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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Posted On October 03, 2019 by Team iCynosure.

You may think, I have everything so well put together, even with two kids. But trust me this has been a long time coming, with numerous errors, horrendous mistakes and then small notes to myself, this almost-perfect situation is a commutative effort of many years of travelling alone, with family and now with kids. It does take a great deal of planning and a solid checklist that ensures I leave the house without having to worry on the road.

Here are the 8 essentials that I won’t leave the house without, those which keep me charged, fresh-faced, hydrated and prepared for whatever the day brings.

Shades: Shape, colour, brand doesn’t matter, but what matters is that I have one in each of my handbags to protect my eyes from the glare of the sun. Not only that I carry a pair for the kids as well as night vision sunnies especially those which help when I’m driving. 

Earbuds: When on the go I love to listen to audiobooks or music and that requires a good set of earbuds. I prefer plain and simple in-ear earphones, but you can pick what suits you best from wireless or bluetooth enabled to over-the-ear or even noise cancelling ones.

Moisturiser: My go-to product, a natural multipurpose moisturiser is a triple threat, as I can use it not only to combat my dry skin but also chapped lips and frizzy hair. I prefer one with ingredients which include olive and jojoba oil, beeswax and aloe vera. 

Power Bank: Yes, I never go anywhere without my phone, but what if it runs out of power? A mobile charger and adaptor along with a power bank are an essential part of the in my handbag products no matter where I’m going. 

Tissues: Whether I need ammunition against small runny noses, or make-up disasters or just clean up a mess, my best friend - the tissue comes to my rescue. So I always throw in a couple of travel-sized tissue packs in my handbag. 

Hand Sanitiser: On the go, especially with the kids I cannot and would not want to go looking for a sink to clean dirty little hands. The best replacement for washing and cleaning hands when travelling is a hand sanitiser which always finds a place in my handbag.

Healthy Snack & Water Bottle: A small snack kit is a must have in my handbag. A small pouch with a few mixed nuts, energy bars keep the kids and me fuller for more time. And to ensure hydration in the weather, a bottle of water is a must at all times. 

Business Cards: Last but not the least, I never know who I'm going to end up meeting and where. So I ensure I place my business cards strategically in an accessible place in my handbag so I do not rummaging my handbag for one. 

Is this a list you carry as well? Can you add any item in the comments section to make a mom's life easier? 

Until next time,
~ Heena


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