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My primary job as a parent is to ensure the holistic growth of my children, including a sound physical, emotional and social well-being too. This means I need to be abreast with numerous crucial factors, such as a balanced nutritious diet, regular physical activity and overall physical and mental wellness. 

As luck would have it, last week when I was visiting a friend, I came across a Dental Camp organised by Colgate. I instantly registered Heer for a dental check-up and was surprised to learn that she had a cavity in a molar. When I discussed it with the dentist at the camp she told me that almost 70% of parents are unaware of their children’s cavities and almost 60% of parents are lenient about oral hygiene. The statistics of the issue were mind-boggling. However, with the problem, the dentist also offered simple solutions to ensure oral and dental wellness.

⟡ Brushing twice a day for at least three to four minutes.
⟡ Flossing every day after brushing.
⟡ Changing the toothbrush every three-to-six months.
⟡ Visiting the dentist regularly.
⟡ Enriching the diet with calcium.

Calcium is necessary for strong teeth and bones and also essential for cognitive and cardiovascular functioning. The nervous system utilises calcium for muscle contractions, nerve stimulations and regulating blood pressure. It is by far one of the most essential elements for a child’s preteen years. With Heer in the crucial age bracket, I was coming to terms with her oral health after the camp. 

At the camp, I was given 5 dental cards, which I shared with my friends and family. The cards got them free-appointments with some of the best dentists in our city for a dental check-up for their children. Not surprisingly, two of them are now armed with the right information to take the next step for their children’s oral care. Kudos to the brand for being a wellness initiator! 

A few days after the camp, I received a beautiful hamper from Colgate. It was packed with calcium-rich foods, such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables, almonds, and so on: essentials, that our kids need, to complete their daily dosage of calcium. The hamper also contained the newly launched Colgate Strong Teeth with Amino Shakti, it gives 4x strengthening power. I also received a video that demonstrated how it worked.  

It is important to understand that with all the functions Calcium plays, it is also instrumental in ensuring our dental wellness in check, keeping the jaw bones strong, teeth rooted and gums healthy. The new improved Colgate® Strong Teeth with Amino Shakti, gives 4x strengthening power. It helps add natural calcium to the teeth through the remineralization process and makes them strong from within.

Colgate has always been the go-to product since I was a child, and today I can boast of strong teeth, and this is what I want for my kids, too. So I’ve upgraded to their best one yet, the new Colgate Strong Teeth to ensure a well-cared-for mouth that promises beautiful smiles. About time you did, too!

Until next time,
~ Heena

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