Embrace Your Curves With Shapewear

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Embrace Your Curves With Shapewear

No matter what size you are… you are beautiful, is the mantra I live by. But that doesn't stop me from thinking that all of us have body areas that we always remain concerned about and hide, always wanting the areas to be in better shape. Sometimes this concern also restricts us from flaunting certain types of outfits. I definitely shy away from flaunting a bodycon dress and crop tops because I'm not confident about my mid-section. 

A lot many fashionistas, swear by shapewear can do the trick. Having never really used shapewear before, I tried to find out how shapewear works? Technically, shapewear is engineered using different techniques to temporarily smoothen out areas of the body by compressing the fat. Depending on the shapewear used, the flab can also move directionally.

So now the important thing is to recognise which is the right shapewear for your individual needs. The most simple way to pick the correct shapewear is first to identify the area of the body you want to be corrected and then pick from an available laundry list. I have two concern areas, especially after having two babies. One is love handles and the other is seat pouch. 

Love Handles
The abdomen is the most common area that women have concerns about and want to shape up, especially as it brings in immediate attention. The best shapewear options to smoothen the love handle is wither shaping high-waisted briefs or shapewear camisoles

Seat Pouch
The hips and thighs are another concern area for women who want to flaunt body-hugging outfits and so the best two options for these areas would be shaping briefs, shaper panty and thigh shapers. 

After a couple of trials and errors, I can confidently say that to ensure you pick the correct shapewear, you must follow these golden shopping rules: 

~ Pick the right size
~ Choose medium constriction 
~ Pick cotton blend shapewear

I did my research and picked my shapewear camisole and shaper panty from loverbeauty. Check the online store to check the entire collection. 

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