Jewellery That Perfectly Reflects Your Inner Spirit

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Jewellery is an integral part of the choices a woman makes, it is personal, it is prolific and yet it is what accentuates ‘her’. Making heads turn with opulent jewellery pieces is a relatively easy task, but the catch is to be subtle with your jewellery choices and yet be the cynosure of all eyes. Personally, I wear my heart on my sleeve and one statement piece of jewellery that perfectly reflects my inner spirit.
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Timeless Timepiece
When it comes to accessorising I vouch that nothing is more stylish and more timeless than a unique watch. Timepieces are my go-to statement pieces that I alternate between depending on the occasion, my mood and my outfit choices.
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Personalised Necklace
When it comes to adorning the neck is very easy with personalised necklaces and pendants, as it takes my outfit to the next level. I’ve invested in a few caratlane gold necklaces that are traditional with a modern sleek design twist to bring out my personality. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Dressy Brooch
When it comes to attention-seeking, I think nothing works better than a dressy brooch in eye-catching colours and forms. The very fact that brooches serve a purpose while being complimentary of a variety of outfits makes them an instant winner. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Pearl Studs
When it comes to being classy yet stylish, I know nothing works better than pearls. A pair of pearl studs ooze out oodles of old-world charm and modern sophistication. I’ve picked pearl studs in understated hues of cream, blush and ocean blue to make them stand out. 
Must-Have Jewellery Pieces For The Modern Woman
Cocktail Ring
When it comes to making a bold statement, I’d grab a cocktail ring to dazzle. With unlimited design, metal and stone options, I will always manage to find cocktail rings that seem an extension to my personality and can be worn with practically any outfit. 

Mixing jewellery pieces too can be a lot of fun, however, I tend to keep a few pointers in mind to keep my look stylish yet subtle.

* Never let a piece overpower your personality
Wear a statement piece and two others that compliment it
Don’t clutter or stack pieces of jewellery, let each shine independently

So what is the one piece of jewellery that you vouch for? Let us know in the comments below. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

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