Probiotics 101: Your Guide To A Healthy Gut

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A few weeks ago I wrote about how #ProteinDeficiency in our diets affect our overall health and how protein can be supplemented via #SoyProtein especially for those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets. However, to derive the maximum benefits of protein, it needs to be completely absorbed into the system and for that good bacteria in the gut are essential. With today’s hap-hazard lifestyle there is an imbalance between good and bad in the human body, and thus to bridge the deficit, #Probiotics are to be consumed. 

But, what are #Probiotics?

Basically in simple layman terms, Probiotics (Pro = Promoting and Biotics = Life) mean #PromotingLife. However, in more complex scientific terms, Probiotics are live microorganisms ie good bacteria which are either the same or similar to the bacteria present in the human body, that when ingested or applied locally in sufficient numbers, balance the good and bad bacteria in the digestive system. Introducing Probiotics in your diet is a natural way to enhance the gut flora which in turn gives incredible health and wellness benefits. Discussing all possible benefits of Probiotics would be impossible, however, some of the important ones, in a nutshell, are as below:

~ Improves Gut Health

~ Aids Digestion
~ Enhances Immune Function

~ Lowers Inflammation

~ Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
~ Helps Weight Loss

~ Protects Bone Health

~ Regulates Hormone Levels

The most common, household source of probiotics is curd, however, now probiotics are also available in consumables like beverages, bars, confectionery, dairy, dietary supplements, frozen desserts, and more. Last but not least, taking a quality probiotic supplement is a great way to improve the gut microflora, however, you must check the some specifics prior to consuming a product.

Strain Diversity: It is important to check and identify cultures or formulas present in the product, and whether or not they are able to make it to the gut and are able to colonise.

Prebiotic Ingredients: It is crucial that a probiotic contains prebiotic and complimentary ingredients such as hemp seeds, flax seeds, turmeric, etc for the good bacteria to grow.

Active Cultures: It is best to pick products that have ‘live and active cultures’ rather than ‘made with active cultures’ for them to show any effect.

With so much at stake, only a few companies can boast of significant scientific research and studies done around strains of friendly bacteria that enhances several physiological functions, particularly that of the body’s natural defence system and intestinal well-being. DuPont™ Danisco’s range of probiotics, popularly known as  HOWARU® Premium Probiotic strains are clinically proven health-enhancing bacteria that are widely used in food and beverage products and dietary supplements. HOWARU®’s range of premium Probiotics are built on a strong foundation of clinical trials and with a key focus on safety and quality. 

However to be sure you are purchasing the right product, check the product label for:

~ species and strain designation for each probiotic 

~ minimum viable numbers of probiotic at the end of the shelflife

~ suggested dose for the related health benefits

So if a product is made using HOWARU premium Probiotics, the same will be mentioned on the packaging. HOWARU® Premium Probiotics are are available as ready-to-market products or in concentrate form. They are also optimised to meet specific consumer needs to help maintain natural immune defenses and includes: HOWARU® Protect Earlylife, HOWARU® Protect Kids, HOWARU® Protect Adult, HOWARU® Protect Senior and HOWARU® Protect Sport, HOWARU® Shape, HOWARU® Balance, HOWARU® Restore, HOWARU® Transit or HOWARU® Dophilus.

DuPont has the most diverse portfolio of Probiotics that are backed by technology, research and consumer insights. With growing awareness of the relationship between diet and health, consumers are demanding food products and dietary supplements that enhance health as well as provide basic nutrition. I'm one of those demanding consumers, I’m probioting, are you?

Until next time,

~ Heena

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