Nestlé Healthy Kids Remains Committed to Care

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The pandemic is taking a toll on the world causing death, illness and above all economic, social and emotional strife. But in these times, it is heart-warming to see everyone doing their bit to help others. The government has announced relief packages, corporates are taking up causes and individuals are being supportive. 

While all of us are fighting the invisible enemy in our way, we must realise and acknowledge that it is disruptive for children, especially for those that depend on corporate initiatives and programmes for their growth and development. I’ve known about the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme for some time now, it is a partnership between Nestlé India and seven universities. Nestlé’s #HealthyKids initiative has been committed to care, for a decade and in these times, they have kept up this commitment. 

Nestlé’s #HealthyKids Launch and Expansion
The Healthy Kids Programme was launched in 2009 with a focus on raising awareness, among adolescents aged 10-17, about health, hygiene and nutrition. In 2014, Nestlé partnered with Magic Bus India Foundation to scale up the program with the same objective through the sports for development approach.

The approach focuses on using sports as a tool to educate the adolescents and encourages the idea of eating nutritious food and adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. However, with the nationwide lockdown for COVID-19, the programme has been tweaked to continue working on their mission and wade through the situation.

Stepping Up Their Game – Each One Teach Ten
The ‘Each 1 Teach 10’campaign was carried out with the idea that one person records a video of the proper hand washing technique and sends it to ten others. What happens next is that, each of those ten community sent it to another ten, and the chain of messaging continued. It was a smart use of technology; wouldn’t you agree? 

It doesn’t end there! Visual messaging through posters, boards, books and videos were shared with children and community members, with an aim to curtail community outbreak. Nestlé’s team continued to purse their goals and mission. The team made special efforts to encourage their staff to continue the programme, virtually. Nestlé Healthy Kids Modules on health, nutrition and hygiene were uploaded on the ‘Magic Bus Academy’ a mobile based educational app. In addition, units on COVID preventive measures and safety guidelines were now a part of these sessions. 

Using Digital Media to its Fullest
In areas where lockdown was lifted, face-to-face sessions were conducted. Whereas, in containment and red zones, the programme ran virtually. Digital media like WhatsApp and tele calling was used extensively to send out messages regarding the subjects. Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan training was given to the staff to educate them on the preventive measures. 

What’s inspiring is their effort to draw markings in these communities and ensuring that everyone maintained social distancing. Results? Social distancing was practiced efficiently everywhere. Messages were sent on WhatsApp and phone calls were made to remind people of the importance of following the practice. 

The staff and volunteers offered support to assist in the application of online ration cards and also walked families through the process of downloading, registering and using the Arogya Setu app. The team also sent out messages on WhatsApp on the benefits of this app.

The Door to Door Campaign
Personally, I loved the idea of the Door to Door Campaign that was carried out to demonstrate the hand washing and sanitization technique. What’s more interesting is that, the team followed community mapping and made sure none of the households were left out of the process. Every year, adults and the young come together and take part in various activities on this day. This year, however, it was celebrated virtually and proved to be a great success!

Assignments were given to the children on health, nutrition and waste management subjects with the intent of keeping them engaged and encourage learning despite their schools being shut. While doing so, they also emphasized the importance of physical and mental wellbeing. The efforts of the staff, volunteers and the entire team is highly commendable, where each of them is putting ‘another person’s interest above their own’. 

No one knows how long this pandemic is going to last or how soon we will find a vaccine or even when everything will go back to normal. But I believe it isn’t going to take forever for things to get better. That being said, I am certain that we as individuals of the community can and will do what's best for all of us. So just like the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme, let's plan for the future, work on it and not feel stuck in the present. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

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  1. I’ve known about the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme since 2016 and have been associated with them for sometime now. The programme is a partnership between Nestlé India and seven universities, with a commitment to care, and even in these trying times the brand has kept its #HealthyKids commitment.

  2. The pandemic has proved that inculcating a healthy lifestyle from early on is essential and helpful in developing a good immunity.Eating right, exercising right and living right has proved to be the key to good health. This is a commendable initiative by Nestle.

  3. Such a great initiative by Nestlé India I must say. To teach them how to stay healthy and safe, not to infect by disease are such great module and easy to guide kids . This way we can bring a change in their lifestyle too. Nice post

  4. This is such an amazing initiative by Nestle. The rural population faces a great problem in getting ration cards done. This is good, that Nestle apart from imparting training around hygiene, is also supporting in getting the basic documents in place. I loved the door to door campaign and each 10 teach 10 concept. We need more corporates like these.

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  8. Such a great way to give back to the community. It is great to see corporates stepping up with these initiatives.

  9. I love the slogan Each one Teach Ten, that would really be so spectacular when achieved across all aspects of life.

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