Fashion Trends To Look Out For This Season

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The world’s major fashion weeks are behind us and from the offering on the major runways, there are a few trends that have emerged to dominate the next year. While browsing renowned designer dresses online I’ve observed that they are sticking to their individual aesthetics whilst integrating the symphony of similarity in their collections that will hit the spring/summer season next year. A lot many would argue about the absolute inability to transcending runway pieces into actual street style, especially in a country like India; but there is always a way to twist the trends into compatible options to flaunt them, irrespective of where you are.

Stylist have literally put on the party hats early with sparkles, tassels, sheer and elaborate accessories while underplaying the solids, fabric washes, and embellishments. I cannot wait to try the dose of newness that will dominate the season with a mild energy and optimism. I’ve picked the trends that may rule my wardrobe for a major portion of the next year, which you can easily find during your online shopping expeditions. 

Ice Cream Colors
Whether it is about a trend or not, you must add pastels to your wardrobe as they are here to stay. The Pastel trend is definitely not the most ground-breaking trend as it has been around forever, but it definitely is a gorgeous simple one to flaunt. I’m going to dig into my wardrobe to unearth the beautiful lavenders, lints, lemons, lilacs, blushes, powder blues, and more; that are part of my classic timeless collection. Though there are loads of ways to style these, I’d prefer to stick to the color palette to make the look well put together and classy. 

Rainbow Steaks
The most surprising element of the trend alert for the next season is the Rainbow trend. The brights are surprisingly going very strong with an altogether new palette of vibrant colors that ooze confidence and vibrancy. To be honest, I’ve never styled rainbow pieces and it sure will be a challenge to wear the trend in a manner that the style looks mature as well as chic. I’d prefer to stick to basic rainbows and then graduate to eye-popping combinations that will certainly look irresistible. 

Sheer Surprise
After dominating the celebrity scene across the world, the haute trend is finally filtering down to the commons, but the question remains, how realistically can a ‘skin revealing-leaving nothing to imagination’ fabric be styled for everyday use. I’d simply opt for pieces that have sections of sheer, or try layering sheer to create a more street style version of the trend. On a day I feel a bit too adventurous, I shall flaunt a sheer piece with sophisticated cuts to flaunt the censored version of me.

Go clear this season with what works best for you.

Until next time,
- Heena

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