Tips For Making Your Bedroom A Cosier Space

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Your bedroom is the place where you come to rest and sleep after a long day, so it’s no surprise that the ‘cozy’ factor is something that ranks high for many people when it comes to putting their perfect bedroom together. Whether you’re redesigning your current bedroom or have recently moved home and want to make your new place cozy and welcoming, there are several things that you can do to create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Here are some of our top tips for putting together a cozier bedroom space.

Hang the Right Artwork
When it comes to choosing artwork for the walls in your bedroom, the type of pictures and designs that you go for can have a big effect on how cozy and comfortable your room turns out overall. For example, paintings using darker colors can add to the ‘coziness’ of a room, whilst abstract designs tend to add a relaxing aspect. If you have a lot of open, unused space on the walls in your bedroom, then adding wall art such as paintings, posters, and photographs are one good way to fill and use up the space and make your room look cozier and more compact. 

Get the Lighting Right
If the lighting in your bedroom is too bright, then it’s not going to look as cozy as you probably want it to. The use of lamps or adjustable spotlights in your room is a much better choice than just one big main light since you can turn the brightness up or down depending on the mood. For example, have the lights bright in the morning when it’s time to wake up and leave them on lower during the evening as you’re relaxing and winding down. Fairy lights or string lights above your bed can add a nice touch, too. 

Use Blankets and Pillows
The more softer furnishings that you have in your room, the cozier it will look and feel. So, don’t be afraid to go to town on your bed when it comes to decorating it with blankets, pillows, throws and other soft furnishings. Even if you don’t use them all at night when you’re asleep, this can surely add a very cozy feel to your room and it’s always nice to know that you have extra blankets there if you need them. 

Get the Color Scheme Right
Lastly, if you’re currently redecorating your bedroom, then getting the color scheme right can add to the cozy factor. Dark colors, such as red, purple, dark blue or even black will make your room look and feel smaller, which can be great for a cozy and compact vibe. Or, if you’re hoping to open your room up but still want it to look comfortable, pastel colors such as light blues, pinks, cream and even yellow can all create an airy yet cozy effect. 

If you found these tips helpful for decorating your bedroom, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. 

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