devices; which is a complete security breach. Many of us don’t realise until it’s too late, the dangers of being so careless about security.

More often than not it is better to be safe than sorry. As my phone is my bank of confidential, sensitive and vital information, I have put a lot of efforts in protecting it and securing my privacy. One of the easiest ways to secure my phone was to install an android antivirus app. Though there is a lot of debate about the need for an antivirus app, it is a good idea to install a security software on it. A majority of Android security apps come as a comprehensive package that includes a host of features including real-time security updates, scans for malware, scans for performance issues, alert for malicious downloads as well as remote lock or wipe in the case you lose your mobile.

I’ve installed the AVG Internet Security that offers a choice of free or full protection. The impressive security automatically updates itself, while it acts as a cutting-edge virus scanner that blocks and removes viruses, spyware, and other malware, Block unsafe links, downloads, and email attachments, Keep hackers away with Enhanced Firewall and offers a 24x7 customer service via contact

Not only does my phone remain protected and secure, but also the app doesn’t slow it down. Perfect solution, isn’t it?

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~ Heena

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