Wedding Shoes, Tips To Pick The Perfect Pair

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The date is set, the card is selected, the wedding dress is picked and the accessories are coordinated. Now all you need is the right pair of shoes to dazzle on your big day. But you have no idea where to start, except that traditionally brides preferred to match their wedding shoes to their wedding dresses. But that is so very passé now. In 2019, brides are paying attention to their footwear more than ever, and experimenting with different shoe silhouettes and styles.

Just like every aspect of your wedding ensemble, there are many options in wedding footwear but most of the time brides end up picking glitter pumps or heels for their celebrations. For my wedding in 2007, I alternated between a pair of super cute ankle strap heels and super stylish gold glitter pumps, and both had the same magical effect on the overall look. However, today if you are wondering what kind of heels you should opt for, for your wedding celebrations, I’m going to share with you, the best options you can choose from.
Without a shred of doubt, one of the best silhouettes in high heels is the Stilettos, however not the most comfortable if you aren’t used to wearing it. But if it is your choice of heels I’d suggest to pick a colour to either to compliment or contrast your dress and make them both stand out. 
The most ideal wedding heels that can easily add 3-4 inches to your height and make you look taller are the pumps. Go for this heel if you want toffee a little air under your feet. Though pumps are available in numerous shades I'd definitely recommend silver glitter pumps that will compliment any dress. 
Ankle Strap 
A perfect pair of heels that offers more stability with a strap around the ankle making it super comfortable not only to walk in but also dance in are the ankle strap heels. I'd keep in mind to get a pair with straps that are small to medium in thickness, so they don’t bite and cut into your skin.
Kitten Heels
The perfect choice of heels if comfort is more important to you than style, would be the kitten heels. The silhouette makes you look as cute as a button and the comfort is top notch making them a perfect companion for the entire celebration. I'd pick ones with beautifully crafted heels in various forms to make it more endearing. 

Now that we have the type of heels you want sorted out, here are some tips to make picking one easy.

1. Get a style you have worn before and are comfortable in. Don’t experiment with heel height.
2. Pick the right size and wear them in for a few hours before the D-day.
3. Opt for comfort, stability and style, precisely in that order.
4. Bring a spare pair of shoes and keep them under the bridal table, in case you need to change.
5. Keep a footwear survival kit handy; with band-aids and gel inserts.

Finally, always remember, it is your wedding day and what you wear is a matter of personal preference. Pick whatever your heart desires to make your perfect wedding ensemble and just remember to have fun. 

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