Unique Bridesmaid Gifts That She Will Reuse

on July 23, 2019 / by

She helped you make the best of your big day and she deserves a little more than a simple thank-you, - a thoughtful present never hurts. After making the most shopping at BMBridal, loosen the purse strings and thank your bestie with one of the amazing gifts that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but will definitely be reused much after the wedding celebrations have concluded.
An Amazing Bridesmaid Dress: With mismatched bridesmaid dresses making their presence felt in the wedding circuit, pick dresses that suit individual personalities of your bridesmaid so they can wear them at some party or another celebration in the future. You can pick bridesmaid dresses under $100 that will ensure a quality for the price.

A Beautiful Little Bauble: Who doesn’t like a little bit of bling? Mark the occasion with a beautiful pair of earrings for your girl gang, or a pearl drop pendant. Trust me she will be the happiest and will wear her piece of bauble with love and pride.

A Linen & Silk Lingerie Bag: Just like you, she needs a handy bag to house her unmentionables. Pick a simple yet essential two compartments lingerie bag to separate clean from dirty, with a pouch section for dried lavender to keep everything smelling nice and fresh.

A Simple Emotional Frame: Sometimes the best way to say thank you is to keep it simple and truthful. With a Card Frame remind her, how she is the zig to your zag, and it will tug on her heartstrings.

A Set of Scented Candle: Keep the good vibes rolling with a set of luxurious candles, adding a personal message, making each a deliciously scented thank you from you to your girls.

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