Massaging Your Baby, Yay / Nay

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The very first time I argued with my mother-in-law, was a few days after #PrincessHeer was born and it was about whether or not we should let a wrinkly old lady massage my two-day young one. I was dead against those rugged hands coming anywhere close to my baby’s tender frame and delicate skin. I was, however, willing to learn how to massage my baby myself, but with a C-section delivery, I was confined to bed rest for at least a few weeks. So unwillingly I let the seemingly old lady with leathery hands massage my daughter and I realised that she had the gentlest touch ever. The way she massaged with the right amount of pressure, the perfect strokes and with such precision reinstated my belief in the fact that massaging a baby in the initial months is a traditional ritual that new-age parents are opening up to. 

As a mother, my experience with creating and following a routine for massaging #PrincessHeer during her growing up years has been great. I strongly recommend immense care while choosing the massage oil for your baby’s skin, especially as it is sensitive during the initial days. One of the most important aspects that I looked into while selecting the right massage oil were the benefits of natural ingredients and moisturising capabilities! Choose an oil base that is mild and non-greasy, as it shall glide more easily over the baby’s body making it easy to absorb into the skin and not cause allergies or indigestion if the little one sucks on his hands or fingers. Another important thing is to always test the oil for potential allergies or reactions by dabbing a little bit on a small section of the leg. I did choose my massage oil very carefully.

As Dove, my favourite skincare brand ventured into baby care products - Baby Dove, I couldn’t wait to try them and ended up absolutely loving the products and vouching for them as I've had a chance to experience them. The Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Massage Oil is everything you want for your baby with it’s specially designed lock-in moisturising feature to soothe normal to dry skin. Additionally, the light, non-greasy and fast absorbing formula keeps baby’s skin feeling soft and moisturised all day long.

Massaging definitely has a lot of benefits for babies. So, if you are looking for a reason to massage your baby, against some expert opinions, here are a few to begin with. 

massaging deepens a physical and emotional bond with the baby

~ massaging should be either done an hour before bath-time or bed-time
~ massaging helps enhance bone strength and assists weight gain 
~ massaging helps soothe the baby and encourage restful sleep
~ massaging can be either with oil or cream or use both alternatively

I chose to massage my little one until she was completely weaned and transitioned from a baby to a toddler. You should choose a massage routine after a few days of trials with your little one. Pick the right massage oil, choose a comfortable space, begin with gentle strokes, follow massage steps that your baby enjoys and share with me in the comments section how your experience with massaging a baby is. 

Until next time,

~ Heena

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