Ideal Gifts to pick for a Newborn

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RV came into this world kicking up a storm and I was overwhelmed with emotion and anxiety. My second brush with motherhood was fairly simple as compared to the first time when #PrincessHeer arrived, I knew what to do and what not. I also knew particularly what I needed and what I didn’t. While it’s easy for new parents to figure out what they need for their newborns, it’s pretty tricky for friends and family to know what to gift when visiting the newborn. Sometimes they think they have picked the most ideal gift which actually turns out either to be completely useless or gifted in multiples.

So this time to negate the unnecessary, I created a unique online gift registry that brings together unique baby and kids products from over 35 brands under one roof. These products are perfect gifts for every occasion including birthdays, baby showers, and more. As I created a registry for RV, I browsed through different websites, selected products and added them to my wishlist; which then I shared with my friends and family in just a single click. And voila, I received the most appropriate and useful things that would ease my motherhood journey.

Do you want to know what products I picked for my little man?

Diapers are the most obvious gift for a newborn, however, only a few people I know think of diapers as an appropriate baby gift. Maybe the rationale behind it is that diapers don’t last, and one wants to gift something that stays forever. This issue is now resolved with eco-friendly, reusable cloth diapers that not only keep the baby happy and healthy but also keep the environment safe. Reusable cloth diapers from brands like SuperButtoms have now become the most appreciated and useful gift for new parents. I received a dual pack of Superbottoms Plus Uno that are perfect to start diapering, as they are a sustainable, rash-free option for babies up to 3 years of age. The diapers are the slimmest cloth diapers available in cutest prints, that work as a 3-in-1 product; re a diaper, a pocket diaper and a swim diaper.

The one thing that I learnt with #PrincessHeer was that no matter how cosy a swing or bouncy seat is, she always wanted to be cuddled in my arms. And no matter how much I loved doing it, it became impossible for me to go about my daily routine while carrying her. So I particularly wanted a fuss-free, hands-free baby carrier that ensured maximum comfort and luxury for RV. Of the many national and international brands available I picked the Yoga Carrier from Cookiie Pie Co. for its silhouette which helps a baby nest against your body in the most natural way. The Yoga Carrier is the easiest way to soothe a baby during sleepless nights and tiring days, with its supportive waist belt and cushioned under thigh guard. The Yoga Carrier is a practical gift for new parents that can be used until the baby weighs 20 kgs.

I was surprised with just how many types of baby blankets are available in the market today, making it extremely difficult for new parents to figure out what exactly would be appropriate for an infant. The main job of a good baby blanket is to provide the newborn with positive sleep associations helping him to fall asleep without too much fuss, and keep him calm and reassured. The Dro Sto blanket that I received, is a gorgeous piece in a lightweight and breathable fabric perfect for swaddling, tummy time and everything in between. The blanket allows RV to sleep easily and peacefully, without heating the body even in a warm climate. The blanket is available in lots of fun colours and exciting characters, and be rest assured that there is a Dro Sto blanket that can match any nursery. The Dro Sto blanket is so snuggly, soft and cushiony, that I wish they made it in full sizes for adult-kids like myself to feel amazing.

New parents receive numerous clothing items as gifts, but not once have I heard or seen baby footwear given as gifts. Believe it or not baby socks, booties and shoes are essential for every newborn as they help regulate a baby’s temperature. In fact, I’ve personally experienced that fussiness decreases as soon as RV’s little feet are covered and warm. Since I didn't want to leave it to chance I added a few products from Aviv a brand that specialises in custom-made handcrafted baby footwear on my must-have list of baby products. The brand Aviv works with local artisans supporting cottage industries to offer luxuriously soft, super flexible, thin-soled baby footwear made with carefully chosen materials to keep your little one's feet protected. The brand offers a ton of colours and patterns for both little girls and boys that will help your little one stand out in a crowd. Not only are the shoes a perfect keepsake, but the brand also offers bags for toddlers and tooth pouches for kids as well, all perfect to create lasting memories.

A rocker or a bouncing chair is an absolute lifesaver for a new parent, and I know this as #PrincessHeer had colic and it was the most perfect way to help her lay in a reclined position to help reduce reflux and also allow for a soothing rocking motion. After intense scrutiny, I picked a good quality rocker from Little Olive rocker for its ergonomic design and premium quality material that is suitable for a newborn. The rocker not only keeps the baby engaged during playtimes, but it also offers a great position in the initial days of feeding and also serves as a great option for a baby to sleep in. The Little Olive rocker not only cradles little RV in comfort and provides optimal support for his back but also soothing massage-like feel with the vibrate function to keep him safe and engaged.

What do you think? Are these products perfect gifts for a newborn or do you think there are other products that would make ideal gifts? Leave me your suggestions in the comments below about what would make ideal gifts for a newborn; or some interesting episode when you received gifts for your little ones.

Until next time,
~ Heena

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  1. I got the moms co baby pampering suitcase kit on my baby shower and it is so good, all their products are toxin free and safe for babies! I believe it is the prefect gift for a new mom!