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ND rocks his JORD Watch and a Giveaway

I am a stylist by passion and that puts me in the centre of many fashion discussions. One of the most prominent questions I get from friends is about accessorising to stand out in a crowd, and my response to that is, ‘Pick a single accessory that will speak for you’. Even as a woman I keep my accessories to a minimum and absolutely vouch for a stunning timepiece. For me, nothing is more stylish and more timeless than a unique watch. Watches are my go-to accessory for all occasions to uplift my mood and my outfit.

Every time I get a new timepiece, my husband rolls his eye. But truth be told, even the tiniest pieces can make a bold statement and become the cynosure of all eyes with the right atmosphere set around it. Over the years I’ve formed a keen interest in hand-crafted pieces, with a personal touch that helps me define my style, and recently I found JORD Watches that do just that. 

JORD Watches are what I would call the elegance for a modern lifestyle that emphasises sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. The pieces aren’t for people who have to be somewhere, but for those who have somewhere to go. Behind every JORD is a group of artists, designers, marketers, and minders, who spend days creating perfect timepieces while arguing, and finally agreeing on all aspects of a finished product. By combining natural materials with reliable movement along with the JORD craftsmanship, a JORD is super luxurious and yet affordable.

As I received a Koa & Black timepiece from JORD’s Dover series today, I knew it had a perfect story to tell. I resized the strap for my husband who finally understood that the value of a watch doesn't lie in being able to tell the time, but lies in being aware of making that time count, making moments much bigger than the minutes on the face of the watch. I am one of those people who like to create uniqueness in everything, with small details that are captivating. So when I found out about JORD Watches, and especially the option of customised engraving, I absolutely had to get one for my man. The message I got engraved on the watch, ‘Time Will Explain’ is what we as a couple resonate with.

ND rocks his JORD Watch and a Giveaway
ND rocks his JORD Watch and a Giveaway
ND rocks his JORD Watch and a Giveaway
ND rocks his JORD Watch and a Giveaway

And since we loved our JORD, we’ve partnered with the brand to offer our readers a chance to own their very own timepiece from JORD. The contest is open until November 18, 2018. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

Disclosure: I was given the option of choosing a watch that resonates with me by JORD Watches. The piece is a gift from the brand, however, all opinions and images in the post are my own.

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