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When people are in a foreign place earning new experiences, the mind is open to everything. The mind processes emotions better and the heart is all set to embark on a new love story. The four-episode series from Viu, 'It Happened In Hong Kong' is something that can be understood on these lines. Played by Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra, the show elaborates wanderlust and a budding love story between two strangers. If you are having a tough day at work, watch series 'It Happened In Hong Kong' to remind yourself that life can be beautiful. You just need to know how to seize the moment.

A business trip ends up being something very exciting
The web series shows the story of a Bombay girl, Aahana, who is on a solo trip after having a rough patch in her personal life. Amol is a Delhi boy who is facing an existential crisis and is in the middle of a business trip. Both these people arrive in Hong Kong, seeking seemingly different things. However, life gives them both the sweetness of each other's companion. Though the theme is not quite new, VIU offers the story with a vibrant spark from the experienced actors. The strangers agree to spend the last few days of the trip together, engaging themselves in the company of each other. Watch this Hindi web series online for free on VIU.

The first episode outlines the beauty of Hong Kong, showing the lady's intentions to become a travel blogger. The two travel through Hong Kong, ticking off one place off the book after another. The series is a little fast-paced, showing the developing romance between the couple while they are striking one place off the list after another. The theme is known, but the story would have new twists and turns for the viewers. It is a romantic online Indian web series that shows how life is meant to be enjoyed. Watch series online and make the most of your coffee break.

The expressive ways of the actors impress the viewers
The actors, especially Aahana Kumra, are very expressive throughout the story. This brings out some more character to the story's heroine. Amol Parashar gives off a cool and clean vibe and the two make quite a dynamic duo for the online series. The mutual attraction between the couple comes off as a natural. It is an exciting Hindi web series that will keep you occupied and glued to the screen for a couple of hours. The backstories also shed some originality on the content. The small details make the story much more interesting and inspiring for the viewers.

The beautiful background of Hong Kong attracts attention as does the charming passion of the actors and the budding on-screen romance. The show is unlike the typical Indian web series, which is trying to portray today's society in a raw and unadulterated form. The show is dipped with romance but tries to portray it in a foreign and carefree manner. The series shows how a person can find love at the most unexpected moment. 'It Happened In Hong Kong' is an online web series Hindi that explores the small big moments that can come out when you are travelling.

VIU is an amazing online platform for movies
VIU is an over-the-top video streaming platform from PCCW media and is based in Hong Kong. The media was launched in 2015 and features some premium Korean dramas. But, now the platform is showing some of the most exciting online web series from India. If you like web shows, the platform is very suitable for you. But if you haven't tried out web series, this place can be a storehouse for delight. Enjoy the latest Hindi TV shows and movies on the platform and find out a new meaning to your life.

Resume the journey of your life with some added spark from 'It Happened In Hong Kong'. Find out a way to bring more meaning to your life with the exciting story that befalls two Indians on foreign land. How will their story end? Will they find new meaning in their lives with the newfound passion they discovered for themselves? You can only find out by watching 'It Happened In Hong Kong'.

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