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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Posted On July 18, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

So it has been forever since you planned your entire wedding in your head, from the venue to the guest list to the delicacies and the dress. And now as the day nears you have started the actual preparations, but as you, near the task of picking the bridesmaid dresses you don’t know what to do. One of the most crucial aspects to look into while picking your bridesmaid’s dresses is the right hue that won’t overshadow you on your big day nor will be a dampener to the entire look. 

Here are the colours you can choose from and what the colour would say about the bride:

Champagne or Gold: As a bride you want your besties to have an exceptional day as you walk down the aisle. The colours champagne and gold speak luxury, confidence and elegance.

Pink: As a bride you want to relive the childhood innocence with your friends one last time before starting a brand new life. The varied hues of light pink speaks of girls fun and carefreeness.

Lavender: As a bride you want to have a laid back approach during the very necessary wedding chaos. The colour lavender speaks about the rustic vibe of a field or a barn you want translated into the wedding.

Taupe: As a bride you want sophistication in every thing about your wedding making it modern and clean. The colour taupe speaks about inclusion of your besties in the perfect setting.

Blue: As a bride you want your girl gang to feel like royalty, beautiful and appreciated for being there for you. The colour blue speaks to the enthusiastic and spirited, and adds a hint of glam drama. 

So no matter what hue you pick for your girl gang, pick it from BM dresses, and make sure you ask yourself these important questions when shopping for bridesmaid dresses.


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