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India is almost drowning in the garbage that we generate. This is seen in the grave picture that our landfills paint - a mammoth problem that plagues the country today. The landfills are overflowing with as much as 1.50 lakh metric tonne (MT) of waste that is generated every day of which almost 90 per cent is disposed of in open areas leading to numerous health and environmental hazards. Compared to the world, India practically does nothing to combat this demon. 

In most of the developed and developing countries, there are #WasteManagement guidelines laid down by the government that make segregating waste mandatory for every waste generator be it an individual, community, society or corporate. However many citizens take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt ways to give back to the environment. One such simple step is to manage food waste by reducing wastage, redistribution excess food, and treating food waste at an individual level. That, in turn, will reduce 32% of the total garbage load on the county.

I’m sure that if most citizens are made aware of these alarming figures would want to do their bit, but they would still be unaware of what exactly to do. Simple segregation of wet and dry waste will not serve the purpose as both eventually land into the same waste collection truck and end up in the same landfill where nothing can be done except dumping. So the change needs to come at an individual level… And that change can be a simple machine that breaks down the food waste into very fine particles, liquefying and flushing it into the wastewater pipes and flows to the water treatment plant or the septic system. Interesting isn’t it, and more than that unbelievable. I thought so too… until the world’s leading technology and engineering company - #EmersonElectric invited me to learn about InSinkErator India - a celebrated garbage disposals technology that helps keep your kitchen the best.

During a visit to their showroom in Mumbai, I was very impressed with the range of products that the brand has in the food waste disposal segment, which means that there is one that’s right for every home and every budget. The fact that there is no change in plumbing needed, to install an InSinkErator, makes it one of the easiest #KitchenAppliances to adopt at home. The usage is also extremely simple, all you need to do is push in the food waste through the sink ring while running a steady stream of water, and within 5-10 seconds the sink will be unimaginably clean.

Of course, every woman will debate the need for an #InSinkErator in the house when garbage bags work just fine….. And to this I can point out not one but numerous garbage disposal benefits

Save Money: Using a garbage disposal will save money spent on garbage bags, dustbins, and plumbers.
Clean Kitchen: Using a garbage disposal will remove all food waste from the kitchen making it clean and odour-free. 
Better Health: Using a garbage disposal will do away with all the pesky insects in the kitchen, making the house more immune. 
Low Maintenance: Using a garbage disposal regularly will make it a self-cleaning machine, with practically zero maintenance. 
Environmental FriendlyUsing a garbage disposal regularly will reduce your carbon footprint and help the world breathe a little better. 

The InSinkErator is a modern lifestyle solution - a magic tool for any kitchen, that will ensure you need not send your food waste to pollute the environment. So think about it and adopt it. 

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~ Heena 

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