5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish

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The Indian Monsoons are here, and as the drizzling rains and cool breeze replace the sizzling summers, you need to relook at your wardrobe. It's the time to swap all the summer essentials with your monsoon compatible fashion finds. I’ve found Rosegal, a leading global online shopping destination that provided a wide range of high-quality clothing, footwear and accessories at factory direct prices. With numerous products at affordable, I just couldn’t contain my excitement and kept adding to my wish list for the monsoons.5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Shorts and Capris are a summer staple, but can easily transcend into the monsoon season with finesse. Opt for fabrics that pretty much dry quickly while giving you that comfort fit; also go for fun and quirky prints that uplift the mood when the weather becomes a little gloomy. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Tank tops make the ideal companion for shorts during the humid monsoons. They are super airy, light and comfortable to wear all through the day while being stylish and fashion forward. Opt for graphic prints or solid colours to make them versatile. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Footwear compatible with the monsoons is more of an essential item, so ditch the heels and opt for rain boots or open toe strappy sandals. Opt for footwear that would give room to wet feet to breathe easily. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Bags are a must-have in all seasons, but during the rains, it becomes essential to carry waterproof bags to safeguard the contents. Waterproof Bags are available in a variety of style singling crossbody, backpacks and totes. 
5 Things You Need This Monsoon To Stay Stylish
Fashion accessories can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary; and just because it rains don’t leave the accessories out. Opt for colourful bracelets, headbands, hair clips in funky colours and patterns. 

The brand is also having an amazing Rosegal 5th Anniversary celebration where there are additional discounts on all products and the overall amount that you spend on the shopping. So don’t wait, head to the online store now and shop to your heart’s content. 

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